Gold Cassiath's and Bronze Renth's Clutch Hatches


Smooth stone curves around the warm hatching sands. To one side several tiers have been carved into the natural curvature of the cavern's walls providing a perch for the Weyr's residents to watch the activity on the sands below. A wooden railing has been built along the base of the galleries, delineating the separation between them and the sands that must not be crossed. The stone tiers are worn in places where the best viewing spots are to be found. The occasional blanket or pillow seat cushion can be found, abandoned after the excitement of hatching or heat numbing observation of hardening eggs.

Lazily, P'wyn is leaning against the railing just in front of the hatching sands. Rather than having his eyes on the eggs, he seems to be studying the residents and candidates scattered around the galleries oogling the eggs. With a startled glance, he peeks over his shoulder just as a low humming of dragons begins to sound throughout the weyr. Turning back to the galleries he calls out in a firm voice. "Right, you lot! All the candidates quickly pull on your robes and meet me just outside the sands entrance! Quick time, boys and girls. We're in a rush here." With that he heads out.

Main Sands> Paphiopedilum Egg rocks in its hollow shifting this way and that

Relaxing oogling time is no time for things to get crazy! But it's certain that they do when humming begins, a rising chatter starting up amongst the lot. Then there's P'wyn, directing them to robes..and there is a rather sudden scatter. Alorin has to duck out of the way of being climbed over, limbs briefly swatting at another boy for the over-enthusiastic /rush/. He gets up though, already tugging on the nearby Florizel to move him along. "This is the part where we move, slowpoke! Come on, now!"

You step out of the galleries.

Hatching Ground Archway
A short tunnel from the bowl opens into the enormous bubble of the hatching ground cavern. The ceiling is too far overhead for the glowlight to reach, though during a hatching the eyes of the dragons on the ledges above seem to shine like miner's gems from the obsidian darkness. The heat is the next most notable thing, a constant oppressive wave that seems almost physical in its presence. As one glances out over the sands the heat seems almost visible, the mirror-like waves of mirages hugging close to the sandy grounds. The sands themselves are not some flat placid place, but dynamic undulating dune-like waves shifting at the whim of the brooding queen. Wing and talon can turn her eggs in the gentlest manner or send sandy piles flying in great dragon hand or foot sized shovels. The pathway to the galleries is fenced off by a wooden railing that hugs the edge of the sands along the wall west until one reaches the viewing stands.

Alorin steps down from the galleries.
Florizel steps down from the galleries.
Ophynn steps down from the galleries.

Ophynn is only recently sniffed out by the dragons and the humming comes so suddenly he's not had time to get nervous. Thankfully there was a robe from some prior hatching which was made available and he's had to keep handy for just such this moment. It's now on and he's just following the crowd with a look as if he's not quite aware this is /really/ happening.

With a firm stride, the newly promoted weyrlingmaster is attempting to bring order to the gathering candidates as well as check to be sure everyone is properly attired with robes, good footwear, and the like. "OK, form up into lines now please. Hurry up. And we go in, you need to bow to the dam and weyrwoman Deimara and then form a LOOSE semicircle around the eggs. Remember to keep alert. These little guys can be dangerous just hatched. Everyone ready?" P’wyn says. Without waiting for an answer, he continues. "Good. Follow me."

You step out onto the hot sands.

Hatching Sands
Gold Cassiath broods over a clutch of 20 eggs.

Alorin steps in from the entryway.
Florizel steps in from the entryway.
Ophynn steps in from the entryway.

Florizel is in line when he steps out onto the Sands, standing beside Alorin. He looks confident enough as he pauses to bow to Cassiath and Renth, then moves along to take his position amongst the others. If he's nervous at all, none of it shows just yet - in fact, he's grinning. Excited, maybe?

Alorin at least didn't have to go very far to get everything changed and situated. There's a flutter of fabric around his calves though, and he's still pulling the white robe somewhat uncomfortably as he follows the others in. "It'd be great if I didn't feel like I was wearing a dress.." At least he keeps his voice down, only muttering to the nearest candidates in the group before standing up a bit straighter. There's a slight wait though as some of the others ahead in line pull up short, but then the teen manages a stiff bow of his own. He treks off to the side a ways, eyeballing Florizel for the grin on his face before mirroring it with one of his own.

