The Chance of Late Night Meetings

Inner Caverns
The larger first chamber is at the height of roughly that of three grown adults, with the ceiling and walls rather smooth cut stone. The walls are dotted at regular intervals with metal sconces that are filled and refreshed with glows, the light providing a constant soft ambience no matter the time of day for not all that much light filters in from the outside. Two wooden doors along the southeastern part of the wall are labeled "In" and "Out" are used frequently by the kitchen workers to keep this cavern well stocked. The first chamber appears to act much like a dining hall, rows of tables spread out and worn benches offering a perch to the residents and riders as they cycle through the daily mealtimes. Several hearths have been constructed along the north and west walls, providing both practical warmth and a place for the night hearth to be kept with its simmering stew and hours old klah. A raised dais is set along the north wall, where the Weyr's leaders eat and important announcements are made. Further in are two more medium sized chambers with naturally arced ceilings that act in a multi-purpose capacity, and beyond them tunnels lead even deeper into the depths of the stone to the Weyr supply stores.
It's very late in the night. The hearth is checked about once an hour to ensure there's always hot klah and a bit of soup ready, but not much else goes on.

Full night is on as K'llian's wing returns from pre-thread exploration sweeps. He strides into the caverns in full flight gear. He's in the midst of peeling off his gloves, one already stuff into his belt. Once the second is off and joins the first, he runs a tired hand through his hair and begins to unbutton his jacket. "Klah, please?" He calls to the nearest drudge in a soft but carrying voice. "It might only be autumn but it's already cold at night."

Anzi stands near the night hearth, hands held palm out towards the flames. She starts slightly when a voice rings out and a drudge comes for the klah pot only to fill it and hurry off to serve the rider. The messenger turns slowly, eyeing those in the cavern quickly "Soon enough it'll be colder still." she offers back with a slight smile, "This chill I can handle, it's the snow and ice that make things tricky."

K'llian takes the offered klah, with a nod of thanks to the drudge. Both hands wrapped around the mug to soak in the warmth, he heads towards the hearth as well. "True. Still insanely cold up there." He indicates up in the air with a tilt of his chin. Then with a sigh, his eyes close and he just seems to be enjoying the flames. "At least if the icy cold comes before the thread does, we might get something of a break.

Mariel comes in through the door labeled 'Out' from the kitchen.

Anzi steps away from the warmth, but only after having filled a mug of her own. "I hadn't taken that into consideration…" she pauses, fore head crinkling with thought, "I tend to forget how the snow and ice can help, when I'm trying to stay on my feet as I run messages to and fro through the weyr." She lifts her mug, sipping a few times from it, "I'm Anzi, weyr messenger."

K'llian turns from the flames to look at Anzi. "Ah. Yeah, I guess I'd forgotten as well. K'llian, bronze Jalath's." He takes one hand from his mug and taps himself on the chest, giving a curious half bow/head tint gesture. "And what message keeps you from your bed so late, if I might know? Even a lovely lady such as yourself needs her sleep."

It appears that Mariel isn't the only one out of her bed at this hour, much to the young woman's apparent surprise. She slips in from the kitchens, where she was enjoying the heat and familiarity. With quiet steps, she makes her way over to the klah pot and pours herself a mug, raising the warm liquid to her lips as she surveys the caverns. Anzi and K'llian are noted, but for the moment she stays at a safe distance.

Anzi laughs softly, shaking her head as she again sips from her mug "Well Met K'llian." the movement of another catches her attention and Anzi offers a smile Mariels way "I have lately duty for any messages that come in that have to be delivered right away." Her free hand gives a wave, "Sleep? I sleep, not always at night and not always in a comfy spot but I get sleep."

With Anzi's attention shifting, even for a moment, K'llian's attention is drawn to the new arrival. He glances over, sending the stranger a wink, before turning back to Anzi. She gets a downright devilish smile. "Well than, I'll have someone to chat with while my wing is on late sweeps." He motions towards the nearest table. "Join me?" he asks, moving to take a seat without even waiting for a response.

Mariel drinks slowly from her mug, taking the slightest sips she can manage. Anzi's smile is met with one of her own, offered over the rim of her mug. She moves closer tenatively, seeking the heat of the fire. "Hello," she greets both with a nod as she pases to stand closer to the flames.

