Xaeth and Mwoth's 2nd Hatching


Smooth stone curves around the warm hatching sands. To one side several tiers have been carved into the natural curvature of the cavern's walls providing a perch for the Weyr's residents to watch the activity on the sands below. A wooden railing has been built along the base of the galleries, delineating the separation between them and the sands that must not be crossed. The stone tiers are worn in places where the best viewing spots are to be found. The occasional blanket or pillow seat cushion can be found, abandoned after the excitement of hatching or heat numbing observation of hardening eggs.

Chandi leans.

Emmaline leans back. "Hello lovey."

Chandi says, "I've missed you darling."

Emmaline sighs softly. "I feel so itchy in my skin tonight. If Nadiath doesn't rise soon I'm going to push her off the ledge."

Chandi sighs. "Please tell me not tonight though, darling. That would be so not good."

Emmaline chuckles softly. "No, not tonight. I agree that wouldn't be good. Besides, Xaeth might eat me if she did. At the very least Sazey would be after us." She shudders.

Main Sands> Sazey sniffs.

Emmaline mutters to Chandi, "… heard…"

Chandi mutters to Emmaline, "… behaving… brat…"

Amir comes up into the galleries.

Nyalle comes up into the galleries.

Emmaline and Chandi are quietly cuddling together and muttering as the galleries begin to fill.

Nyalle sits quietly in the front row, her position having guaranteed her a pretty good seat. She stares straight ahead, watching intently. And taking notes. Yes, she has a small hide book and a stylus, upon which she jots things down.

Chandi leans back abit more on her Emmaline, She mutters to Emmaline, "… you… it'll… do… this…"

Emmaline gives a chesty chuckle. She mutters to Chandi, "… only… how to…"

Main Sands> Sazey has a pretty odd frown on her face as she moves to stand near Xaeth, watching the gold carefully for a long moment before her attention is caught by some of the slightly wobbling eggs out on the sands. "I suppose we should have those children out here now, if only to prevent mass chaos if they're any later."

Main Sands> O'mohe dismounts from Mwoth and makes his way over to Sazey. It looks like he's rather hastily dressed, still tucking in his shirt. The wobble of an egg catches his ey as the dragons song grows louder. "Aye," a small frown. "I'll have to see what's keeping Yh'val." tone disapproving. You can see him speak through Mwoth.

Main Sands> Just An Illusion Egg rolls slightly in the faint depression its been laying in, nothing to spectacular but independent movement is always somewhat exciting when done by eggs or other inanimate objects and Sazey's attention does snap to it with a sharp cry. Xaeth is then caught up in the fuss, wanting to go and protect her egg from harm, or hatching.

Main Sands> Attempted Omnipotence Egg takes up the ever so gentle movements started by its sibling, wobbling back and forth in its own little hollowed area before finally submitting to stillness once more, while Sazey works on soothing Xaeth back out of the way of the eggs. "Now, now darling. You know you don't need to protect them anymore. They need to find riders, not their Momma."

Main Sands> Mohria steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> Firmin steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> Milreen steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> Aryn steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> Sugar and Spice Egg rolls back and forth, wobbling rapidly now as it tries to escape the sandy confines. Bulges appear on the sides of the egg, distortions of the hard sides before they slowly settle back into place.

Main Sands> Killian steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> Raelii steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> Sevornos steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> Xaeth is taking her own time backing away from her eggs, and she eyes the candidates walking out onto her sands somewhat warily, her weight shifting from front foot to the other as she watches.

Main Sands> P'wyn steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> Yh'val steps in from the entryway.

Main Sands> It takes no more than a moment or two before the A Fantasy of Lights Egg starts to crack, strange crazing occurring across the shell. Eventually those weak spots can no longer maintain the integrity of the egg and it falls apart leaving out a surprised light brown hatchling that sits stunned for a moment. As he gains his feet he makes a straight line for a surprised man from Tillek, Snuellem before the darker haired seafarer blinks once and leans down. "As if I could ever deny you, Ypilth. I'll be Sn'el forever now."

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Sn'el and Brown Ypilth leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> P'wyn follows the flood of candidates onto the sands. He goes down the line, moving bodies here and there to form a vague semi-circle along the outer edge without paying much attention to who's in hand. "Spread out. Don't clump so. You'll need room to move."

Main Sands> Mohria walks out ahead of Firmin, but as soon as they get to the sands she's reaching for his hand and gripping it fiercely, tugging him forward so he can stand beside her. "Wow," she whispers. "It..it goes that fast?"

Main Sands> Yh'val comes in at the tail end of the candidate flood. Finally, there they all seem to be. As the candidates spread out around the sands he settles back along the edge waiting for the impressions and real work to begin. Mostly though, he avoids eye contact with the weyrleaders. Focused on candidates, yup yup.

Main Sands> Raelii yelps. This is not what she expected. Weren't they supposed to go up those stairs back there? Though… come to think of it this is MUCH better than front row seats, now isn't it? She half-stumbles after him, her slippers catching on the hem of the robe, until she bunches it up in one hand to shorten it. Then she's keeping up with Killian rather than being an anchor. "Are we supposed to be out here?" she hisses at him.

Main Sands> Mirror Mirror Egg shakes violently in place. The mound of sand beneath it moves as a spiderweb of cracks begins to form.

Main Sands> Sazey mutters to O'mohe, "… have… would… been… much earlier…. you… importance…"

Main Sands> Aryn steps timidly onto the sands, her eyes flicking quickly to take in the surroundings from this new angle, almost coming to a near stop as the golden mother is looked up at and the beast's wary look noted by the girl. A slight wipe of her hand on her hip suggests the nervousness she tries her best to hide— and then blatantly shows as she dashes across the sands suddenly, towards the rest of the group. Just in time to see the little brown hatch and impress. "Shells… no wonder we're rushed. They aren't in the mood for waiting!"

Main Sands> Eternal Debate Egg wobbles, or does it. The crazy patterning on the shell makes it hard to discern whether there is actual movement, or just the illusion of.

Main Sands> The blackness of space becomes a crazy quilt of color and light as slivers of shell begin to break off from the Ride the Stars egg. The egg shudders in place, as if being beaten from inside and with each hit another piece of shell falls to the sands. A mint green muzzle first begins to show between the billowy clouds. With time, it gives rise to head neck and with one final shove, the shell disintegrates and a moderate sized green appears. She takes the time to gather herself together, arranging wings just so, placing her paws down carefully, and then nimbly sets off across the sands. She takes her time, walking past candidate after candidate, never approaching but looking each over carefully. At the last she settles on a weyrbred boy, looking him over just as the others before sitting down on her haunches and creeling imperiously. "Yes, Cilath, I will feed you." Ch'shire, once Cheshire, answers respectfully.

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Ch'shire and Green Cilath leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Killian nods seriously at Raelii. "This is exactly where we should be." He glances over at Yh'val but the weyrlingmaster is busy and the young man seems to relax some. "Just..watch out for hatchlings. You don't want to get scratched." He keeps the false candidate's hand tightly in his. No one will notice. It's all a game, right?

