Matajith's flight

Feeding Grounds

The feeding grounds are fenced off from the rest of the bowl by a seven foot high wood rail fence. The grounds are large enough however that breakage is not usually an issue as the herdbeasts mill around. This is the only area of the bowl where grass is actually allowed to grow. However, not enough does to support the ever changing herd so hay is hauled daily from the stable stores located on the northeast wall from the grounds for the herd to eat. The numbers in the herd fluctuate wildly through the year, refreshed by regularly spaced tithes about once a month when snow does not clog the passes. A shelter has been built along the inside of the fence against the bowl wall for the herd, offering respite from the elements as needed but not from hungry dragons. Few ledges are found low on the bowl wall directly above the feeding grounds, but higher up they dot the stone in the same density as around much of the rest of the Weyr.

Matajith is quick and rather vicious as she heads into the feeding grounds, taking nearly no time at all to send the herd into a wheeling mass from which she settles down with a hard snap on a squalling sheep. From there she's bending her head to drink, only giving her rider a rather subdued hiss that could mean anything at this juncture. Chandi is running to catch up with her green, or at least get to the feeding area, pulling on a jacket as it continues to rain heavily and muttering something about inconsiderate and rude dragons.

M'lo grins. Noth, however, is blooding his own sheep as he watches the green dragon with her kill.

Zhirazoth has also taken residence on one of the 'watching' ledges, though the young bronze has actually dozed off at some point despite the rain. Something jars him from his slumbering state though and with a wide yawn, he begins to stir with a joint cracking stretch that includes a good flare and stretch of his wings. Just as he resettles, Matajith heads to the feeding grounds and instantly he is keenly focused on her and when she bends her head to drink, Zhirazoth launches from the ledge and swoops down on the scattered herds to partake in the ritual. Which leads to poor Mr'az having to bolt from wherever he is in the Weyr and eventually the bronzerider arrives, shoulders hunched and the collar of his jacket turned up against the rain and a grimace well in place on his features.

All becomes clear now, as Matajith arrives and immediately Enolth dives off of his perch to take down a large llama. The poor thing gets off one bleat when the brown's aim is a hair off, before disappearing under the mantled wings and hulking body of the small brown. He seems to be doing a strange rumbling noise deep in his chest as he bloods. Once finished, rather than look to another, he crouches in preparation and turns his whirling eyes on the vicious green. P'wyn just sighs and gets comfortable leaning against the fence as he waits for what is coming.

Unvreth wheels down from dreary skies. The rain running down his body with no indication of any discomfort. His only focus is the abrupt arrival of the green and that he not be late to this dance. Wings tuck as he drops into the grounds somewhat opposite of Matajith, talons dispatching his chosen target he leans down to blood quickly. Wings remain half unfurled. Yh'val comes striding from another part of the Weyr. He looks rather distracted, and arriving jacketless his shirt is getting quickly soaked.

Matajith takes so very little time with her sheep, hastily blooding and then looking to the other animals bleating and wheeling in circles before she makes an abrupt decision to change course right then and there to take to the skies. There is a particularly loud clap of thunder as she does, startling her for just a moment and she adjusts course after realizing what happened. Then she's up and into the air with the quickness that greens are known for hoping to get away from the bowl and those particularly pesky other dragons around here.

Noth launches up into the sky after the clap of thunder his eyes on the glimmering green form shooting up into the air ahead of them all.

Jacket is finally settled on, before Chandi takes a moment to look around, grabbing at her hair to pull that back as well in the absolutely miserable weather Matajith picked. With a faint nod to everyone she finds a spot along the fence to huddle up against and vaguely pretend that she's alright with this at the moment.

Enolth is off the ground as rapidly as he can be but has to pull up short first as thunder startles most of the dragons in his section of the grounds, including himself and again when one of those startled blues cuts off his flight path. With a snarl for the lithe blue, Enolth uses his large wings to push past, conveniently knocking the rival into a side draft where both get a good face full of rain. Now he must make up ground on the likes of an aerobatic green in weather sure to prevent an easy catch.

