RoomParent Help

Room Parent = #57

The room parent provides a generally uniform format view to a rooms. There are several options one has with the parent as well. If you use the command '@desc <room>=<room description>' you will not be able to use the season, time of day or weather options. To use those options set the general room description by using the following:

&room-desc <room>=<description of room>

To set time of day descriptions use:

&mor <room>=<morning desc>
&aft <room>=<afternoon desc>
&eve <room>=<evening desc>
&nit <room>=<night desc>

To set seasonal descriptions use:

&spring <room>=<spring desc>
&summer <room>=<summer desc>
&autumn <room>=<autumn desc>
&winter <room>=<winter desc>

To show weather use:

&weather <room>=on

The variable descriptions will show as a new paragraph after the general room description. The description is shown in the following order: time of day - season - weather. You can set as many, or as few options as you wish. The time of day, and season descriptions will not show in the room description until all four parts are set. If you choose to use all options it is recommended to only set one or two sentences for each part to keep the description manageable.

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