Main Sands> O'mohe looks relieved that the candidates flood out, and although he tries to catch Yh'val's eye the other manages to avoid his look. It clearly irritates the Weyrleader, but now is not the time for such things. Later, later he will deal with it. For now he takes a deep breath and leans closer in to Sazey, murmuring something in reply.

Main Sands> Firmin pauses as he looks up at the queen, a little awed and wondering if she's going to let anyone near. But then his hand is being grabbed, and he looks down. He winds that arm around Mohria's neck, after loosening his fingers, and pulls her head over to scrub his knuckles across the top of her head, before pushing her back upright again. "Seems it does, y'better be on y'r toes 'r y'll get eaten!" Then he's obeying the order to spread, out, watching the first couple impressions take place.

Main Sands> Sevornos loses some of that cocky attitude of his that he had prior to stepping out on the sands. Barely has he stepped up to stand by Aryn and his fellow candidates that the first egg splits and a brown finds his match. "Well…shar—err, that's quick!" he remarks in a drawl that still comes off as somewhat nonchalant. Him? Of course he's cool and collected! So not stylish in this robe though. Ugh. Aryn's remark has him eyeing her briefly. "Welcome to Hatchings! They're utter chaos." Then he's falling silent as another egg cracks and a green this time finds it's lifelong partner. "Two down." he muses.

Main Sands> Mirror Mirror Egg begins to fall apart in the sands. Flakes of shell scatter around the edges until its no longer able to hold itself together. With one final shiver, the shell simply disintegrates, leaving behind a wet, blinking body.
Main Sands>
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Fall Into Darkness Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Cloaked in darkness, shadowing all light, this huge brown surveys his surroundings, under a stern and unyielding frame. The cape of his dark brown wingsails flare and flutter about him as he strides forward on the pillared mass of his muscled legs. A square block of a head, crowned by short, blunt knobs whips quickly about on the heavy neck, all inked in Vandyke brown while a mahogany mask clings about the eyes and muzzle stop. His neck is armored in pointed ridges, marching slowly down to melt into the broad, deep chest where well defined muscles are outlined in mahogany against the inky Vandyke base. Whorls of mahogany flow over the bulky flanks and massive haunches while the thick, heavy tail and long rear limbs show only the inky base color. The taut belly is solid Vandyke with a single slip of mahogany along the keel bone. The broad plain of his back is the same dark brown as his wings and they meld together in darkness. Ebony daggers tip the massive inky paws and bite into the ground below him.

Main Sands> Mohria yelps softly, pushing at Firmin. "Get off!" she hisses. "I'm not going to get eaten," she growls. "But you might if you don't pay attention!"

Main Sands> O'mohe mutters to Sazey, "I thought… had,… to… Don't… him…. ill imposed."

Main Sands> Milreen has found himself a place at the far end where he hopes that flaming head of his won't draw too much attention. There's a rather large opening around him and his nearest neighbor keeps giving the boy strange looks. Milreen sighs, shifting back and forth as the hatchling are already spilling all around.

Main Sands> Sazey mutters to O'mohe, "… act agitated, her… they… just. It's… my nerves when… Xaeth… consoled…"

Main Sands> Raelii takes Killian's word for it. She's soooo gullible! "Okay," she gulps, wide-eyed because she helps in the infirmary and she's heard what claws can do. She's not letting go of Killian's hand, either, so if he wants it back, he'll have to peek her fingers off of his hand. It's mostly because of where they are in such close proximity to- YIPES that one was close! She edges a little closer to Killian, wide-eyed as she watches the action.

Main Sands> Yh'val wipes the sweat from his brow. The shattering of eggs and cries of newborn hatchlings makes for an extended adrenalin rush and sure enough it isn't long before he's got his hands full with new pairs, alternating with P'wyn to help direct the new riders and their stumbling partners to the side of the sands where food awaits. This thanks to the efforst of the kitchen staff and the one remaining older weyrling who brought beasts to the slaughter.

Main Sands>
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Spirit of Adventure Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The richness of the tropics blossoms upon this sculpted green. It begins in a base of delicate and yet hardy mosses that grow upon salt misted rocks. Overgrowing the pleasant mosses are horizontal layers of verdant emerald and peacock greens of smaller plants and bushes. Their exotic leaves twist to form irregular shapes which dapple the majority of her hide upon the delicate yet sturdy frame of her body. Neither far too spindly a creature, nor a bulky one, she bears her strength in a lithe build. All flowing smooth curves and feminine grace from base of jaw to the arc of her tail, she is flirty and functional all in one. Entwined around her headknobs and draping playfully down her neckridges one can trace the pattern of small leaves and tiny tropical flowers like a leis welcoming and celebrating her presence. Talons of sharpest obsidian echo a violent beginning of a time distant past. Smudges of volcanic pumice stone are also found along the underside of her main wingbones. These few hints of the land are nearly obscured by the vibrant canopy of tropical trees and palm fronds that sprout along her back and along the edges of her wings. They form the illusion of these great trees leaning over crystal like blue-green waters of some distant ocean shore. The endless stretch of her wingsails reflects the beauty of such tropical waters, as warm and inviting to the eye as they are healing to the spirit.

Main Sands> Fall Into Darkness Brown Hatchling takes his time gathering himself after the abrupt entrance into this world. He lays on his forelimbs sending a measuring look across the sands at all those white clad food items. The few girls are ignored with what could only be thought of as a dragonic sneer. What about you?

Main Sands> Spirit of Adventure Green Hatchling rolls about, back and forth before it once more goes still, with no hint of former movement. Then with the slightest of twitches, the barest breath of adjustments the egg rolls out of its former hollow and away from its clutchsibs.

Main Sands> O'mohe wraps an arm about Sazey, comforting and possessive. He seems to struggle to keep his expression from growing more clouded. "It won't happen again." Then there is the hatching. This is a joyous time and he tries to distract her. "Sturdy brown there, the second already I think."

Main Sands> P'wyn circles around behind the candidates, gathering up his assigned pairs as they form. As he passes Yh'val, he asides. "Not sure how I feel about that brown. Dangerous looking fellow, isn't he?"

Main Sands> Aryn gives a scowling look at Sevornos, as much as one can in a glance, "Experienced, are you? I've seen them from up there, but…" She flicks a finger to the galleries, before she turns to note the first green hatchling's inspection. Her body stiffens a bit as the green comes over, and ultimately, passes her. The look across her face as the green passes is relief— and maybe something else. But, it doesn't last long as the brown and another green are also noted. "He's rather dark…"

Main Sands> Firmin chuckles to Mohria, shaking a foot as the warm sand gets into his sandal. He nudges at Mohria when he sees the green hatchling. "Look at her, she's a little beauty… just y'r size, too." He gives a wink to his friend, holding out a hand that indicates lack of height.

Main Sands> Mohria pushes Firmin's hand away with a roll of her eyes, but she is looking at the green with interest. And a small spark of desire. "She's beautiful," she whispers. "So elegant."

