+Search help

The following are OOC Search related Commands and who can run them.

Any Player
+Candidates List of all current IC Candidates & Status
OOC Candidates (Those on the CAN knot)
+RequestSearch Submit a Request for an On Camera Search for when eggs
are next on the sands. You will then be subject to ICly being
searched for the next clutch of eggs whether or not you have
OOCly registered for the clutch.
+RequestNPC Mark yourself as searched by an NPC at some point in the past.
+RequestStand Mark yourself as having simply Requested to Stand.
Weyrfolk generally just request to stand.
OOC SearchRiders (Those on the SRD knot)
+Searchrider <on/off> Adds/Removes yourself as a Search rider.
+Searchables Lists candidates who have requested an IC search
+Search <Name> Marks <Name> as Searched by your dragon
WLM Staff
+Canupdate <Name> = <Status> Updates the Status Field in +Candidates
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