Living Area
The residential living area takes up the bulk of the building. Several stories tall, one finds on each level a central common room with a long hallway along the back bowl wall stretching in either direction. Three windows at the far side of the common room offer in light, but the hallway is entirely lit by sconces filled with glows. Gloomy as it may be it allows the rooms linked to it to be lit by windows, at least half of them. Those which bore deeper into the bowl wall can only be lit by glows as well. On the lowest level, one finds a series of well lit rooms which serve as nurseries for the children of the Weyr. Each area seems divided by age and need with infants separated out from toddlers, separated out from young children, and so on. On the next level, one finds large dormitory rooms filled with bunk beds and small chests, one dorm for males and one for females for those age twelve and beyond who are still single. The levels above are filled by smaller rooms and apartments used by couples and families. The highest level is split in a series of apartments used by Weyr staff and Master ranked crafters and their families.

Ed'ard has been fussing around, although he didn't decorate for this event. In any matter, he's carrying a few items before he finally drops them on a table up near the front. A surprised look when the other weyrlingmasters bring in the weyrlings, before he's trying to shoo everyone to seats. "Just a minute now, then we'll be all set."

Oh dear. Shailaja, for her part, isn't any more gussied up than the many of the others; riding leathers for her, boring and brown but still serviceable. She blinks slowly, only to find herself being shooed to find a seat - which she does, and promptly at that. She sucks her teeth thoughtfully and looks around, though her gaze is inexorably drawn to the table and, of course, Ed'ard.

Eodarin would have skipped the dress up part even if they'd been told to do so. Riding leathers are fine and thankfully the ones she's wearing now are clean and relatively new. As they're ushered in, she spares a quick glance to Ed'ard, trying to peer at what is set on those tables before being shoo'ed away. Muttering, she'll plunk herself down in a seat next to Shailaja, giving her an equally quick grin.

Ed'ard is still having a bit of nerves, but he's calm enough when he talks. "We're here of course to graduate our latest two clutches of weyrlings and get them sorted into the proper wings. Another pause before he starts once more. "First up, we have Th'or, rider to green Lyddieth. I'm pleased to announce that you will be joining O'mohe's wing. With that, he is offering up a wingrider's knot to Th'or and giving a smile of encouragement as he passes the young man on to O'mohe, who looks rather wooden and harrassed tonight.

Shailaja puffs out a bit of a sigh - and then she's joined by Eodarin, which brightens her mood considerably. She angles a lopsided grin to the other goldrider, then cuts a look to Ed'ard when he starts to speak. "Oh. This'll be easy for us, I suppose," is breathed, just under her breath, as the first knot is handed out. Her nose wrinkles just a touch at something or another and she settles in to watch the proceedings.

Eodarin remains silent while Ed'ard calls up Th'or, her eyes watching her fellow weyrling. Yet something Shailaja says has her lifting her hand up to her mouth, both to hide the snicker and the amused smirk that follows. "Pretty much settled where we're going," she agrees in an aside to her friend. "Any wagers where the rest of 'em are going though? Don't know if I should feel bad for Th'or or not…" She's very careful to keep her voice lowered for that. She's caught enough of a glimpse of O'mohe to know better than to be too vocal about her opinions.

Ed'ard continues to make relatively short work of calling folks up and passing out wingrider's knots, although he is able to offer words of encouragement as some of the riders look a bit surprised at their wing assignments. O'mohe and K'llian are picking up a fair bit of new riders tonight, along with W'hom. He offers a bit more encouragement to a young bluerider before he finally calls out. "Shailaja, rider of gold Ruebalith, today you will be joining Sazey's wing and find yourself as ever under her guidance. Sazey, who has been rather quiet until now, offers a tight smile to the goldrider. "Welcome, Welcome." Then the senior is settling herself back down, as her presumed duty has been done.

Shailaja sucks her teeth a bit, then offers a shallow nod of agreement to Eodarin. "I had a few thoughts, but…" it's going entirely too quickly for her to articulate them! "Later," is a promise to compare notes, though there's a poorly veiled wince at the thought of poor Th'or in O'mohe's wing. Another shallow nod is quickly followed up by a smile - though that smile, naturally, brightens when she's called up to take her proper new knot. There's a nod to Sazey, a tightening of her smile as she glances to where her mother is, and a not-quite-murmured, "I'll do my best, sir - and ma'am," the last, obviously, to the Senior, along with a ducking of her head. "Thank you."