Main Sands> Killian nudges Raelii playfully with his foot. "Check her out! Colorful isn't she?" But his attentions shift quickly to the brown and there they stay. "I think we need to watch him. He looks like the kind to charge." He squeezes the hand in his, making sure she heard via pressure and friendship. "Get ready to run!"

Main Sands> Spirit of Adventure Green Hatchling stands and shakes her wings out. Hungry eyes survey the terrain in the awed way of a newborn. It is so much BIGGER than the egg she just emerged from. How can this possibly be. The moment is lost however in the instinctual urges which overtake her and gaze settles on candidates, so close and yet so far.

Main Sands> Sevornos scoffs to Aryn and would turn his head to give her a narrowed 'don't be stupid' look, but his attention is half on that brown and the newly hatched green. For all his bragging, he's not about to turn his back on those hatchlings and wind up mauled. It'll SO put a dampener on his day! "I've only seen them from the galleries too! Can't be to difficult down here, right? Just duck 'n dodge and keep on your toes." He shrugs. Simple! As the green ambles on by, Sevornos makes sure not to be in her path when it's evident she's going elsewhere and then he's spying out that brown again. "Suits him!" he comments wryly. "Why? Something wrong with dark?" he teases. No wonder Sevornos may not have made many friends among the candidates.

Main Sands> Milreen gives a relieved grin as finally one of his few friends arrives at his side. "What did you think of that first brown? He was something no?" The smith seems more eager to talk about the dragons than to actually approach one.

Main Sands> The Eyes Have It Egg has been rocking now and then throughout the hatching. It may be nearly unnoticed as the intensity picked up, cracks spiderwebbing the shell. With a impatient push, the shell bulges on one side, splitting to ungracefully release the Fast Talking Short Tempered Flame Blue Hatchling. He bounces quickly enough to his feet, alive and ready to take on the world, no a mountain, no this wretched empty knowing in his middle. Yes, yes that will be dealt with first! Impatient he struggles over a small sandy mound and to a group of four candidates. Jaw snapping he looks to Haden, a rather quiet and shy older lad."Oh… oh! Ok Styth, it.. it.. it's right this way." H'den shows his new partner who marches off in said direction. Now that's better!

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC H'den and Blue Styth leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Fall Into Darkness Brown Hatchling rises to his feet. Too many of his siblings have taken what's his already! The brown takes a few halting steps to get the walking thing down. Steady at last, he builds up steam, charging straight for the line nearest him.

Main Sands> Taste the Blades Egg it takes only a few seconds more for the previously unmoving, to slowly roll over once. That's it, just the one small roll and then the egg goes still, before cracks appear along it and then suddenly, with now shaking, no jumping about it simply falls into pieces and is shattered, leaving behind the young dragon that it sheltered.

Main Sands>
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Of Course I Look Good Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pale weathered bronze hide gleams, showing brightly across the elegant boning of this larger dragon, from his slightly snubbed nose that leaves his otherwise aristocratically framed head looking short, to the long lithe sinuous span of his neck. Narrow shoulders are subset above a slightly sunken chest, whilst his forearms are exquisitely slender with the boning fine, delicate and yet still more than substantial enough for support. Brilliant half moons compose his talons, of a pale bronze that fades into his hide and only shows for a moment from the wicked arches of their curves. Sun-leeched bronze hide touches across his lanky haunches and brushes up from his belly, before slowly darkening as it collects in shadows below the ridges that follow along his back, sharp as razor's points where they lead into the long and increasing length of his whiplash tail to the final sharp hook of the finial. His wings are swept back, traceries of wingsails that seem stretched too thin through fragile wingspars and splashed with darker whiskey hues above the lighter weathered bronze boning.

Main Sands> Yh'val nods in agreement as he passes P'wyn "Especially when first hatched. We'll see. Hopefully this lot will remember the part about dodging." at least despite the early hour the candidates all seem quite awake.

Main Sands> Mohria grips Firmin's hand tightly when the brown starts to charge, yanking on him. "Firmin!" she says urgently, trying to pull him clear out of the brown's path.

Main Sands> Raelii nearly squeaks the word: "Run?" Could her eyes get any bigger? Is it even possible for the large-eyed girl to do that? She hasn't taken her eyes off of the hatching, popping eggs yet. All the mayhem and bonding happening all around her (when she thought she'd be up there in the stands watching from afar) is making her a bit giddy. She half-crouches, gathering a few more inches of that voluminous gown in her fist and she takes a runners stance. "Okay!" She's ready! If they come at her, she's gonna take off!

Main Sands> Of Course I Look Good Bronze Hatchling takes a moment or so, to deliberately compose himself on the sands, before with an elegant twist and shake of his tail he manages to get to his feet without even tripping once before his steps become steady and slow, a near funereal march along as he glances up into faces. Each is dismissed as he continues along, with a certain amount of huffiness.

Main Sands> Firmin has something of the same idea as Mohria, but he's already decided on the opposite direction, so his hand ends up sliding out of hers. He raises the hand instinctively as he stumbles backwards, to ward off the flying sand and keep his eyes clear.

Main Sands> Sugar and Spice Egg wobbles once again, shaking from where it was left, hiding behind the bulk of Xaeth and out of view of some of the candidates. That won't save it of course, once it finally hatches, but it's not taking any chances right now as it rolls further and further out of sight.

Main Sands> Aryn might consider to be put off by Sevornos' look, but has no time for such things, so instead just gives a smirk. "What's seen and what's done are two different things, my dear. That's like claiming you could fight thread like a dragonrider, after playing with the ground crew!" She hears some comment about running, and her attention is away from Sevornos again, to— a bronze? Oh no, that green. "She's really pretty…" She almost whispers to her companion, though weather he can hear her over the din is debatable. She stops to just stare for a moment, before she realizes the comment was about the brown, and all eyes are for protecting her hide!

Main Sands> Killian glances down at Raelii and can't help but laugh. "I didn't guess well, did I?" He playfully steps into a 'ready run' stance of his own but doesn't seem that concerned. Just leery one might say.

Main Sands> Fall Into Darkness Brown Hatchling charges down the line, barreling candidates out of his way left and right. One poor boy who's a bit too slow even ends up with a nice new scar on his boot where he didn't clear out of the way fast enough. Finally the brown comes to a screeching stop, spraying sand over his chosen boy.

Main Sands> Mohria makes a soft, pained sound and lunges for Firmin, not wanting him to fall or get trampled. It'd be /just/ like him, the stupid Seacrafter, to fall at a hatching and get run over.

Main Sands> It's with a crash and a shambles that the Sugar and Spice Egg completely collapses into brown shards littering the sands. Quickly gaining his feet is a speedy, darkly shadowed brown hatchling that is making a streak for the line of candidates. In no time at all he's assaulted the line, headless of talons cutting feet or ankles as he looks into faces searching for his boy. Finally he stops, staring into the face of a boy from High Reaches Hold, Hansul. He pushes his head forward, right into H'sul's chest, before the boy breaks down. "It's quite alright Greth. I adore you too."

