+View help


+view List all objects in the room with views set
+view here Lists all viewable items in the room.
+view <object> Lists all views on a particular object.
+view <object>/<view> Reads a view.

Setting viewable objects using this code allows for greater detail to be coded into a room without requiring huge, spammy descriptions. +view may also be set on characters.

Be sure to add "+view items" to your @descs so people know to look at them.

See Also: '+help +view-setup'

Setting views

Set an attribute on the object thus:

&view-<name of view> <object>=<text>

An example: &view-painting here=You see a painting hanging on the walls, that seems to be done in an Impressionist tone…

To erase a view, simply leave the <text> area blank.

You may also set messages to be displayed to other players when a view is looked at. This is just like setting a view, but the attribute is called &oview.

An example. &oview-painting here=takes a look at the painting hanging on the wall.

Mary and Fred are in a room and Mary does a "+view here/painting" Fred would see 'Mary takes a look at the painting hanging on the wall.'

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