Ophynn steps on to ground he's only dreamed of being on since he was little like many a weyr lad. When he reaches the edge of hte sands he pauses a breath, looking down as it starts to rally sink in that he's /here/ and not up there in the swelling crowd of the galleries trying to get a view of the action on the sands he steps onto. That is the only and final hesitancy in his stride, he's meant to be here, he knows it, somewhere. If not, well he'll just have to keep watch and survive the stumbles of those sharp clawed youngsters over the next hour or so, or whatever these things take. Somehow time seems to run differently from when he was a galleries watcher, the marching line of candidates spreading out and he swallows. A respectful bow to the dragons and to the weyrwoman and then its all eyes on the eggs, did one just wobble?

With a short bow to Cassiath and Deimara, P'wyn moves out to begin directing traffic on the sands. "No, no. Turn around! You've got your back to half the eggs and that's never good." He gets the offending crafter lad turn about properly and moves on to the next in line. "Good, good. You, move forward a bit." Slowly but surely all the candidates are finally arranged in the best position, for at least the moment and before the first egg hatches too! What luck. This accomplished, P'wyn grins and sends Deimara a saucy wink.

Aganisia Egg wobbles and quakes.

Deimara nods as the Candidates enter the Sands. Cassiath scrutinizes these who will partner her children.

Florizel smirks at Alorin, while giving his own robe a tweak. "It's not too bad - think of how airy it is." He gives a little wiggle of his hips, tweaking at the fabric again after. "Not sure I'd want to wear one every 8day, but out here on the Sands? I think it's a pretty good option for keeping cool." There's movement amongst the eggs and he goes quiet, looking out across them.

Ionopsis Egg spins around in it's hollow striations forming on the egg as it's occupant strives for freedom.

Ionopsis Egg bursts open and spills Albizia Falcataria Brown Hatchling on the sands. He shakes sending egg goo all over anyone around him. A sturdy looking hatchling he takes his time. He looks over the candidates that his clutchmates have left. The brown hatchling makes his way to the line of candidates and inspects as he passes along. No, no, no, no, YES!!! A young weyr bred lad has caught the attention of this fella. Young Dillon, looks at the brown hatchling in front of him. "Really?!? I'm perfect for you Basheth? Okay then, you're my Basheth and I am your D'lon."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC D'lon and Brown Basheth leading the new pair off the sands.

Ophynn can only hope he passes muster at the queen's scrutiny, but his attention is where it is supposed to be. Or at least where's he's been told and where it makes sense to be and how can one /not/ look when one is soooo close. Nervous? He doesn't have time to think about his nerves as an egg cracks, no hatches! A quick impression and Ophynn is barely able to register the color of the youngster before it's partnered off. "So fast…" he murmurs softly.

Alorin shakes his head somewhat, trying not to laugh. "Yeah, I'll remember that for later. Dresses for Florizel when it gets warm out.." Laughter? Banter? The boy very nearly misses an egg bursting open, but at least the movement gets his attention. He falls silent with a quick intake of breath, and gives Florizel's robe a tug. "Look at that!" Hatched and Impressed all so quickly.

Florizel blinks. "Whoooa… that was fast." As if he hadn't believed folks who'd warned him how quick it could go! "Yeah, that's… that was Dillon. Nice-looking brown, too!" He watches as the new pair is led off, then looks back at the clutch to see which will hatch next.
P'wyn returns from taking D'lon and his young mate to the side for feeding, eyeing the eggs suspiciously. "Any moment now, they are all going to hatch at once and pandemonium will ensue." The comment is muttered darkly, for all the completely obvious ridiculousness, as if he really does half expect there to be ten hatchlings on the sands in just one second. "Keep alert, boys." Then another glance back at the newest brown. "Slowly now, D'lon. Slowly."

Clowesia Egg wobbles and wriggles.

Aplectrum Egg rocks and wobbles in its hollow, its occupant determined to be free.