Eodarin nods her head eagerly, "Later!" she promises to Shailaja and then turns her attention back to the proceedings. Taking quick notes, no doubt, as to who is going where and if she was way off course with her assumptions. Then it's Shailaja's turn and Eodarin's grin brightens too, watching as her friend steps forwards. Then it's back to waiting and is it any surprise that Eodarin is sitting on the edge of her chair right now?

Ed'ard takes his time, starting now to work from the slightly younger weyrlings and begins by calling up D'ian, green Ulsavath's rider before gently sending him on his way to W'hom's wing. The rest of the clutch is worked through, a bronzerider off to join K'llian and while a couple of brownriders are sent off to O'mohe's wing. He's calling off the name of bluerider St'vor and Tresanth as he takes a deep breath to continue while a couple of the newly graduated riders murmur softly at their new wing tables. He keeps his head tilted to listen for a few comments from both the weyrleader and then the weyrwoman before he brightens slightly and starts to get back on track.

Shailaja fidgets. Granted, she's good about not being overt about it, but her fellow weyrlings would definitely be able to spot the slight twitching of fingers and suck-chew of lip as she watches and waits. As other weyrlings are called and sent off to their wings, her attention is inexorably drawn - time and time again - back to Eodarin and her not-yet-right knot. An encouraging smile is sent her way, of course, and a flicked glance askance to Ed'ard is little more than a desperate, if wordless, bid for him to hurry up! Or, at the least, an attempt to figure out how much longer it will be. Impatient!

Eodarin is getting impatient too! She's not as good as hiding her fidgeting yet or masking the emotions entirely from her face. She'll tap a few fingers against the table as she'll watch the next batch of weyrlings go up, grinning at a few and others she'll seem genuinely surprised. Seeing Shailaja's glance at one point, she'll give an encouraging look of her own. Soon, soon! Right? Can't be much longer.

Ed'ard give a rather severe glance to a weyrling lounging in the back before giving a rather bright smile as he calls, Sh'wn rider to bronze Temurth. Please come up and accept your knot, and your new place in O'mohe's wing. With that, O'mohe is also giving his own rather wooden congratulations, before the weyrleader beckons him to a place over where his wing is sitting, while offering. "You seem like you'll fit right in with the rest of the slackers."

Sh'wn starts a bit. Who him? He actualyl survived this whole endeavor. A bright smile flashes as he perks and comes up with steady steps to accept his new place. If his wing assignment is a surprise he can't exactly mask it. What plans doe the Weyrleader have that he wants to keep such a close eye on such a young rider. Temurth's joyous bugle might be heard by soem of those inside, or not depending as he settles smoothly to the weyrleader's wing table where indicated. No rising to the bait he simply dips his head with a polite "Sir."

Shailaja groans inwardly, which mostly manifests as a huffed out breath and a rolling of shoulders that finds the former artist hunching a bit. She cuts a glance to Sh'wn and offers him a smile as he's finally placed, but that smile wanes a bit when she looks back out over the remaining weyrlings. She absently touches her own knot, then forces herself to put her hand back into her lap. The fidgeting, subtle as it is, continues.

There might be a slight wince from Eodarin when Sh'wn is called up and tapped to O'mohe's Wing and given that "warm" greeting. She may be counting her blessings not to have been a chromatic rider. Not that her future is any less easier. Still, the weyrlings called are given grins and she'll resume her fidgeting, getting to the point of chewing at her lower lip now.

Ed'ard is finally calling up the last rider remaining, offering a bright smile even as he tries to mask it before calling. "Eodarin, rider to gold Orayth, please come up and take your knot and then your place in Sazey's wing." Another, brighter smile as he does so, before he becomes stiffly formal once more, glancing at all theriders as they sit with their new wings. "I want to welcome you all as now formal riders for the weyr, with all the rank and priveledges there. Please, tuck into the feast."

Oh, sweet relief! Shailaja heaves a deep sigh and gives Eodarin a bright - nay, downright goofy - smile and stands up once permission to eat is granted. "Thank you, Ed'ard," is genuine and likely lost amid other weyrlings-turned-riders who are no doubt clamoring to say the same. The newly minted rider bounces a little in place and looks from Eodarin to Sh'wn and back again with a grin firmly settled on her features. She claps a bit, soft and enthusiastic more than intended to be deliberate applause. "Oh, sweet jays. I was pretty worried toward the end!"