Offering a lift of her mug in a sort of wave, Anzi welcomes the other "Greetings." Turning back towards K'llian, she nods before moving to join him, giving the rider a once over "No need ask, I'm glad to have someone to talk to." She settles into a seat near the rider with a sigh, "I'm happ to keep ya company…anytime."

K'llian's mouth partly opens as if he were going to say something. His eyes widen for just a millisecond and the odd expression passes. "I'll be sorry for you if that's still true when the snow is piled high." He leans back in his seat with a slump, plopping his feet up on another chair. "Hey there." He says, raising his mug at Mariel. "Who might you be and why are you suffering with us poor sleepless fools?" The last is said with a very exaggerated puppy dog face. Clearly someone thinks he's funny.

Mariel echoes Anzi's motion after a moment of hesitation, awkwardly raising her own mug in response. Her gaze shifts sharply from the flames to K'llian as he poses his question. Was he speaking to her? A glance goes left and then right, and upon determining that, if they are the 'us' she must be the 'you', she self-consciously tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "Mariel, sir. I don't sleep well when it's cold out." His puppy dog face is met with bewilderment, which fades into a slight smile. She takes a step toward them, hesitates, and then steps back again.

Anzi says, "Please join us." Anzi offers, her words warm and inviting. "I don't either but when duty calls it calls." Another glance at K'llian and "Comfortable enough?" is asked with a wink "I could see about a pillow or a blanket for ya if ya need." she's joking or trying to it seems, "If you can deny that handsome face of his with that expression, you're far stronger then I." goes out to Mariel, "So please please join us before he really starts pleading and begging for more attention and conversation."
K'llian chuckles delightedly as Anzi calls him at his games. "Do sit, Mariel." He pulls his feet off the chair so one near is clear for her. "If you were to fetch me a pillow, Anzi, I'd be very poor company indeed." He stifles a small yawn just at the thought of a soft, comfy pillow. To both women, he continues. "I'm afraid we riders have been too busy of late to pay proper attention around here. Have you been here long?"

Mariel may very well be capable of denying that handsome face on the basis of looks, but she can't stand the idea of being rude. And so she pads softly toward them, slipping into the seat which K'llian left vacant for her. "Thank you," she says, her gaze going first to Anzi and then to the rider. "I didn't expect anyone else to be awake." Which may be part of the reason that she's so hesitant to engage. Still, she's at least trying, as she quickly answers, "I've been here several turns, sir." It's just that most people don't notice her.

Anzi sips at her klah, laughing softly when she can at K'llian, leaving the other girl to talk before she speaks up again "I was searched to the weyr about 4 turns ago now it seems and never went back home." her eyes drop into her mug, "There's more message running to be done here then at the hold any day." she adds.

And now it's time for the rider to feel embarrassed. "Oh. Um, we were likely candidates together Anzi." K'llian says with a red face. Time to bury this conversation in a mug of klah, so he plays at drinking from his cup in hopes that someone else will bail him out. The heat has finally warmed away the chill of flight so he sets the drink down and slips out of his flight jacket, tossing it over the back of his chair.

And here's Mariel to bail him out, albeit a tad awkwardly. "Aren't there quit a few candidates? I don't think I could remember them all, especially if they didn't impress. Not that it's… bad that you didn't, of course." Her cheeks flush pink, and she follows K'llian's lead and hastily taking another sip from her mug. Don't mind her. After swallowing, she adds, "Sorry."

Anzi settles into her chair, smiling happily, well content with those around her when the faint sound of a drum can be heard a sigh then a scowl from her. "As much as I would love to stay and talk longer I have to go." she offers as she stands up, "We did at that K'llian, I was a scrawny 15 turn old that no one paid much attention to at all." She grabs her jacket off a table nearby "Thank you both for the chat and klah but messages await." a wave and a parting smile and she's off towards the bowl.

K'llian waves after the departing message runner. "Well, it seems I need to start being much more attentive." He comments to Mariel with yet another roguish grin. But that's quickly replaced with a true smile so as to not frighten her away again. "So if you've been here for several turns, what brought you to the weyr? I'm weyrborn myself, so outsiders are still strange and exciting!" The last is said with much wiggling of eyebrows to emphasize the excitement.