Alorin gives his head a slow turn, eyeing in the direction of P'wyn and his creepy mutterings. No reason to freak out, not at all. There's a bit of a sigh then, and he shifts on his feet, looking again at the eggs as they roll and rock. "Pandemonium…perfect…"

Acampe Egg splits into multiple pieces leaving a green hatchling in its place. The little green looks around and sees the line of things in white. Bulnesia Sarmienti Green Hatchling makes her way to the line of white and scrutinizes each one. There! There's the one!! The little green plats herself in front of Tinak, a young holder lad. Ti'ak looks down into the swirling eyes that are looking up at him and reaches out "Yes Shantarth, we shall get you food directly."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Ti'ak and Green Shantarth leading the new pair off the sands.

Ophynn is feeling the heat. It's a miracle the eggs are not simply cooked somehow. New respect for the tolerances of dragonkind flickers in some deep part of his thoughts, but the movement of more eggs draws his vision that-a-ways lest he be caught unready. The dark murmurings of the weyrlingmaster are not… helpful to the mood. Half the clutch at once? Eyes can't help but widen ever so at the thought of a wall of dragonets charging the line of candidates. Hmm, maybe there are some nerves he's feeling after all.

Aganisia Egg spins about then rocks violently as the occupant kicks the shell from within

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< I've Got a Fever Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pale tan hide covers most of this dragon, from the tip of his blunted muzzle and his heavy jowls to the broad, wide spade at the end of his thickset tail. He is seemingly short and rather stocky in build, and while not overly pudgy he does seem thick with muscle and bone that is out of place for his smaller size. Streaks and whorls of darker sienna hues float above his pale hide limning his shoulders and down his back in a gratuitous display of brilliance, dark flashing over light that moves along forearms and haunches and even to leaving the talons capping his feet mottled. Almost translucent wingsails throw more of the patterns against his hide, splashes of lines and dotted circles that flex and disappear with each movement of light.

Orchis Egg rocks back and forth on its axis like a see-saw. Slowly it picks up in speed from a bare crawl to full out gallop before suddenly coming to a complete stop.

Florizel's cool composure slips for a moment; all the eggs, all at once? What? When the little green spills forth he recoils slightly as if expecting all the others to instantly follow suit… then, when they don't, he breathes a sigh of relief and watches her Impress to Tinak. "Congratulations!" Then there's another - a brown - and when that one isn't followed by a deluge of hatchlings, he gives Alorin a nudge. "Whatcha think of him then, huh? Pretty handsome, right?"

I've Got a Fever Brown Hatchling looks at his shell, then the golden dragon, then the line in white. He blinks then starts for the line…..

With a nod, a smile returns to P'wyn's face and he happily leads the green pair over to meet with D'lon and his brown. "That's better. Got them going now." He pats Ti'ak on the shoulder and points out the buckets. "One piece at a time, nice and slow. Make sure she swallows before you give another." With the green being fed, P'wyn heads back out to the sands to check on progress. "He's coming to take a look now." He says of the feverish brown.

Orchis Egg splits and cracks into multiple pieces spilling Integrifolia Blue Hatchling onto the sands. He sits there for a moment then moves on. Trundling along towards the candidates there to find his person. He inspects them as he walks along. Soon he stops at a Beastcraft lad. Cameron looks down at the blue hatchling in front of him with wonderment all over his face. "Lentith? Oh Lentith, you are the best blue ever and yes I will be your C'mron."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC C'mron and Blue Lentith leading the new pair off the sands.

I've Got a Fever Brown Hatchling looks over a likely lad or two and finds them lacking and moves on, where is he?

Alorin hisses out a slight breath. "They're everywhere!" With eggs breaking left and right, it does indeed seem like there's a sudden sea of color on the sands. "They're all pretty well shaped. Dragonlike, you know?" There isn't a glance given to Florizel this time, too busy trying to keep track of both eggs and dragons that have gone into motion.

Aplectrum Egg rocks and wriggles in its hollow.

Ophynn wipes his palms on the sides of his robe as eggs shatter on this and that side of the clutch. While there may not be a wall of dragonets charging, even two or three is more than enough to keep track of. Flash of green, streak of brown and was that blue? It's getting harder to keep track.