Zhirazoth drags his first kill away, perhaps a bit costly for time but the bronze soon settles to blood, wings half unfurled and whirling eyes darting focus between Matajith and the other suitors now arriving. He growls low and long in his throat, tossing the first carcass aside and lunging greedily for a second, already over eager for the next stage to begin. He knows this part, but the challenge is yet to come! And it is the challenge he wants. Then with a clap of thunder, she is off and so is Zhirazoth with a powerful leap and sweep of his wings as he seeks to vie for optimal position in the skies as the green makes her upwards climb. Down below, Mr'az's stride slows as he approaches the feeding grounds, head upturned and eyes squinting against the rain as the flight progresses into the skies. Exhaling, he can only shake his head and then quietly join the others by the fence though he keeps a respectful distance — for now.

Unvreth arches up from his kill, the last remnants of blood oozing atop the soaked ground and dispersing back to the earth. A low rumble escapes, warning another male who encroaches into his space. Not that it matters but a heartbeat later, lost into the roll of thunder and the flicker of green shooting upwards. It is a dangerous path, and delightfully so he follows. Ready to rise to the challenge Matajith places on her pursuers, although he may not be as fast as some rising out of the grounds, his legs push him firmly off the ground and strong wingbeats carry him upwards on after.

Yh'val joins those gathering near the fence, looking a bit surprised when he recognizes Chandi, as if he didn't know just whom his mate had decided to chase after until that moment. Dragons! Still, he presses a bit closer in, perhaps to find some warmth against the chill rain which has now completely soaked his shirt, or position himself better, closer… it's hard to say.

Matajith is now in her element, the cold skies above high reaches as she climbs higher before leveling off and heading west out toward the mountains. There might be wind and rain tonight, but it will be no match for the her as she works to stretch out her wings, although she abandons that soon enough as she could not hope to win a duel based on speed away from the males chasing. Then she is off on loops and barrel rolls, only getting startled once more when a clap of thunder is particularly close and she drops precipitously before coming out of that dive to climb again.

Chandi hunches her shoulders against the rain, glancing from face to face before shrugging and then her attention is completely captured by what Matajith is doing in the skies so far above. "No, dearling. Don't try to do that right now, you're going to get hurt," is murmured and one hand snakes out to grab at the fence, fingers grasping it tight enough to turn white.

Enolth is able to gain some of the ground lost while the green is using speed to gain the surrounding mountains, but since Matajith is too wily to pursue that for long, the chocolate brown quickly finds himself working on aerobatics. They stretch his abilities to make as tight a turn or swift a roll as she and so he must compensate with more speed. A throaty croon sounds over the stormy skies as he tries to catch her attention, fractured by yet another clap of thunder. As the green begins to recover recover from her dive, Enolth takes the opportunity to 'help' one of his competitors into retiring with a strained wing as he's smacked by the brown's tail in passing.

P'wyn shoots a thoughtful glance at Chandi after her muttered comment. He stands erect, seemingly not bothered by the pouring rain. But since he was soaked to the skin before the others arrived, it's much too late for him to recover any warmth at this point.

Noth looses some altitude with that clap of thunder. He regains it after a bit of a struggle and soon he is watching and waiting for the fair Matajith. He finds a thermal rising and rides it up.

M'lo stands off to one side, leaning against the fence like some of the others. Jacket closed against the weather, watching Chandi with the unfocused gaze of a rider who is with his dragon.

Unvreth puts every effort into each wingstroke, propelling him every upward, building up his speed so that as Matajith levels off he is no longer toward the back of the pack, but somewhere mid-stride the group of males. It's energy he'll need now, pushing against the limits of his abilities as he uses some of his upward momentum in changing course to follow as best he can. He doesn't mimic exactly the flight, but seeks to swerve and turn and ever close the gap between the wild antics of so lovely a creature and his own presence. The distraction of thunder to him noted as opportunity. Not this time, although she drops ever that much closer to his aching talons, but perhaps later on. In the gleam of swirling eyes you can see the wheels churn.

Zhirazoth does not care about the rain and storm, wind or thunder. They are all trivial and just extra to pit himself against as he pushes himself to remain in the thick of the pursuing males and not get snarled by any awry drafts or the jostling of any of the more spirited and rougher competitors. Though they may find he won't back down as easily if any dared. At first, he surges ahead to follower her on those loops and barrel rolls, eager to prove his worth to all (or none) but for once reason kicks in and he thinks before he acts, going for a craftier path rather than relying purely on his strength. He'll seek a current of air that will aid rather than hinder him and then use it for as long as he can to soar after Matajith, loosing some ground but conserving what precious energy he has left. Down on the ground, Mr'az drifts closer to the assembled riders, gaze flicking from face to face, recognizing some and others distantly but he remains only grim and silent but tense.

