+Sheet help

Command: +sheet <name>

This command shows you various bits of information about and will also accept "me" as an argument. +Sheet is a command that conveys IC information.

See Also '+help +sheet-setup' for configuration options.

Sheet Setup

To input your own data, type the following commands:

&BirthPlace me=<Your Place of Birth - See 'News Places'>
&Position me=<Your IC position/Job> *
&Craft me=<Which Craft you belong to, if applicable>
&Rank me=<Your IC Rank in a Craft or the Weyr as appropriate>
&Subcraft me=<Your focus area of your Craft>
&Hair me=<Hair Color> *
&Eyes me=<Eye Color> *
&Height me=<Relative Height - Tall, Short, Average, etc> *
&Mother me=<Mother> *
&Father me=<Father> *
&Siblings me=<Brothers and Sisters>
&Mate me=<Formal Mate or Mates>
&Children me=<Biological Offspring or Foster Children>

Rating -> See '+Help +Ratings' for details *
Background -> See +Help Backgrounds for details *

Note: * denotes a field required to clear through Character Generation.

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