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC H'sul and Brown Greth leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Sazey takes a step back, moving into Xaeth's sphere of influence for the moment before she takes a deep breath and offers up a smile at the new forming pairs. "Such good choices the new dragons are making, don't you think O'mohe?"

Main Sands> Milreen's eyes open wide as he's covered in sand. "Wha…Skarth?" The newly made rider coughs. "I'm coming, Skarth. I'll be your M'le!" He drops to his knees and embraces the brown, whispering softly before turning to look for assistance from one of the weyrlingmasters.

Main Sands> Spirit of Adventure Green Hatchling stumbles along in an ungainly fashion. These sands are not all that easy to walk on when you've never walked before, but as she progresses her steps grown more steady. She reaches a small cluster of candidates looking them over with the barest of glances. No, something not right, not for her anyway. Moving along her head suddenly jerks up. Ah, there. Yes, there is one, the one naughty and nice at the same time. She will do, only there will be no escape. The green pushes through the line of candidates, surprising those nearest as she seems to disappear from view and come up from behind on her chosen. No running off without her now!

Main Sands> Sevornos laughs and flashes a brief and crooked grin to Aryn. Oh, he likes her! So few can withstand his snarkiness. "Who says it can't be done?" he exclaims haughtily, which may make no sense at all but they are in the midst of a Hatching and he has to watch his skin, if he wants to make it through unscathed! As more hatchlings escape their shells and find their matches, his nervousness comes to the forefront and he fidgets (or is it flinch?). "Which is pretty?" Nope, he couldn't quite catch that from Aryn, as his eyes are on that charging brown and the bronze and just in too many places at once! "Huh! How many is that now?" he asks, taking a few steps back as he tries to regroup.

Main Sands> Of Course I Look Good Bronze Hatchling continues to march along, continuously disappointed with those that he faces and he abruptly sits back on his haunches with a sharp creel when he's confronted with a gaggle of girls. It's only after his head swivels around and he catches sight of another grouping that he has not had a chance to look over that he begins to move again, with those same slow deliberate steps.

Main Sands> Delicate movements start the show with the Just An Illusion Egg, as it wobbles slightly in the hollow where it has lain, waiting for the moment. After the seconds tick away it moves again, more forcefully this time while a spinner's web of cracks line the surface, and trace that electric blue seam. Just a few seconds more and it seems the egg is startled as it just falls apart dumping out a dark forest green hatchling. She takes her own sweet time getting to her feet, stumbling slightly before her unwieldy movements lead her to walking directly into the path of Morpho, one of the lower caverns boys. It only takes M'pho a moment to reach out and reassure her. "Oh, Menelauth. You're perfect."

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC M'pho and Green Menelauth leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Attempted Omnipotence Egg rocks slowly in its bed of sand. It rubs lightly against the shell of the egg next to it, causing a small crack sound but as of yet, nothing is visible on the shell.

Main Sands> Raelii spots the brown charging down the line towards herself and Killian and so she takes two steps back- and she promptly bumps into something. Turning her head she comes eye to eye with the green hatchling that Killian had pointed out to her. Two things are evident: one - there is nowhere to run unless she wants to get trampled by the on-coming brown. And two - the dragonet seems to want to tell her something. "Oh, um." He eyes dart around and she's looking mighty guilty. "Esath, you've made a mistake. I'm not a candidate!" She hauls on Killian's hand to drag him closer, "Tell her, Killian."

Main Sands> Firmin's hand comes down once the sand splashing dragonet has passed, and he's automatically catching Mohria as she stumbles against him. "Easy there, Moh, y'tryin't'get y'self mauled?" he asks, grinning cheekily as he sets her upright again. "Ya gotta watch tha dragonets…"

Main Sands> Mohria is caught and set upright, frowning sharply at Firmin. "I'm trying!" she says, getting easily riled by her irritating BFF. Looking around, she does see the green impress, and she can't help but smile. And then frown. "Wait, she's not a candidate…"

Main Sands> Fancified Simplicity Egg comes to life in a series of suddenly frantic movements which quickly spiderweb cracks over the shell.

Main Sands> Of Course I Look Good Bronze Hatchling is finally finding what he has been looking for, discarding the female candidate that is so near his choice and then wedging his body between the too of them as he looks up at the young seafaring lad.

Main Sands> Killian was busy watching the brown and bronze which seemed much more dangerous to him. Or possible more enticing, so he turns with a slightly puzzled look at the tug on his arm. "Tell who, little bug?" Suddenly his eyes widen as they drop onto the green. "What? No!" His face sprouts a grin and he drops Rae's hand to jump. "Yes! You impressed Raelii! She's yours!" The young man celebrates, at least until the approach of the weyrlingmaster. Oh no!

Main Sands> The Melting Melon Egg rolls gently, before it rocks harder against one of the few remain eggs near it and then cracks start to appear. Then it abruptly stills going so very silent and still as it just lays there.

Main Sands> It starts with the slow slide of sands down the round sides of the Melting Melon egg. Gradually motion can be detected from the egg itself as it rocks back and forth with increasing speed. One final strong rock sends the egg rolling into the side of its golden dam and it splits neatly in half. The top half slowly rises up, giving a glimpse of a racing green side and the trailing ends of a celadon wing. The shell cloaked green begins to bumble about, trying to rid herself of the egg shell hat while simultaneously attempting to step out of the bottom half of the shell. All of this leads to a great deal of no progress and a final tumble onto her dam's foot. A gasp is heard from the youngest boy on the sands, Jakere from High Reaches Hold. Ignoring all instruction, Jakere dashes forward to release the green from her shell prison. She is reveled as two perfect halves meeting right down the midline. One side is a very dark solid racing green while the other the palest porcelain celadon. Her wings alternate, celadon atop the racing green and vice versa. Jakere sighs, infatuated already, but when the green lifts her face towards his, he rocks as impression occurs. "Ah, Lequinth, my beauty!" J'ker exclaims.

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC J'ker and Green Lequinth leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Aryn jumps closer to Sevornos without thought, trying to avoid accidentally bumping into a hatchling as they decide to weave about the candidates, nearly knocking herself over in the process. "Shards!" She growls under her breath, straightening herself out as she notes the green, and then the brown impresses. Only to be added with yet other hatchlings. "Sure, you prove it, and I'll graciously bow to your superior knowledge on the matter." She states matter of fact to Sevornos, grinning that smirk again before she's taking note of Raelii. "I don't think it matter what you are, if she's talkin' to ya!" She shouts to the other lass, giving the candide— weyrling? a weird look.

Main Sands> Yh'val finishes getting a blue pair settled, when the next is up. Cheering and murmuring he makes his way over to the newest green and her rider. Although he doesn't recognize Raelii right off, must have been a late search? "Congratulations there… and Esath is it? I'm sure she's quite hungry." He gives the nearby Killian a look, he's got other dragonets to watch out for yet.