Mariel is making a concentrated effort to relax, unconsciously pursing her lips together so tightly that they've practically turned white. After a few seconds of this she catches herself and ducks her head. When she lifts it again, the tension is gone from her features and Anzi is heading for the exit. She just has time to wave a farewell. Which leaves her alone with K'llian. Her mug is quickly raised for another sip, as it handily provides a makeshift barrier between them. "I just… thought it would be better," she answers measuredly, her lips curling in a slight smirk at his expression. "Did you ever think about leaving the weyr?"

That must have struck a chord because the rider tenses as well. K'llian's eyes unfocus in a distracted fashion. Then his head gives a little nod as if answering someone and he relaxes. "Always." He mutters before focusing back on his companion. "Well, in a manner of speaking. At one point it seemed I was never going to impress, and Yh'val warned me it was time to start thinking about heading to the crafthall." With this, he pauses and visibly backtracks. "I was a tanner apprentice, for the weyr, and it was time to go for more advanced training." He smiles half-heartedly. "Honestly though, that wasn't want I wanted and lucky for me Jalath wanted me."

Mariel's head cants curiously as K'llian seems to focus on… somewhere else but her. It isn't the first time she's seen it, but the strangeness of it still confounds her each time. Her mug lowers to the table as he speaks, and she even goes as far as to lean forward just in the slightest. "So if you hadn't impressed, you'd be a tanner still?" There's a slight wrinkle to her nose, giving away her opinion of a life spent tanning. "I didn't want to be a cook, so I came here." She glances down at her mug, then adds, "It's strange to think that some people grow up expecting to impress."

K'llian plants his elbows on the chair arms and he folds his hands together in front of his face. "Well, I won't say expecting but perhaps…" He pauses searching for the best term. "Hopeful anticipation?" he tries out the words, frowning as if they still aren't right. Then one hand waves the thought away. "Either way, if you're unhappy as a cook, you can always request a chance to stand from Yh'val." He grins playfully. "We can always use more female greenriders, especially with fall starting any day now.

Kerali comes in from the bowl.

Mariel nods thoughtfully, her focus shifting to an indiscernable spot on the wall as she thinks about that 'hopeful anticipation'. "It's still very different, whatever it is," she responds, her gaze gradually focusing back on him. "I didn't grow up thinking I'd even be at the weyr, let alone think there was a chance I'd ever stand for a clutch." The very suggestion of which has her blanching slightly. "Oh no, I'm perfectly happy now. I've become a gardener, not a cook, and I love it." A rather forlorn glance goes toward the outdoors. "Except in the winter. Besides, I don't think I'd make much of a greenrider, anyway."

K'llian's eyes start to slide a little with the increasingly late-night hour. He stands, with a long, slow stretch and picks up his cup. "I don't know about that, Mariel. If you can keep a garden in order, you can keep a green in order." He shrugs, adding, "I'm sure Jalath would be willing to take you up sometime if you'd like to see what flight is like." And now he glances at her cup. "I'm getting a refill, need one?" he asks politely.

Kerali has just finished up a long shift in the infirmary, and then a quick bath. The teen is looking tired, but not feeling like bed is in order. So off to the caverns she heads for a nice mug of klah. Kerali slips into the caverns and heads straight to grab a mug, filling it with klah. She then slides into a seat a bit down table from where Mariel and K'llian are, giving a polite wave to both, but not interrupting their conversation.

Mariel's brows draw together, and she looks at K'llian with uncertainty. "You think so?" is asked, before she shakes her head quickly. He may have the advantage of knowing what is required of a good dragonrider, but she's quite certain of her own weaknesses. Still, the offer of taking to the skies has her fingers clamping tightly around her mug, trying to hold in her excitement at the thought. "I might take you up on that. I ought to try that much, at least." His question forces her to loosen her grip on the mug, wiggling tense fingers as she nods. "Please." The sound of footsteps distracts her, and she turns her head to glance at Kerali with a slight smile. Another late-night wanderer, it seems.

With an amused shake of his head, K'llian reaches over and takes the mug from Mariel. With both in hand, he heads over to the hearth for refills. "Yes, you should try that at least." he comments, over his shoulder while pouring. After both are full, he turns to head back, giving Kerali a wink in passing. "Bit lonely down there by yourself, hm?" he quips. Then it's back to Mariel and with a bow he hands her her mug. "You're drink, m'Lady." Job done, the bronzer slumps back into his chair bonelessly. His eyes blink and he seems to be falling asleep in moments.

