Thread help

There is a coded threadfall system which can be used on its own, or in conjunction with RP. You do not have to use the thread code, you can just RP a 'fall as well. In either case, whether your dragon is scored or not, is up to you. The current thread code system creates a random number of 'threads' to be flamed by those participating. The thread will drop down three levels.

High: Sky Over High Reaches
Mid: All Upper Sky's
Low: All Lower Sky's, Lake Sky and Feeding Ground Sky

Every five minutes thread drops one level and is created on the highest level. You may split the wings on different levels, or play on one level, or chase thread around the different level sky rooms. Please note, the sky rooms are NOT audbile to each other, so you will only be able to 'see' RP in your own room.

If you have requests for modifications to the system, please submit them via a +Request.

Threadfall Commands for Riders:

Syntax Purpose
+Thdlist Lists Dragons and Stats.
+Thlist Lists Threads which can be flamed on your level.
+Thjoin Join into the fall. Your DRAGON is the one to 'join' into the fall.
+Flame <thread#> Flame at the particular thread.

Threadfall Commands for the Threadfall Leader:

Syntax Purpose
+Thstart Starts Threadall.
+Thend Ends threadfall early. In case folks get tired, bored or you have to leave.
+Threset Resets the Thread System. Must be done before a new 'Fall can be started.
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