Main Sands> Firmin holds up a hand, and almost looks annoyed as he's shoved aside, thinking it's another candidate that's barreling into them. "Watch where y're goin'," he grumbles good naturedly, then realizes he's being confronted with a dragonet. He gives Mohria a push to safety, and backs up a step, before… he looks around behind him, then back to the swirling golden eyes. "Well, I could be waitin' f'r y't'say 'please', Voldranth," F'min quips with a grin. He reaches his hand up to the bronze dragonet's head knob to give him a scrub similar to the noogie he favors Mohria with on occasion. "C'mon, y'. Food's somewhere over here, we'll get that pesky hunger taken care of, no time flat." Speaking of Mohria, poor girl is forgotten as he leads his new lifemate to find a weyrlingmaster and food.

Main Sands>
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Healer's Gentle Soul Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Large and deep, the pool of wisdom and compassion which swirls in the depths of her eyes is perhaps the most colorful part of this lithe creature. An expression of her mood one can find an enormous array of blue and green mingling to mesmerize the casual observer, or warn those in proximity in blazes of yellow and red when tempers flare. These expressive orbs are framed within the elegant curved skull above blunted tapered muzzle and just below somewhat elongated head knobs. Knobs and eyeridges invite one's caress above the smoothly arcing neck, where the ripple of muscular strength is suggested without prominently bulging. It is a pattern of power which continues over her body. The strength flows into the deep curve of her chest, tucking back up along sensual belly, rippling just enough along flank to accent her haunches. It ends in the meditative flick of her tailtip at its overlong end. It is a strength which is given athletic grace in the smoothness of her movements on slender arm and leg. Even while deadly, the talons which tip each finger and toe fade into her being, rather than jump out and remind one of what an amazing predator she is. A few freckles of evergreen spatter her blunted muzzle, distinguishable to those only up close and after a good oiling. Otherwise she appears to be a rather plain leaf green hue, simple and unbroken from muzzle to tail. Wings are rather longer and slightly more narrow than normal, the sails a translucent hue of the same which grasps her body. The wingshoulders, while plenty powerful, are deceptively slender, echoed in a series of fine boned wingspars looking to weak to support the still vast amount of sail she bears.

Main Sands> Mohria is…pushed out of the way by a /bronze/? "Bronze?! You…you got /bronze?!/." She's stunned. Happy…but stunned. And then sad. What just happened? Shuffling back, she stands alone, hands clasped as she darts worried glances at her friend. Who just walks on by. She feels suddenly so very alone.

Main Sands> Old Men's Dreams Egg rolls over, then stops, makes a stuttering movement and rolls again and again. Then for good measure it starts the entire process over again, roll, roll, roll. Then it stops and proceeds with the cracking.

Main Sands>
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Tidal Pool Explorer Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The many shadings of this blue's gleaming hide swirl together subtly and flow over his hide like the incoming tides of a Pernese sea. The clear blueness of polished, watery topaz covers his face and neck, gradually darkening as it flows down his back and over his long, long tail. Underneath his muzzle and washed over his underbelly and legs, the change is more abrupt as dark follows light, giving the impression of a suddenly deep, intensely blue pool of the clearest tropical ocean, trapped away from the sea to be warmed by the sun. Small oval shadings here and there call to mind the silhouettes of flitting silver-and-blue fishes. This dragon's eyes whirl like the eddies that are created by the ebb and flow of the evening tide, making you wonder if the owner's temperament has quite the same turbulence; surely they contain depths that will only be revealed to the one that is invited into them.

Main Sands> P'wyn offers a bright grin as he moves to intercept the newest bronze pair. "Voldranth, did you say? This way. I'm sure he's hungry. And have you thought about what you want to be called." He motions F'min over towards one of the many buckets of food. "Slowly and small chunks. Don't want them to chock."

Main Sands> Raelii has impressed? Oh no indeed!!! She stares at the lovely green for another second and then turns her head to Killian, blinking like a stupid fool. "What?" This time she does squeak, swiveling her head back to stare at Esath. Aryn's shout gains a flick of hazel eyes and a knitting of brows, but no comment. "I was just here to watch," she says to Esath in a small voice, but she pets the top of the green's head consolingly. "You'll have to go find someone else." Don't dragons get do-overs? She wouldn't know! "She's made a mistake," she tells Yh'val pertly, a dimple showing in her cheek. Please don't kill me for being out here? One hand tries to shoo the hatchling away.

Main Sands> A loud *snap* sounds from the What Lurks Beneath egg and a jagged white crack mars the sandy surface. More crackles can be heard as the egg rocks slowly back and forth. Finally, the shell seems to explode leaving a pale orchid blue hatchling laying on his back and kicking out violently. After a moment of struggle, he rights himself and begins to stalk across the sands. As he slinks across the sands, the rich blue spots on his back and rump become visible and the striking appearance draws several cothold boys closer. The lean orchid body winds between the boys, past one of the few girls on the sands and finally comes to rest at the feet of Drenvil of Nabol. The smithcraft apprentice reaches down to lightly stroke the slender blue's head. "I won't ever leave you again, Ruellath." D'vil says in a wondering voice.

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC D'vil and Blue Ruellath leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Sevornos doesn't even seem to be aware of Aryn jumping closer to him and his laugh to her reply is cut short. Too much is going on for the young man to keep up with now. "What's this about mattering what you are?" he asks, blinking and a touch disorientated with all the distraction. Then he spots the newly Impressed Raelii and a bit behind the punch he frowns. "Who's she?" he drawls, only to take a few more shuffling side-steps as the bronze moves on to find his match. Swearing under his breath, Sevornos fidgets more with the hem of his ill fitting robe and tries to ignore the sweat beading his brow.

Main Sands> A Healer's Gentle Soul Green Hatchling lifts her head slowly, blinking a few times as the egg-wet dries from her flanks. Suddenly so alone she lets out a pitiful creel and finds her feel, stumbling towards a large object. It happens to be Xaeth's arm she crashes into, falling to her behind and looking mightily confused as she looks up, and up and UP at the queen.

Main Sands> Killian's very, very still while Yh'val is nearby and just seems to get more nervous as Raelii protests. "Go on, little bug. She wants only you." Maybe this wasn't such a grand idea after all. But it's too late now so Killian can do nothing but forge ahead, watching the green and blue on the sands and avoiding any new arrivals as well. "You'd best go feed her."

Main Sands> Tidal Pool Explorer Blue Hatchling moves abruptly, setting off as he means to go on and that is with great speed. Of course, there's no great coordination to go along with it but sometimes, things have to be sacrificed in the name of getting things done. With that, he's looking over the line of depleted candidates. Then slowly he's wandering close to a small green clutchsib and oh what, that's MOM. With that it's a stumble back on the haunches before he can manage to get back up and continue.

Main Sands> Attempted Omnipotence Egg rolls some more, adding more cracks to its sides but keeping the occupant firmly inside.

Main Sands> Xaeth moves lightly, her head coming down to peer at the small one and then with a puff of air she is amused at the little green and the smaller blue, then she's taking a few steps backwards, leaving them to their candidate searching.