Kerali is for certain a late-night wanderer. Since she's come to the weyr she's found that she's become something of a night owl. Not something she'd ever consider doing at the weyr, really. Kerali smiles back to Mariel. "Hello." There's a bit of a blink from her as she watches K'llian sit down, and then promptly pass out in his chair. She turns back to Mariel. "Er… is he alright?" Maybe he's had too much to drink?

Mariel takes her refilled mug with a gratefully murmured 'thanks,' and proceeds to sip at it in that birdlike fashion of hers. When she looks up from her drink, it appears that K'llian is… asleep? She cants her head, studying him for a moment before glancing up at Kerali. Don't look at her! This isn't her fault. "Sir?" she starts, but the word is barely audible. "I think… I think he's just asleep," she offers to Kerali in a hushed tone. "It is late."

Kerali isn't feeling bold enough to start flicking things at the sleeping rider. Kerali moves over to sit closer to Mariel, so they can talk quietly without bothering the sleeping K'llian. Kerali isn't blaming Mariel. She's just wondering if the rider was down at the local watering hole before he showed up here. "Hm… Well.. I guess he'll wake up and go home eventually." She extends a hand to Mariel. "I'm Kerali."

"I think he was working," Mariel says by way of explanation. She may have missed the part where he actually said it aloud, but she put two and two together. "Whatever it is that he has to do for work." Her shoulders lift in a slight shrug, indicating that she only has the most basic grasp of what it is that riders do while on duty. She glances down at her mug again, trying not to tense up again when Kerali moves closer. "Mariel," she offers after a moment, following suit and offering her own hand to shake the other girl's. "Can't sleep?"

Kerali nods at the information about K'llian. The way Mariel puts things makes Kerali assume they don't know each other too well, so she avoids asking any more questions about the rider. "I guess I'll wake him up in a little bit. Just in case." Kerali gives Mariel's hand a gentle shake before releasing it. "Well met, Mariel. I have tried sleeping yet. I just got done with my shift in the infirmary.. just want to unwind a bit before I try to sleep. How about you?"

Pavel comes in through the door labeled 'Out' from the kitchen.

Mariel glances back at K'llian again with a short nod. "He may wake himself up. I don't imagine that's too comfortable." But it isn't really her business whether or not he wakes up with a crick in the neck from falling asleep in a chair. Shortly after their handshake, her hand finds its way back to the mug of klah that she's slowly nursing. "They keep you late," she observes with a slight frown. Of course, it's not as though illness and injury keep regularly scheduled hours, either. "I don't sleep well in this weather."

It's late at High Reaches and Mariel and Kerali are sitting across from a passed out K'llian, talking quietly. Kerali nods about K'llian. She felt a little bad, but he should have gotten himself home! Or something, maybe. "Sometimes." She says about the infirmary keeping her. "I stayed on a little extra." Kerali adds quietly. "I'm shadowing a journeyman a little. Trying to figure out if I want to apprentice." She tilts her head curiously. "What is it about the weather?"

"You work in the infirmary but you're not an apprentice?" It seems to strike her as an odd idea, but her shoulders lift in a small shrug in spite of that. "Why wouldn't you want to become an apprentice? Do you like it?" She lifts the mug to her lips and takes a longer sip, before setting it down on the table in front of her. "It's so cold," she says slowly, measuring out her words, "There's nothing growing. It's unsettling."

Kerali shakes her head. "No. I help out. Run errands. Fetch things. Clean things. Update the ledgers. That sort of thing. So the healers can tend to patients without having to do any of that." She doesn't get to stick her fingers in wounds, or help sew on limbs or anything. At least not until she apprentices. If she does. She nods. "I like it. But there's a lot to know, and it's stressful and sometimes… gross." There's another nod for the weather. "Mm. Are you not from High Reaches, either?"

Gross seems about right, judging by the way Mariel's nose wrinkles slightly at the mention of it. "I think it's admirable that you can be around all of that. I don't know that I could. But if you can stand to be there, I think we always need more healers." Because people are accident-prone! She yawns once, and then quickly lifts a hand to cover it up. "I'm from Tillek. But I've never liked the winter." Another yawn. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I have to sleep when I can." And the continued yawning is a good sign that she can get at least a few hours. "It was a pleasure talking to you, Kerali." And before she goes, she glances back toward K'llian and says in a slightly raised tone, "Don't sleep there all night, sir." And then she's off.