Sh'wn cheers as the last and certainly not least is called forward to accept her new knot and position. He looks between Eodarin and Shailaja, the true future of the Weyr for turns to come. Vocally he joins in teh cheering and hooting of riders new and old and yaya for feasting. He'll be first, or after a nudge by one his new wingmates, maybe not, in line to that. He tries the puppy eyes, but see he's young and still growing. Food, food is important!

Eodarin was beginning to get a little hint of worry when it seemed like all were being called but her. Finally — finally! — her name is called and she almost leaps out of her chair, checking her enthusiasm in a few steps and composing herself. Ahem! No one saw that. Beaming at Ed'ard, she doesn't seem as closed as she accepts her knot and for a moment looks ready to hug the bluerider — but stops there. Instead, there is only a murmured thanks and an even quieter addition of: "I won't let you down." before she's skipping off. Sh'wn and a few other of the former-weyrlings are given grins in passing and then Eodarin takes her seat next to Shailaja again. Not without properly greeting and thanking the Weyrleaders, of course. "Shells, that was a bit on the nerves near the end, huh?" she quips with a smirk, looking down at her new knot.

Ed'ard is shooing some of the shyer riders up to eat before he passes near by the queen's wing. "Happy with your new placements? Enjoy getting settled into your new weyrs, as well." A pause and he's offering the same advice to other new riders before he finally fields a plate for himself and grabs a mug of klah, settling in with the other weyrlingmasters.

Shailaja laughs softly, though there's still a twinge of nervous energy there. "Oh, I just- it was maddening. I couldn't imagine how it was for you. I wasn't sure what they were going to do but… you know? It's all as it should be, yeah yeah?" She glances off to the line of folks heading to the feast part of the festivities, then back to Eodarin. Before she says anything, though, Ed'ard's there and she's all grins. "I guess it's what was expected, you know? Settling in, that'll be… different. Good, though."

"Maddening is a perfect word," Eodarin agrees with a mock groan, only to cough as she remembers to tone her behaviour down. People are watching, right? She's no longer a weyrling, but an actual junior goldrider! Yet she can't quite settle, filled with too much energy. "What, do you think they'd hold me back?" she teases with a giggle. She's not done anything to warrant that! Seeing some of the food being brought back to the tables reminds her of her hunger but she'll be stalled by Ed'ard approaching them. "Of course! It's gonna take some getting used to… especially having my own weyr! You got an idea of what you're gonna do, Shailaja?" For decor, of course! "Thanks, Ed'ar—-er, Wingrider Ed'ard." Are they being formal right now?

Ed'ard finally stops the stiffly formal way he's been acting and offers. "Might I have a hug, daughter?" Then he grins. "Did I worry you, making you go last? I just wanted to keep you a child for a few more minutes."

Shailaja laughs brightly. "Oh, jays, I don't know. Maybe put you in a fighting wing?" There's a glance askance to O'mohe, then a cheeky grin at Eodarin again. But then it's a father-daughter moment and she steps aside for a little bit with a hastily murmured, "I have some drawings- but, later, you know?" After 'The Moment', that is. Shakti, at least, isn't keen on approaching just yet. There's a strange, shared language of looks between goldriders - elder and younger junior - and, no doubt, some measure of draconic communion as well.

Eodarin has to tilt her head a bit to see if either Weyrleader heard that remark and when it seems they're in the clear, she begins to giggle. "Shards, could you imagine! The scandal from hat alone!" she mutters under her breath, for Shailaja's ears alone. When Ed'ard softens enough to ask for a hug, Eodarin isn't about to push him aside. No point in hiding the fact that they're father and daughter! So he'll get his hug and a sheepish grin, "Maybe just a bit?" She won't even bristle at his wanting her to be a child. Instead she'll just shake her head and thank him again before parting ways and rejoining Shailaja. "Drawings, huh? You'll have to show me." Later. "Food first?"

Shailaja grins again when Eodarin joins her again. Shakti does what she does best - join the rest of the crowds for drinking and general carousing (and, let's face it, if she doesn't leave with a bronzerider in tow, she's doing it wrong) - while Shai watches her go from the corner of an eye. Whew. "It would have been pretty bad, yeah," she agrees with a giggle. "But Sazey might have been relieved? I don't know. Anyway. Yeah, I have some drawings. It depends on the weyr, you know? But… well, when we get back to the barracks, I'll show you. Maybe I can help you with yours?" Once they know what they're getting, that is. It's the mention of food that has her finally getting in motion. "I heard the cooks got a little creative with some of the stuff. I wonder if they picked up some things from Ista?"