Main Sands> Mohria is still looking after Firmin - F'min and his bronze. BRONZE. She could throttle him. But she's not sure why. Abruptly, she looks back around at the other dragons, shifting her weight and ready to get out of the way. Seeming just waiting for it to be over.

Main Sands> "F'min, sir," replies the new dragonrider, then his face splits into a big grin. "Looks like Enolth was right, sir. At least, about th'impressin' part." He gives a nod at the directions, and then picks out some small chunks. "Y'heard th'man, Voldranth. Don'have t' gobble, there's plenty f'r y'. Here," he holds up the first gobbet of meat for the haughty dragonet.

Main Sands> Yh'val seems to be putting things together and suddenly gives Killian a more piercing look. If only it wasn't the middle of the hatching the lad might find himself in a whole heap more trouble. As it is he growls "Mind yourself lad, we'll be talking later." and probably more than just him for this breach. Still the result are positive enough though whether that will balance out the transgression exactly will later be determined. There's a flicker of sympathy for the girl. "Impression is for life, lass. Don't worry, the dragons never choose wrong. If she's found you you're the only one for her and its a good thing that you were present." gracious words said, if the tone doesn't quite match. "Now there's still hatchlings wandering about and I'm sure your lady must be hungry. We've food over here if you'll just follow me." and while the words may seem to leave an option the tone of his voice doesn't. It's you will come, and you will come now.

Main Sands> Maternal Confusion Egg shakes slightly on the sands from having been oh so still before giving the impression that it might not move at all. Still now, it's moving and perhaps so it will stay.

Main Sands> The Maternal Confusion Egg gives a few shudders and then abruptly bursts into a million fragments. Dazzlingly, painfully sharp fragments as any errant and unwary candidates might find out. In its wake is left a rather small Sinister Witches Brew Green Hatchling. Her first act is to hiss defiantly and shake out damp and noxiously hued wings. Unbothered by the fearful reactions of those nearest she steps forward, head held high. It's as if she relishes the fear but that makes so many, many unworthy. It is until she reaches near the far side of the grounds that she meets her match in Phylip. Rearing before him impression is made and he laughs, an eager match to the strong willed mind that merges with his. "Calm now Maleficeth, we'll get that stomach filled." Ph'y reassures.

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Ph'y and Green Maleficeth leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Sevornos startles a bit at that pitiful creel and this time he does flinch, if not shrink back. "What is that sound?" he asks out loud and to no one in particular, fighting back the urge to cup his hands to his ears. "Didn't even think they made noise quite like that!" He'll spy out the two Hatchlings around Xaeth, eyes darting between green and blue as if to source out which could have done it. Again, he unknowingly keeps his shuffling and fidgeting steps close to Aryn. Either he's seeking company or ready to use her as a shield. Given his attitude, it'll be the latter.

Main Sands> A Healer's Gentle Soul Green Hatchling squawks her surprise but finds her feet again as the queen steps back and gives her room. Candidates, right, that's much more her size and she goes scampering to find a safe haven therein. Maybe that lad and lass over there? There's so many she just seems confused and flustered, needing to find her other half to regain her life's balance. This is the way it has been and the way it will be for generations to come, now it is her turn, her time and over the sands she scampers.

Main Sands> Tidal Pool Explorer Blue Hatchling finally finds the one he was looking for, after being hidden from behind a different candidate from his sight. Once in view nothing stops the small blue and he charts a straight course directly toward girl now standing somewhat by herself.

Main Sands> Aryn is a little more coordinated with the candidates, then she is able to keep track of the hatchling, but given one is closer then the other. Sevornos question about Raelii causes the candidate to peek over to see if the new Weyrling is watching, and then makes a broad sweep of her hand over her head, grinning just a bit at Sevornos. "Dunno… at least, I can't recall her name…" She mumbles off, and then finally joins back into the distraction of the hatchlings— if to suddenly cover her mouth and point at the green looking up at her mother. "I wonder if she's feeling as much confusion as we are!" She says to no one in particular, and then she only cracks up more at seeing the blue follow suit. She did note the horrible shriek, and stops her laughter as Sevornos points it out… "One of them, I suppose…"

Main Sands> Mohria stumbles a bit, and has to catch herself on the small blue muzzle that's suddenly thrust into her face. "Riordanth?" she gasps, staring into his jeweled expression, running a hand over his slender neck. "I…Riordanth," she gasps, before she's hugging his face. And squealing, much to the blue's startlement. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just happy. Here, let's go over here. That's Firmin. F'min. You and his bronze are going to be the /best/ of friends." Yeah, right.

Main Sands> Attempted Omnipotence Egg has finally reached the end of its time. With one last mighty heave from within, the shell shatters, spraying shards far and wide across the sands. No longer a gentle birth, this has become more liken to a demon arriving.
Main Sands>
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Look But Don't Touch Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The lush, verdant lines shimmer like the hazy glare of mirage as she slips across the ground making her difficult to take in at a glance. Though sleek, she is neither lean nor bulky, but rather a generous flow of curved muscles and trim limbs perfectly proportioned to her diminutive size. From delicately flared nostrils to the soft round of her tail spade she is a deep, vibrant jungle green. Twining about the small spires of her headknobs and down over and around the gentle slope of her neck ridges is a knotted rope of vine green, ever so rarely speckled with hints of brown shoots. At the base of her neck, the vine splits and multiples, trailing down slim forelimbs to stop just shy of the pale leaf green talons, and creeping down and around the barrel of her chest. Here, leaves sprout from the vine to paint scattered pale green triplets across chest and flank and fully engulf the tightly set abdomen. The leaves dwindle away as they move across her haunches, till only the original vines remain to climb down the muscular rear limbs and thick, short tail. The canopy of her wings is that of an ivy patch where each fragile leaf overlaps the next in an unending mosaic of pale green, supported only by the fine bones of the spars.

Main Sands> Killian blanches. Looks like it just might be time to find a new home. The young man shuffles nervously now that his combined support and entertainment unit have been taken from his side. The blue has found a new home, and the eggs are slowing in their arrivals. So many greens on the sands just takes all the last of the starch out of this normally cocky guy.

Main Sands> Not So Tasty Egg finally starts to move after having been completely still this entire time. But there, there is a faintest whisper of movement and shaking and then rolling about in its own hollow before cracks begin to form across the shell, spiderwebbing the surface completely.

Main Sands> Raelii get another look. Puppy-eyed almost. But then the rider is talking to her and she turns back to him, not quite listening as close as she ought to, all the while she keeps trying to shoo the little green on. At one point she lets go of Killian's hand, places both her palms on the little green's head and turns it. "See there's Mohria over there. Go say hi!" Yh'val's voice gets stern-y and frown-y and it's at this point that she tunes back in. "Oh. Okay!" And she skips, slippers flashing pink-blue-pink under her gathered robe. With her gone, the green will find someone else… except when she peeks back… She reaches to tug-tug on Yh'val's tunic. "She's following me."

