Idle gossip

Inner Caverns
The larger first chamber is at the height of roughly that of three grown adults, with the ceiling and walls rather smooth cut stone. The walls are dotted at regular intervals with metal sconces that are filled and refreshed with glows, the light providing a constant soft ambience no matter the time of day for not all that much light filters in from the outside. Two wooden doors along the southeastern part of the wall are labeled "In" and "Out" are used frequently by the kitchen workers to keep this cavern well stocked. The first chamber appears to act much like a dining hall, rows of tables spread out and worn benches offering a perch to the residents and riders as they cycle through the daily mealtimes. Several hearths have been constructed along the north and west walls, providing both practical warmth and a place for the night hearth to be kept with its simmering stew and hours old klah. A raised dais is set along the north wall, where the Weyr's leaders eat and important announcements are made. Further in are two more medium sized chambers with naturally arced ceilings that act in a multi-purpose capacity, and beyond them tunnels lead even deeper into the depths of the stone to the Weyr supply stores.
It's very late in the night. The hearth is checked about once an hour to ensure there's always hot klah and a bit of soup ready, but not much else goes on.

Chandi comes in from the outside, before going over to Emma and attempting to swing the other woman around. "Darling. I've missed you." There's a look of relief upon finding Emma. "Just where have you been keeping yourself lately, You're always sleeping when I get home."

Emmaline is looking decidedly grumpy as she sits at one of the many tables, damp with wet and seemingly plaiting some thin leather straps. The straps continuously slip in her wet, cold hands, becoming more a knot than a braid. At the arrival of her 'mate, she gleefully drops the stripes and standing up for her hug/swing. "I should be sleeping now but the sharden storm woke me." She steps back and gestures towards her table. "Can you fix my hair band?"

Chandi sniffs slightly. "You're going to have to learn to do this yourself lovey." But Chandi settles down, pulling Emma with her. "I'll see what I can do. How did it get like this?" She's busily tugging at securely knotted strands and eyeing them somewhat crossly. "Not just from the storm I shouldn't think. Unless you just stood there in the rain. Or wait, is that O'mohe has had you doing lately, I swear, that man is getting just." She throws her hands up at that.

Looking abashed, Emma shakes her head woefully. "Sadly I have no one to blame but myself. It's just…feh." Her shoulders shrug as if unknowable and she trails off. "I swear I would just cut it off but Nadiath gave me such a tongue lashing that one time I did." And now she turns doe eyes onto Chandi. "But you'll still love me bald, right?" And then comes the smirk that hints how both women know she'd never cut her hair off. "O'mohe hasn't given me any grief but I ran into Sazey." The rider shudders. "She asked after you." is added with a raised eyebrow for her mate.

There's a further struggle with the wet leather. "You may not be able to salvage this, you know. Was the sulk worth it?" Chandi arches an eyebrow back. "Well you know she's not looking for me for her primary bed partner purpose. I don't have the right equipment." She wrinkles her nose. "I'd still love you bald, or even if you quit combing your hair. But mind you, I'm not sure Nadiath would." Finally some progress is made on the tangled strands. "This is going to be too stiff to use again for a while, anyhow."

Emmaline slumps back into her chair with a sigh. "I suppose you're right." she says, nodding towards the bedraggled mess she's created. "And I think Sazey could do with a change of bed partners. Might improve her attitude." Emma glances around to make sure no one important overheard that snip. "At the very least, we need this flight over with. None of the bronzeriders will behave. Everyone is convinced there's to be a new Weyrleader and O'mohe is being a monster." Her eyes close and she drops her head back against the chair rail. "He gave me watch duty for laughing when one of the weyrlings dropped a bag of firestone upside down and untied."

Chandi drops the entire mess of tangled leather strands and shrugs, motioning for Emma to lean on her. "Well, so long as there isn't a bronzerider looking your way right now, I'd say I'm doing alright." She pauses and sighs. "You'd think the woman would find someone she'd like. She's been through most of the men here. Think we should audition folks from other weyrs for her? I mean, if the males here can't get the job done, or do it right. Only right we look outside."