"You think she's going to be hard on us?" Eodarin ducks her head a bit to whisper to her friend. Even over the din of the crowd it's doubtful she'd be heard but the young woman is playing it safe. It'd be a record if she was bumped back to weyrling the very night of her graduation, wouldn't it? "I'd love that! I mean, if you've time. You hoping for something in particular, weyr wise? I'm not even sure if I've thought it through! It still seems weird." Being on her own now. With so much expected of her! She grins, almost reaching for Shailaja's hand but thinking better of it as she motions for her to follow. "That's what I heard too! Guess we'll find out?"

For a few moments, Shailaja doesn't reply. But, when she does, it's with a "Yes, I think so," that's tinged with dread. "I've not heard kind things about her," is an understatement, to be sure. She straightens a bit once they're well out of potential earshot of the Senior, though her mood is a bit slower to brighten. "Sure! And, oh. Oh, well. I just want one of the weyrs with the private pool, you know? It's so much nicer than having to go all the way to the bathing pools and back again, you know?" And that reaching for a hand? She doesn't miss it - but she is just as careful about not accepting it as Eodarin is in turning it into a motion to follow. She tags along with a tilted grin. "I guess! I just hope they know what they're doing with it all, you know?" If they did. Which they might have!

Eodarin snorts, "Has anyone heard anything kind?" she mutters under her breath before changing subjects again and laughing. "Oh, I'll be so jealous if you get one with a private pool!" Which may be a serious comment, despite the humour behind it. Slipping through the crowds and pausing here and there long enough to give a polite 'thank you' and 'you as well!', she'll glance back over her shoulder to her friend. "Do you think we'll hurt anyone's feelings if they hear our expert critique?" she teases as they finally make it to the serving tables and she grabs two plates, handing one back to Shailaja. Browsing over the selection, she begins to take a little of this and that, only to realize… "Do you think we can finally drink? We're allowed now, aren't we?"

"I'm sure someone…" and, no, Shailaja just can't finish that thought with a straight face. She coughs, clears her throat, and looks away just in case either of them were heard. It passes quickly and she joins in with the well-wishing - both wishing well of the other weyrlings-that-once-were and taking the ones tossed her way, as well. "Oh! Oh, I'm sure they're expecting it," she reasons. "I mean. If they're going to do it, they really ought to do it right, you know? And how are they to know they did it right without experts?" Grin. She takes the plate and peers at the selection, deigning to take this or that or the other thing - but only in tiny bits. The question gives her pause, then she blinks, furrows her brow in thought and decides, "I think we can." A beat. "No, I'm certain we're allowed to. We're in wings now." Huh.

"Exactly! So I guess we'll just have to be sure our critiques are heard. Because I mean… it can't be that hard to make some of the Istan dishes?" Says Eodarin who probably can't cook much herself. She's finished filling her plate now and her eyes are resting on those drinks. Shailaja's answer has her grinning though and her decision made. "I'm having a glass of something then! About time." Did… she drink before? She was a young Candidate. So this may not end well, but before any protest can be made, she's selecting a glass of white wine. One won't hurt, right? Nah.

"Mmhm!" Can Shailaja cook? Probably - but that will be an adventure for another day! With her plate likewise full of all sorts of tidbits, she trails along behind Eodarin while she gets her wine. For Shai? Tea seems to be her drink of choice. "Mind you, I'm not going to carry you out if you have too much!" Warning? Promise? Neither, probably; she's laughing a little too hard to be serious. "Over here, I think! Plenty of spots at-" oh. Right. Not at the Weyrling table, which is exactly where she was looking. "Er." Welp.

Eodarin takes a moment to figure out how to balance a full plate and a glass of wine but she'll get the hang of it and not end up spilling it all over the floor — or worse, onto someone! She snorts, "It's just one glass! And it's not like I'd be the only one stumbling out of here," she points out with a smirk, nodding towards some of the tables where a few newly minted riders are enjoying that freedom a bit too liberally. Catching on to Shailaja's mistake, Eodaring just grins, "Habit, huh? I'm probably going to catch myself at that too. Come on…" Onwards to their new place within the caverns!

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