Main Sands> Once it begins, it is a matter of seconds before the To Catch the Unwary Egg is completely destroyed by the energetic movements of the hatchling within. Pale pink shards seem to litter the dark sands as they fall in a cascade around a light green hatchling that abruptly creels at the sudden change in temperature and light. She moves slowly, deliberately into a grouping of boys catching her head on a miner's apprentice named Croatus before daintily sitting. Cr'tus then takes a moment, "Oh, Hymoth, it's fine. I'm right here, you're right here and we'll get you something to eat directly."

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Cr'tus and Green Hymoth leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Not So Tasty Egg now hatches, seeming in slow motion, the shards of the brown egg falling away to the sands below and leaving out the darker hatchling to view. There, it's hatched. It's done what it should.

Main Sands> Sevornos frowns as if to think and then he simply shrugs. "How can we keep track of all the names anyhow? They collect so many of us!" He looks back to those two Hatchlings, though the blue has now made it's match and the young man only blinks for a moment. "Ain't that a girl the blue took too? Does that even happen?" he asks with a smirk, shooting a sidelong look to Aryn as he continues to grow more agitated and disorientated by all the chaos around them. Sensory overload! "I'd think it'd be horribly confusing to be in darkness and then just thrust out into all this. Maybe that shriek isn't so off after all!" Cause he'd certainly be protesting, just as he did at the start of all this.

Main Sands>
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< I Met You in My Dreams Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Backlit, sparkling as the night throws shadows from smoky braziers across the silky henna touched hide of this bronze dragon, only to deepen in the hollows of his elongated face and allowing sections of his lithe body to slip and slide in and out of the light. Lightly muscled, elegant curves create the form of his neck, arching down from his head to the correct set of his shoulders and well sprung shoulders before leaving his back to be slightly short coupled. His haunches are fairly heavy, ridged with muscling before leading down to stolidly boned feet with arcing curved talons in a deeply hued blackened bronze. Still most of his body is veiled by his wings, spattered lightly with overtones of bloody rust that darken the lighter henna hued bronze 'sails and leaving them with a flowing pattern of seeming movement, watermarked and smoked from his leading edges to his trailing.

Main Sands> A Healer's Gentle Soul Green Hatchling doesn't slow her pace, homing in on the one. No more protests, no hiding or shirking or any such dalliance. She has struggles and conquered this first test. Arriving she looks up to her chosen, finding her one, her balance, her partner and companion in all things in life. There is again order, and life may proceed even if this moment between them lasts eternal.

Main Sands> P'wyn gives several of the new impressees gentle reminders. "Slowly now. They should be getting sleepy as soon as they finish and so keep a close eye on them. They might even drop off between one bite and the next."

Main Sands> Aryn gives a long look at where the blue went to, almost as if she's in a bit of disbelief. "Think it's confused?" She says to Sevornos.

Main Sands> Yh'val sighs leading Raelii and Esath over to where the buckets of food is. Rude awakening number two as he grabs a bucket of raw chopped meat and hands it over to the lass "Yes, your dragon will be inclined to do that. She'll want to be everywhere you are which is a good thing as it strengthens the bond in these early days. She'll even talk to you, but only you can hear her, in your head. That is perfectly normal. Now give her this meat, just one piece at a time so she doesn't choke."

Main Sands> I Met You in My Dreams Bronze Hatchling is careful of his steps as he looks out, only himself and another small green out there now to choose amidst all these candidates. Then with slow pacing he walks the depleted line of choices before seeming to swing his head slowly, as if he's momentarily displeased.

Main Sands> S'eos turns to reply to Aryn about the blue, only to stagger and sway as if pulled away by another… and finds himself staring at a tiny leaf green hatchling. Blinking slowly, it's as though he's frozen and stunned before his brain kicks back into gear. Oh. OH! "Look at you? I am looking at you… Nuaeth? I'm S'eos now?" Then he's grinning, foolishly and perhaps a bit dumb-struck but he's reaching out to place his fingers firmly against the hatchling's neck. "Alright, alright! I get it… yeah, hungry." Where's that food. Stepping away, he'll pause just long enough to flash a quick thumbs up to Aryn. No longer a threat to be made into a shield, he'll at least part with an encouraging signal. Hang in there!

Main Sands> Mohria is beginning to realize that she impressed blue. /Blue/. A /boy/ dragon. With her arm looped almost defiantly over little Riordanth's neck, she waits her turn for food. Once she has it, she feeds it to Rio one bite at a time, the little blue gobbling it up with eager bites.

Main Sands> Bite a Fellow? Egg shudders slowly, the last egg standing before it gives into the inevitable. Cracks appear and spread, quickening over the shell further and further until it seems there is no free inch left that has been spared.

Main Sands> With several shivers, the Bite a Fellow? Egg begins to shed its shell in a rain of red, yellow and black scales. In the place of the egg is now revealed a plump azure blue hatchling, blinking confusedly in the bright cavern lights. He spreads damp summer sky wings and shakes, spraying egg slime across the sands like some sticky rain. A large clump of the goo strikes Jayne, a younger weyrbred boy, in the face and causes him to squeal in outrage. The sound attracts the attention of blue, who stumbles over to see what all the fuss is about. In a newly hatched rush, the hatchling tumbles right into Jayne and sends both down to the sands in a tangle of azure and white robe. J'yne squeals again, calling, "Odalth, you're all sticky! Get up!"

Main Sands> After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC J'yne and Blue Odalth leading the new pair off the sands.

Main Sands> Aryn notes just as Sevornos mentions it, himself. giving herself a bit of a shake she looks back out onto the sands to keep track of the other hatchlings, just in time to see a bronze hatch. "They seem to be favoring dark colors, don't they?" She remarks, looking a glance as the already impressed before she's back to the others and trying to guesstimate that one green's actions— getting ready to dodge, if need be. Though, it seems to be going where it wishes. And then the other green is eyed, as well. "Wow. she's a small one…" And then, she sees the green again and moves quickly backwards, to note it going for Sevornos. "You would!" She accuses of the man, as she watches them become a pair. "Well, good on you…" She mumbles, and tries to move closer to what's left of the candidate group.

Main Sands> Look But Don't Touch Green Hatchling hisses angrily at this unkind arrival into the world. How dare this happen to her? One silly bronze out here, a nasty thing at that, bronze. She glares willfully at her brother as if daring him to get in her way. This accomplished, it's time to find something. Someone out there, in that mess. She stands and staggers towards the diminished line of candidates.

Main Sands> O'mohe watches as the last egg hatches and impresses. Now there's but two hatchlings yet, green and bronze. "Two healthy looking bronzes, and a lot of fine greens. Xaeth's done well for us."

Main Sands> I Met You in My Dreams Bronze Hatchling trumpets back at that silly sister of his, then with a stomp of his foot, he heads the opposite way, ignoring her in favor of the male candidates before there seems to something that catches his attention in a young man doing his best to hide from the ever present weyrling staff. With an unerring nose leading him heads directly toward the lad, before tripping, falling and catching him with a talon or two.