Pterostlis Egg disintegrates into a pile of shards leaving Andira Inermis Green Hatchling sitting where her egg used to be. A sturdy little green hatchling she sets out to find her only one. She approaches the candidates and examines each one minutely. On and on she trundles until near the end of the line she finds him. Her person. A young artist lad with paint beneath his nails, his hair standing up on end in patches. He stands there and stares at the little green in front of him. Her croons soon turn to creels causing her mother to look over at them. This kicks the young lad into gear. "I'm sorry Westreth, I was shocked that you wanted me. I will be your V'rn forever and I will not doubt again."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC V'rn and Green Westreth leading the new pair off the sands.

I've Got a Fever Brown Hatchling trundles down the line, his rider must be here. Each candidate he passes just not the right one.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Bold, Brash Brazillian Walnut Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Swirls of dark bronze float across the hide of this large dragon, from his broad wedge of head and thick sturdy headknobs and muzzle before slipping smoothly, liquidly down a sturdy neck, delineated by thick muscle and heavy bone. Wideset shoulders spring into a deep chest and then thickset forearms before his body seems to narrow slightly through the belly and down to his haunches, but even as they are narrower than his shoulders they still remain bunchy with muscle. His tail is sturdy, overtly heavy before the sharp points of his ridges are ornamented in slightly brighter, brassy bronze that that decorates various parts of his hide in swirling patterns. Even his wings are a study in a dark bronze base before they remain decorated in liquid brushstrokes of brighter bronze over the wingsails, moving from leading edge to trailing in an almost feathery appearance, of brindled brilliance.

Florizel has to nod in agreement with Alorin - they are definitely speeding up! The Harper blinks, trying to watch those dragons that are popping from their shells and picking their lifemates so quickly. And then there's one, that brown, who seemingly can't make up his mind! "Wonder who he's looking for?" He asks Alorin, before his attention is caught by the bronze that hatches. "Look! Isn't that the first bronze?"

Bold, Brash Brazillian Walnut Bronze Hatchling takes a deep breath….and bugles, or tries to, he is just baby. He then shakes his head a bit and starts out towards the line of white.

Alorin winces a little at the sudden creeling from down the line, peeking over just a bit to at least take in the sight of the problem..and it's solution, when V'rn accepts the little green there. He takes in another breath, giving it a huff of relief that flutters his own bangs just slightly. But there are other dragons inspecting the line, and he reaches to give Florizel a slight tap on the arm. "Mind the claws if they get too close..bronze?" There's a look out to the eggs..or what's left of them, and nods. "Y..yeah, I think it is."

There's a blue and another green to take care of, and then a lull allowing P'wyn to watch the arrival of the handsome bronze. "Well!" He seems to approve of the little guy but worried eyes shift over to the choosy brown. "Come on, fellow. He's out there. Keep looking." He calls softly to encourage the feverish brown. "Be bold boys. Careful, but bold. They are just babies remember and probably just as scared as you are."

Sophrontis Egg shakes and shimmies then cracks into multiple pieces. In the center of what was once an egg sits Anadenanthera Colubrina Green Hatchling. She sits there and poses for a moment because she is just the thing don't you know. A lovely little green hatchling. She makes her way to the candidates to see who is there, who is hers. And there he is, standing alone a young Weaver Craft Apprentice, Bethan watches as the young green approaches. The young boy starts nodding, his eyes huge as he falls to his knees wrapping his arms around the green hatchling's neck. "Yes Tamath, I am your B'then"
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC B'then and Green Tamath leading the new pair off the sands.

It opens slowly, the Dracula Egg, spilling a dark blue hatchling to the hatchling sands. He stands slowly and moves toward the line of candidates before picking out one of the weyrbred lads, Karri. It only takes K'rri a moment to announce Yrtath's name, before heading off to feed him.
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC K'rri and Blue Yrtath leading the new pair off the sands.

Bold, Brash Brazillian Walnut Bronze Hatchling snorts, scared?, not him. Nope. He is bold and brash, he stomps up to one boy and pokes him in the belly with his nose. Nope, not the right one. He moves on.