Emmaline gladly snuggles up to Chandi's side, dropping a kiss onto her check as she does and then nuzzling into her shoulder. "It has to be her. There are plenty of lovely men to play with here. I wouldn't want to have to live with them but just to play is nice." She reaches her offside hand across her waist, hoping to clasp onto Chandi's hand. "And what have you been up to darling? I'd much rather hear about you then think about Her." The her is stressed so as to leave no doubt just who that might be.

"Ah well, I would be watching the Llamas. Stupid idiotic animals. Even if we do need them." Her hand is made available. "I might have been a little less than discreate about my complaining about the atmosphere around here lately. You'd think that O'mohe is the end all and be all of everything, at least the way he's been acting." Chandi shrugs again. "I just hope Xaeth rises soon, Sazey finds a 'mate that she can live with and this entire thing blows over. Oh. By the way, did she say why she wanted me? I can't think of anything I've done to get on her nerves, just O'mohe's."

With a laugh, Emma latches onto the available hand. "What does she ever want with either of us." The rider sits upright, pinches her face in a slightly disgruntled manner and mimics Sazey's voice. "When is your weyrmate going to have her first child? You two aren't getting any younger, you know." She attempts to look down her nose at Chandi, which is somewhat amusing since she's actually looking up. "And thread is soon falling. You need another one yourself, since we're sure to lose you first fall." She drops the face with wildly exaggerated rolling eyes. "As if I were really that reckless." She leans back into her place against her mate with a contented sigh. "I say we throw them both in the lake. It's still good and semi frozen."

Chandi makes a valient attempt to not scream, settling for a look of wild displeasure. "Like I want a child, or you should have another if you're not ready." She pauses and reaching to play with Emmaline's hair. "It's not that I don't think Emaurd's lovely, really. I just haven't met anyone that I'd want to have a child with. But I suppose I should just pick someone and get it over with. You'd think the woman was predicting all our deaths." Her mood turns rather somber though. "Although, really, after Janja, you just never know, do you? Have you heard anymore on what she was doing up near the StarStones that night?"

Emmaline's express becomes quite worried. "Janja? She always seemed to be where she shouldn't be." She nips at her lower lip in thought, absent-mindedly stroking the back of Chandi's hand with her fingertips. "I'm not sure what to think about her, you know. There was something not…right..about that whole event." And the rider shoots a look around to be certain they aren't being overheard. "Do you think that the rumors are real? Do you really think she has some mysterious black book?" And now the greenrider might even look truly scared. "If she found out anything really bad, well…" The sentence trails off leaving the implication wide open.

Chandi frowns in thought. "Well, she always seemed to have more marks than even a goldrider should be with." Then she gives a half -hearted shrug. "She said a few things to me. Made me wonder you know, if the rumors were true. About things, that well. I certainly wouldn't have ever thought, and then you find out later that they were true. Like that greenrider, the one that got sent to Benden? You remember him, the one that was always after going to search the really young kids from the holds near here by himself? And how we still can't search at some of them now? She was in really thick with Sazey and O'mohe for a while when that was going down."

Clenching her jaw angrily, Emmaline nods. "Some things do need to be taken care of." Her eyes narrow and for the nonce she appears almost hawkish. "As if we have any children to waste after that horrible drought." She rubs her cheek against Chandi's shoulder again as her face slowly relaxes into just sadness. "Got a letter from Mother the other day. They've lost another infant at the cothold. New family too. Second youngling they've lost in as many years." A small shudder runs through her baby. "I'm glad we kept Emaurd at the weyr after all, rather than fostering him.."

Chandi merely moves to kiss Emma on the forehead. "I just wish something more was done than what was." She dimples. "There's no denying he's your boy, you know. Even if there has to be some of Ed'ard in there somewhere." She swallows heavily. "Not any of your half siblings, children I hope? Oh. You did say a new family. The losses have been so heavy, that they've had to move new folks in?"

Emmaline nods as she slowly rises. "One of the local farms had to close. Da took what was left of the family in. He's such a kind heart." She slowly tugs at the hand she's still got hold of. "The rain is letting up some and Nadiath is just outside. Why don't we head back up to bed, love." She smiles slightly. "We can try to make the sadness go away." And with that, she starts to draw Chandi towards the exit.

Chandi is more than willing to be lead. "So long as it's straight back to bed we go." She makes a halfhearted attempt to grab at the knotted hair piece that started the entire thing before the two walk off back outside to the rain and waiting dragon.

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