Main Sands> K'llian seems to be getting himself back under control now that Yh'val is off dealing with Raelii. Maybe this isn't so bad right? His normally roguish smile returns as S'eos and Nuaeth declare themselves. Just when it seems he might be able to escape, the bronze stumbles onto him and slices a small cut into his knee. "Ow..oh.." The young man leaves off with a sigh. "I'm sorry Jalath, I didn't mean to hide from you! Come, than, let's get you something to eat."

Main Sands> Raelii is going to try the patience of the poor Weyrlingmaster, isn't she? At least until all of this sinks into her head. She takes the bucket automatically, not bothered at all by the raw meat. They had canines in the wagon trains, so it's no big deal. "Thanks," she says absently to him and then looks down at Esath while she draws a chunk of meat one with the other hand. She considers the dragonet planted before her. "Ma always said if you feed them, they'll never go away." The meat hovers indecisively right above her nose while the trader-girl peers over the sands to see what Killian's up to. "Ow! Hey!" She's gotten her fingers nipped.

Main Sands> Turning as Voldranth starts to slow and show signs of tiring, Firmin, ahem, F'min, grins to Mohria. "We heard y'all th'way over here. Did y'impress that gr-" his eyes drop enough to notice the blue under her arms, and his eyes widen for a moment, then he chuckles. "Trust y't'do things different…" he winks at her. "What's his name?"

Main Sands> Look But Don't Touch Green Hatchling isn't about to let her choice off the sands. One of these must be hers and so she stumbles and bumbles her way into one group of boys. But none of them will do, so she chases them off with snapping jaws, rushing on to the next and the next again. Finally she arrives at the perfect girl. YOU! She reaches one taloned paw up to her chosen.

Main Sands> Aryn looks over at the quick hatching and impressing of another blue, the mention of stickiness from J'yne causing the lass to eye the blue, and then the bronze and green, scrunching her nose up a bit as she does so. "I hope they plan on going to the lake, with this lot." And then she hears the hissing of the green and she turns her eyes to the little menace. "Well then, all fight, aren't you?" She mumbles, keeping an eye on her even as she hears Killian's note of pain. She glanes over quickly to note the pair, to see if he's that bad off, and then it's at the green again, fearing her own injuries, if she's not careful.

Main Sands> Mohria glances up at F'min, ready to have to defend her impression - already some of the others are giving her incredulous looks - and then she just beams. "Riordanth," she gushes, feeding him another bite and rubbing his muzzle adoringly.

Main Sands> Yh'val's gaze follow Raelii and he might just groan. Is that a bronze at Killian's feet? It certainly makes things all the more interesting and he sighs, stepping away from Raelii as Esath manages to acquire the meat from her reluctant rider to intercept the newest bronze and his partner as they sensibly make their way to the food. "Well, well Congratulations K'llian is it? Don't think we won't still have words… what's his name now?"

Main Sands> Aryn suddenly finds a couple claws in her face, and is throws her off balance at first as she steps back— but eyes glaze over in the process and the lass reaches past the paw and caresses the muzzle and head behind it. "Why Isleyth, you just had to hold your own, right? I'd never think other wise of you…" With that, she pats the green's side and leads her over with the rest, mumbling to the hatchling in quiet reassurance as she goes.

Main Sands> K'llian leads the henna bronze over to where the others are gathered, all thought of evading the weyrlingmasters lost in his joyful shock. At Yh'val's tone, he gives the man a sheepish look. "Er, yeah. About that." The young man coughs, looking back to his bronze. "Jalath. He's Jalath." He heads over to the food, and as he passes Raelii, excitement returns. "Raelii! Look at us? Can you believe this?"

Main Sands> Sazey moves away slowly from Xaeth, seeming just a bit dazed as she does. Then she moves to stand as tall as she can, facing the line of candidates still waiting out there. "Today, you were not found by your life partner out here on our sands here at High Reaches. That does not mean that you will never find them, only that perhaps they have not been shelled." She pauses for a second, looking at a girl weeping. "As always, we ask that you stay on here at our weyr if you would, for we are always in need of helpers and it will not be that many months before there will be another clutch. Still, if you wish you may be returned home."

Main Sands> S'eos is still reeling from stunned disbelief as he settles Nuaeth and promptly begins to feed her and while she chews, he's inspecting her closer. Even going as far to prod her with a finger (lovingly, of course!). She's real. Real. "What?" he says out loud, not yet accustomed to speaking silently over the link. "I'm just still in disbelief! No, no… just — here, eat!" Food!

Main Sands> O'mohe is Sazey's shadow as she speaks eloquent but difficult words. Never enough eggs, enough dragons. He takes Sazey's hand, leading her off the hot grounds where she might find refreshment, or perhaps back to bed to catch up on interrupted sleep. Dragons!

Main Sands> Raelii only pauses for a moment as she gets an impatient bump from Esath when she isn't forth-coming with another peice of meat right away. You see, she's busy gaping at Killian, no K'llian now, as he leads a bronze hatchling over where the rest of them are. "No… I can't really." Believe it, that is. It's all a mistake, she's sure of it. And there are weeping girls over there who didn't impress. She waves at Sazey with a bloody hand. Maybe she'll send one or two of those weeping girls over here because she's still sure that Esath meant to go for one of them. "K'llian," she hisses, "Do you know their names?" Has she really paid attention to those two little words, 'for life'? Not really. Another nip. "Esa! Okay, okay, here," she laughs as she reaches into the bucket and pops another piece of meat into her hungry maw.

Main Sands> Mohria finishes Riordanth's feeding, the little blue not needing much to fill his little belly, and she just stands, rubbing his muzzle gently and waiting for whatever happens next.

Main Sands> K'llian shakes his head at Raelii even as he's offering Jalath his first bites. "Little bug, she's not going to leave you. She couldn't if she tried." He's face looks sad for a moment and Jalath actually stops eating to creel in distress. "I've heard stories of what happens if they don't find a mate, Raelii. She needs you."

Main Sands> Sazey starts to follow the gold as she lumbers off the sands, hungry now and so eager to leave after having been kept here watching the eggs, turning them, baking them carefully. She nods slowly to something that O'mohe says before saying quietly. "I'll be at my ledge."

Main Sands> Sazey heads up the tunnel to the senior queen's ledge.

Main Sands> Aryn is fairly oblivious to the others as she heads over, more interested in gazing at her green and leading Isleyth over. Until she nearly bumps into one of the other pairs, of course, and then she is knocked out of whatever trance she found herself in. "Sorry." She mumbles as she scoots past, Isleyth giving a huff at the other hatchling as she walks by with grace. Or as much grace as a hatchling can muster while covered in grit and ick. "Right here, Isleyth. Over to the food now, mm?" She picks a lump out for her limemate to inhale, only to stop and blink at S'eos randomly poking his own mate. "What… are you doing?" And Isleyth snorts, causing another piece of meat to appear in hand.

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