Yh'val shivers at the thunder, finally looking away from Chandi to the gray skies above. He closes his eyes, focusing with his dragon as the flight carries on above.

Matajith was just taking the chance to do another barrel roll away from her chasers when right in the midst of turning she is startled by another clap of thunder that is much to close and she forgets to complete the upside down turn she is in the midst of for a long moment, plummeting down toward the craggy peaks below. She stretches out completely as works on coming out of the dive but she's very low and straining to gain back the altitude that she's lost in that maneuver.

Chandi has gone totally pale, clutching the fence with both hands as she stays with Matajith in the skies above while the green works to sort out her flying and her rider now remains oblivious to the rain falling all around.

Noth dives after Matajith. Wings snap open as he reaches for the shimmering lady. Does she accept his suit? Does she choose another? Only the fair Matajith knows for sure.

Enolth is about to follow the green's turn when that terrible thunder ruins his concentration. Rather then turning, the brown backwings once, pulling up slightly in speed and dropping in speed. But luck is with him in this. It enables him to see Matajith dangerous loss of concentration and rapid drop. He wings over, diving down to try to intercept her as she rises again. This is likely to be his one shot to get the drop on the prize since many around him have the same idea. So it becomes a race to Matajith, brown claws reaching and clutching and just a bit of extra strength held back to allow him to stop them both should he be the one to ensnare her first.

Zhirazoth veers away at that clap of thunder, startled and thrown a bit off course before he can recover, snarling at his own foolishness for allowing himself to be so skittish. It's just a storm! And Matajith is faltering and falling and seeing his chance he takes it and no longer does he hold back. Putting all the strength he has left to fuel the sweeping strokes of his wings, the young bronze weaves his way through a few of the remaining competitors, barely heeding attention to them. His focus is on that glowing green hide that is steadily falling lower and lower and he pushes himself into a steep dive that will either have him swooping in to snare her as their paths cross. His talons stretch out in preparation, seeking to capture her first before the others and promising a safe climb away from those craggy peaks. Down below, Mr'az's eyes dart swiftly to Chandi and then away and up to the skies, body tense and hands clenched into fists at his sides, expression shifting from simply grim to grimly determined.

Unvreth's wingsails flutter as momentum carries him through a patch of particularly turbulent air and into a more helpful wind that pushes him forward at just the right time. His eyes ever tracking on Matajith as she tumbles so carefree above, displaying all the best qualities of so lively a lady but to that distraction of thunder and her again pause dropping her down. It is his opportunity in this flight, and with his wings stretched full of the favorable wind for those briefest of seconds he surges to intercept. He is only now slightly below and closing fast as she levels just above his position and fights to climb again, but with a dash of luck and his every effort given he puts all into this one moments gamble in his attempt to reach her before she can slip away.

Matajith was doing so well until she took that gamble and then it got way to dangerous out here to be doing acrobatic tricks in the storm. With a suddenness that surprises her she is captured by dark bronze wings and away from the sharp and dangerous peaks below as Zhirazoth finds her. Chandi seems to snap out of her funk at the same time, her eyes opening at that moment to look around in suddenness and taking in a deep breath both of surprise and relief from anxiety.

Enolth snarls as he just misses once again. The brown circles the short distance down to his ledge, too tired and frustrated to think of his rider at the moment. P'wyn gives a grimaced smile and slips off into the dark, rainy bowl.

Noth hovers for a moment as Matajith ends up with Zhirazoth. He croons softly and returns to the weyr and M'lo.

M'lo slips out of the feeding grounds and back to the bowl proper.

Unvreth's efforts are not enough and as she is snatched out of the air just above him, his energies fade and he lets himself fall back, coasting the current in a downward spiral to the weyr below.

Yh'val lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding and steps quickly away, to find warmth and shelter, anywhere other than in the soaking rain.

Zhirazoth remains true to his word and goals and once Matajith is safely snared, he twines with her and uses the last of his strength to carry them both up high and to safety, despite the continuing rainfall. Mr'az is shaken from his focus as well and though he stumbles a bit from surprise, his eyes focus on one rider in particular on the muddy and rain-soaked grounds. Reaching for Chandi, he will seek to lure her away to a far warmer, drier and private location.

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