Ophynn is bumped by the lad next to him in the other's excitement, but the green moves quickly past and picks V'rn instead. It gives Ophynn his really first super close up look at a hatchling and there's excitement which shivers through his body. Maybe, just maybe one will look his way. Obviously not that one, and then there is a bronze breaking shell, and blue and of course that picky brown. He turns his head to look down the line of candidates in the other direction to see where it might be in relation to all the other sudden activity.

I've Got a Fever Brown Hatchling catches sight of movement as the candidates shift and move about as openings are made and holes closed up. There! There he is. Why were you hiding from me??

Florizel can't quite figure out where to look right now, since there are hatchlings all over the place - just as P'wyn said! He's trying to keep track, but the minute one Impresses another takes its place, and he's struggling to keep up with them. The brown and the bronze, however, hold his attention with their more picky nature - though the latter is dismissed when it noses a candidate, Florizel assuming he's Impressed. "Did the brown pick someone yet?"

With a quick shudder, the Clowesia Egg starts to hatch and in the end it dumps out a pale green celadon hatchling that makes a quick beeline for a young man from the harpers. Brought on the last search party in Evivry still seems to be in a bit of shock before he reaches out to the green, laughing. "Oh Spyroth. I'?m E'ny now? Well, I guess it is easier to say."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC E'ny and Green Spyroth leading the new pair off the sands.

Anacamptis Egg wobbles and rocks then rolls out of its hollow

Alorin shakes his head…then nods..although his shoulders lift afterward. "Maybe? It's hard to tell with..all these..see?" He shifts to the side quickly as a boy next to him is swept up by a green, hands promptly gesturing that way. "Everyone's a bit hard to keep track of." He does stand on his toes though for a moment, trying to get a better look down the line of the candidates who remain.

Ph'yn finds that searching look to be the last he'll ever need as he ends up nose to nose with the fussy brown and the heat of the sands is both so overwhelming and completely forgotten in that moment of impression. Ophynn no more he looks completely amazed, a hand reaching out to stroke the tender muzzle in an awe apt to be repeated many times this day. "Hello Brifuth. I think we have each other now." and that is that, never more two, only ever as one.

Bold, Brash Brazillian Walnut Bronze Hatchling is getting closer to his lifemate, his tail twitching as he walks along the line.

Much as he'd like to watch and wait to see who the brown and bronze pick, P'wyn has work to do here. More blues and greens to escort off and V'rn's over feeding already. "No, careful. She'll choke!" A few moments are spent working out a better feeding speed. And he's missed the brown impressing, but not Spyroth. "Well, that's quite a name there E'ny. Bring your pretty lady just this way." With his back turned, he hears another impression. "Brifuth? Who…oh he chose! Congrats, Ph'yn is it? Bring him right this way for some food."

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Egg shatters as the hatchling within battles for freedom. Snorting at the remains Acacia Choriophylla Blue Hatchling stands and moves off the pile of shards, he pauses and notices the line of white. Then and there he bee lines for one lad who is off to one side. Young Jansen from the Harper Hall is shifting on the warm sands when he notices the blue headed his way. He tenses, ready to move out of the way when suddenly he is on his knees before a creeling blue dragonet. J'sen says"Yes, yes, Enigmath, we shall get you something to eat. Right now."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC J'sen and Blue Enigmath leading the new pair off the sands.

Anacamptis Egg spins and shudders from the kicks from within. Cracks appear on the surface of the shell

Angraecum Egg splits into fragments depositing Acacia Argyrodendron Blue Hatchling on the warm sands. He sits there for a moment or two, looking about. At some sounds from the candidates he turns and sees them. His head tilts right then left and he wanders to the line. He walks that line pausing here and there seeing if someone is his. He stops and sits, looking up at a young lad from the Weaver Craft, Boyle. The lad looks back and a connection is made. "Yes Chanath, I am your B'yle for forever. Let's get you some food."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC B'yle and Blue Chanath leading the new pair off the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Swift Desert Run Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Darkly brown, this angular dragon is pointed from the tip of his very narrow muzzle on down the lean length of his body to the finishing point of spearpoint tail. Deep browns collect in the various hollows along his slender head, from the arching headknobs to the sharp points that begin along his lengthy neck. Delicate specks of lighter, pale dusty browns begin to show up on slender shoulders and down his thin chest and forearms. His thin sides seem almost concave from the bright speckling, that continuing back to narrow haunches, lined with wiry muscle. Bony feet decorate both his forearms and his back paws, before they end in needlesharp talons that are dark, dark brown and curved past half crescents. Finally his wings are streamlined, and sharply cut in shape with his wingsails seeming only just large enough to support his lithe body, while they remain that dark brown before they too are dappled all over, flecked in the pattern of light after dark.

