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Wing Code

The following commands allow Riders to OOCly set up their own wings. The current cap of PC Wings is 6, with a maximum of 7 PC members. All Golds are placed in the Queen's wing by the Wizzen after they graduate weyrlinghood. If you want to be in O'mohe's wing, please submit a +job request, as the Wizzen will be handling the membership of the "Weyrleader's Wing". Otherwise Riders, please ask your preferred wingleader to invite you otherwise you will stay listed under the 'Weyrling' wing forever.

All Players
+wings Lists all Current PC Wings
+wing <wing> Roster of <wing> members
+wingrdr accept Accept an Invitation to join a wing
+wingrdr decline Decline an Invitation to join a wing
+wingrdr leave Leave your current wing. You are put into the
'unassigned' field until you join a new wing.
+wingldr create Create your wing. Subject to limit of max PC wings.
+wingldr invite <rider> Invite <rider> to join your wing. Max of 7
players including yourself in your wing.
+wingldr bump <rider> Removes <rider> from your wing and puts
them in 'unassigned'.
+wingldr second <rider> Promote <rider> to Wingsecond
+wingldr unsecond <rider> Demote <rider> to Wingrider
+wingldr dissolve Dissolves the wing. All members are put into
'unassigned' until they go into other wings.
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