Florizel points to Ophynn - Ph'yn! - when it's clear he's newly-Impressed. "There! That's who the brown picked! Brifuth. Nice name! Congrats!" He calls out over to the new weyrling before turning back to look at the many, many little dragons bursting forth - only to find the bronze didn't pick someone yet after all. "Oh, hey. Alorin, look - the bronze didn't Impress that kid after all. And I like that brown - see him? Just hatched?"

A Swift Desert Run Brown Hatchling does not even bother to look at the remains of his shell. He just starts for the line of candidates.

Paphiopedilum Egg cracks open and falls into multiple pieces causing Alseis Yucataensis Green Hatchling to tumble out onto the sands. She rights herself after a moment or two of struggle then shakes, sending goo and sand glopping about her. Like her siblings before her she trundles to the candidates, she moves along warbling and crooning, looking for her lifemate. There! There he is, that one, he is MINE. A redhead boy from the Healer Hall has caught the young green's attention. "Wha? Me? You want me? Yes, yes Genath, I will be your E'lli."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC E'lli and Green Geneth leading the new pair off the sands.

Bold, Brash Brazillian Walnut Bronze Hatchling whips his head up and spots his person. Riiight there. Yep.

Bold, Brash Brazillian Walnut Bronze Hatchling moves into position.

Calypso Egg rattles and shakes to its own tune until it shatters into crumbly bits leaving Acacia Stenophylla Blue Hatchling sitting there on the sands. The young blue pokes at the remains of his confining egg. He snorts and heads off towards the line in white. He knows someone there is for him. There at the end, that lad right there. Tadarian, from the Fishcraft Hall, looks in wonderment as the blue stops in front of him. "Yes, yes Odanarith, we will soar these skies together. T'darian and Odanarith together, nothing will stop us!"
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC T'darian and Blue Odanarith leading the new pair off the sands.

Alorin glances quickly aside at Florizel a moment. "How can you even keep track?" Candidates are becoming weyrlings all over the place, partnered pairs swiftly being taken aside to be fed. The young teen certainly isn't keeping track of who goes where. "Another one, huh?" He does look, once again standing up on his toes briefly before hopping away from the quick feet of an intent dragonet going down the line. "Watch your toes over there!"

Ph'yn is lucky to have impressed when he did, for it seems a flood of eggs decide to crack and their occupants emerge as the readied wave of hatchlings. He is almost oblivious to this fact however, lost in the awe of his new parnter and P'wyn's words barely filter in. "Right this, no that, no this way. Right." Impression addled he and the brown manage to amble in the indicated direction and away from the remaining chaos. It seems just about the time he's reaching the edge of the sands when the latter half of the statement filters in. Is that both dragon and rider's belly growl at the same time. "Oh, oh he's /hungry/!" as if this is completely new and he's never thought of what it feels like to be hungry before.

Ascosenda Egg cracks into multiple pieces spilling Artocarpus Heterophyllus Brown Hatchling on the sands. He kicks sand on the shards of his egg as he walks away from them. He approaches the line of candidates pausing at random looking for just the right person. Pause, check walk on, this happens again and again. He stops at a young lad from the Runner Station, Jesse. The brown hatchling looks up at the young lad. Jesse looks at the hatchling in front of him and reaches out with his left hand to scratch the right eye ridge. "Berneth? Yes, yes I'm your J'sse now. Let's go get some food."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC J'sse and Brown Berneth leading the new pair off the sands.

"With great difficulty," Florizel starts to reply to Alorin… until he's distracted. There's a dragon in his head. "Dharryth? You want me?" He stands up a little straighter, only to lean down and stroke the bronze's head. "Well then, I guess I'm yours, aren't I?" A wink to the side is given to Alorin. "I'm Fl'zel, now."

P'wyn chuckles as poor Ph'yn finds out the truth that all weyrling riders do. Dragons need food…NOW. He motions the boy over to the buckets and tubs all ready for new dragon maws. "One piece at a time. Slowly. Make sure they chew it up and swallow before giving another." The words are directed towards Ph'yn but intended as a reminder for everyone present. Then there are more pickups to do. "J'sse? Oh and Fl'zel too! Congratulations to you both. This way gentlemen. They are going to want to eat soon."

Vanilla Egg pops and splits into four pieces spilling out Allocasuarina Fraseriana Blue Hatchling. A sturdy little hatchling he is too. He shakes his head a bit and snorts softly. He stands up and moves to the line of candidates and starts checking them out. He moves along until he comes across a young lad from the Beast Craft names Martock. He pauses and wraps his tail around his chosen one's feet. The young man looks at the blue hatchling in wonder. "Oh yes, Skelath, I will be your M'tok for all time." M'tok reaches out and scratches an eyeridge "Let's get you some food Skelath."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC M'tock and Blue Skelath leading the new pair off the sands.

A Swift Desert Run Brown Hatchling pauses a moment, watching his siblings all make their partnerships. His is out there, he knows this. *sniff* He shakes his head and moves on.

It is with a genuinely surprised sort of squeak that a bright chartreuse green hatchling falls out of the Gongora Egg. She shakes her head and then takes her own sweet time wandering the sands and peering up into faces looking for her person. She finds him in the presence of a older man, with his last chance to stand from the weyr, Zethbryl. Z'br takes only a moment to wrap his arms around her and announce. "Of course I was waiting for you, Roniuth.
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Z'br and Green Roniuth leading the new pair off the sands.

Alorin opens his mouth again..then stops, actually taking a moment to stare somewhat as the boy next to him, his friend, is grabbed up by one of the many hatchlings rushing about. "Wha..hey! You're..wait, Fl'zel? Oh come on, I still can't call you Flori?" He shifts to the side a bit though when the pair shuffle off for their food, trying to fill in one of the many gaps being left behind.

With a jump and a near dance the Maxillaria Egg hatches, leaving a pale icy blue hatchling on the sands to start his search. He does so with a gusto that defies almost all expectation as he marches up into the perimeter of a young man from the seacraft, Ilipe. I'pe takes no time in announcing "Ebuiath, of course we can get you something to eat."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC I'pe and Blue Ebuiath leading the new pair off the sands.

A Swift Desert Run Brown Hatchling sniffs at another candidate. No, he's not right either. He is getting closer though he can sense it.

Fl'zel grins at Alorin. "Yeah, you can still try…" Then there's a hungry tummy leading him off to the side, where P'wyn is directing him. "Good luck, Alo!" Dharryth is there beside him, and Fl'zel can't seem to get enough of just touching his egg-damp hide.

Brassavola Egg shimmies and shakes before breaking into pieces. In its place sits Agathis Borneensis Green Hatchling. She sits and ponders looking out across the sands. She sneezes and her wings fly open as she balances. A shake of the head and she starts off to find her partner amongst those on the sands. A young weyr bred lad, tall and thin with pale blond hair has caught her attention. The hatchling snags her chosen one's white robe and thrusts her muzzle into the boy's belly. Anek ooofs as the wind is knocked out and he windmills his arms backwards to keep balance. "Careful Odearth, I don't want to fall on ya silly! Yes, yes, I am yours and you are mine. Now let's go get some food for that belly of yours, Ok?"
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC A'nek and Green Odearth leading the new pair off the sands.

Alorin peeks down the line of remaining candidates again..even as it gets shorter as another boy wanders off with a newly hatched green as well. Nervous hands rub over his robe just a bit though, trying to at least deal with some of the clamminess developing in all the chaos and heat.

A Swift Desert Run Brown Hatchling there you are. I see you now.

The hatching is slowing down with just one more unhatched egg, but P'wyn is nearly hip deep in baby dragons and befuddled weyrling riders. Some of the earliest pairs are finally full and starting to fall asleep were they sit. "Try to keep them awake just a few more moments. It can't be much longer now, gentlemen." For it does seem none of the girls were picked up this time round. "How is everyone doing? Any problems yet." But the weyrlingmaster still keeps a wary eye on those last two possible pairs to come.

It doesn't take very long for the Bulbophyllum Egg to hatch, splitting open neatly from end to end and dumping out a sprightly bright bronze hatchling. The new young one moves quickly, finding himself a weyrbred boy, Teark by name before the new T'ek is helping his new friend off the sands. "Yes, this way Iaceath. We'll get you fed straight away."
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC T'ek and Bronze Iaceath leading the new pair off the sands.

A'rin is barely able to get a look down the line before there's a brown quite close and suddenly..there. The boy takes a step back briefly, clammy hands on his own head before he reaches instead for the angular brown muzzle. "Idaeth..what? What kind of question is that? Of course I care, and you can call me A'rin all you want.."

P'wyn sighs as the last two are paired up. He gathers up the bronze and A'rin's Idaeth with a welcoming wave. "This way, gentlemen. We'll get you started eating and when they've had a couple bites it's on to the barracks for everyone." A look around shows they need to hurry as more and more are falling asleep. "Congratulations to all of you new riders and welcome to the hardest and most wonderful day of your life."

Fl'zel had been distracted by Dharryth's hunger, though he manages to shake his head in reply to P'wyn's earlier question. "All's good here, sir… though Dharryth is very hungry." He looks out onto the sands just in time to see his friend announce his own Impression, and A'rin gets a big grin. He'd say something, but Dharryth has heard the word 'food' and he's keen to get started on it!

A'rin ushers Idaeth right along with the others, nodding. "Hungry? It's like there's a gaping /void/ in there somewhere." Indeed, the little brown seems quite eager to get started with this whole /food/ business.

Ph'yn finds a bucket of meat in his hands. Some vague instruction to chew filters in as he looks down as the bloody meat in his hand. His dragon seems to know that is FOOD and that's what he wants NOW. The slimy bit disappears into the maw and there are urgent squakings for more. The next bit disappears as quickly as the first until Ph'yn realizes "No, wait you have to chew! not just swallow." There's a clearly puzzled look from the dragon and rider explains what all this chewing entails and the pair work through it as the hatching concludes. Then its time to move along and a somewhat sated brown waddles after his partner. Here, there?, there!

Time Passes

Weyrling Barracks
The weyrling barracks are two large buildings built against the bowl wall to house newly partnered dragon pairs until they are old and mature enough to move out into their own private weyrs. Originally separated by the riders sex, the smaller number of greens and blues impressing females and the rarity of a gold's arrival has reduced their territory to about a third of one of the barracks. The sections are separated by heavy leather curtains. There are wide wooden doors covered by a thin sheet of copper which roll open and closed as needed. Metal shuttered windows are found along the west wall, most often thrown wide open for both light and ventilation. The barracks are subdivided into areas for the dragonpairs which consists of a raised wooden platform couch for the dragons and a cot and small press for the rider. Pegs along the wall help to hold riding gear and there is a central area in which large barrels of oil, rags, brushes and cleaning supplies are gathered for all to use.

P'wyn leads the parade of new weyrlings into the barracks for the first time. "Spread out and each of you choose a couch/cot pairing. If you're mates are still hungry, there's food in those buckets right there. Those who are falling asleep, just be sure to get them in the door for now.

Ph'yn staggers in with Brifuth, the lights and darks of his hide stretched with full belly. The creature waddles happily, drowsily, maybe even just a bit mechanically without thinking. The kind of one foot in front of the other are-we-there-YET motions which make it good that the two have arrived. Of couches Ph'yn isn't given much choice. The nearest open one is into which his brown drops and doesn't seem otherwise inclined to move. The fact that another former candidate had draped their robe over the small press at the end of the dragons couch seems to matter not and the rider is left to deal wiht the other pairing. "Really, sorry he /isn't/ going to be moving…" not maybe the best way to kick off this weyrling thing.

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