Another figure slowly makes his way across the room, moving over to where the klah and soup reside. He takes up a mug, moving over to the hearth where he fills it with soup, lingering in the warmth for a moment. The young man glances around the room, blowing the steam off of the top before taking a slow and careful sip, contemplating where to settle down now that his.. What's this? Pavel slowly makes his way over to where the sleeping rider sits and he simply crosses his arms, peering down. Another sip of soup is acquired before the kitchen and shrugs and takes a seat nearby. "So this is the entertainment for the night?" he says quietly with a crooked smile, motioning to the sleeping man with a mug.

Kerali nods to Mariel and gives her a wave. "Same. See you later, Mariel." Kerali returns her attention to her own mug of klah. Ignoring the sleeping rider for now while she sits in quiet thought. When Pavel makes his way over, she looks up at him, then over at K'llian. "Well… I guess? It's a boring show, if you're just going to sit there and watch him sleep…" Kerali hugs one knee to her chest and gives Pavel a small smile.

*Snort* *Cough* Strange strangling noises come from the once sleeping rider. Seems Mariel's parting shot worked because K'llian finally opens his blurry eyes and stares with confusion at a stranger staring at him. "Murph?" he asks incoherently. The rider gives another cough and straightens. His eyes take in more unfamiliar faces and only now notice the lack of the ones he did know. "Is it morning? Am I late?" Clearly he's not a morning person, especially with only a very short nap.

Pavel raises a brow and grins, taking another small sip from his own mug. He pauses, peering down at the rider, his foot tapping on the ground. "I doubt you'd be allowed to sleep that long here without pots being dropped around you, Sir. It's still evening and late." Pavel crosses his feet at his ankles, slowly stretching his own tired legs out now that he doesn't have to stand for hours anymore. His shift, at the least, is thankfully over.

Kerali gives K'llian a sympathetic smile. "Not yet. You've only been asleep about fifteen minutes, sir. Maybe you should head on home? Unless you want to sleep down here…" Kerali giggles a bit at Pavel, covering her mouth with her hand. She coughs a bit. "That would be awfully rude…" Kerali empties her mug and spins the handle around on the table idly.

K'llian awakens enough to raise a brow at the other young man. "I doubt they would dare." He comments before turning towards Kerali. "K'llian." he replies sort of vaguely towards both. "I'm K'llian. And no kitchen help would dare wake a wingleader just off night sweeps." He seems rather stiff and arrogant with that comment, but as the rider picks up his likely now cold mug of klah and sips, one might just catch a hint of a smile hidden by the mug. Then the sip and grimace. "Blah. Cold."

"No, none would do such a thing willingly. Fortunately things are moving smoothly, I wouldn't want to be awaken either, Sir. K'llian. The klah was just refreshed ten minutes ago if you're wanting a fresh mug." Pavel just finished his own duty, he made sure there was klah. There had to be, too much blood in one's caffeine stream is entirely unheard of and insane. The young man takes another sip, peering over to Kerali as he licks a stray soup drop from the corner of his mouth. None shall escape! He offers a sweet and innocent smile, though hard to maintain.

K'llian is stiff, hm? Kerali at least didn't seem hell bent on waking the wingleader. "I was going to get up for another mug. I can fetch you a new mug if you'd like, K'llian, sir." It might be hard to break Kerali of the polite respectful habit. Pavel though is given a suspicious look. "I'm Kerali, nice to meet you, Wingleader." She adds quietly. She's not going to get in the middle of Pavel and K'llian's conversation about pots.
K'llian chuffs out a husky, just woken type laugh. "Alright." He says to no one in particular. His eyes grow distant and his face quirks into a semi-mocking smile, but again, it would be impossible to say who it's directed at. Handing his mug to Kerali, he refocuses. "If you don't mind, sweetheart, that would be very nice." He shoots her a very sterotypical devilish smile, but curiously, it's the boy's reaction he seems to be waiting for.

Pavel watches Kerali for a moment but he doesn't say a thing, he merely tilts his mug from side to side, watching out for delectable little bits in his mug of soup. "I think the cooks outdid themselves with this soup," he begins, nonchalantly. "There's more meat and tubers, more substance to it. I hate it when it's shallow and bland. The same old day in and day out thing where you come in expecting so much more but… Major let down. Never disappoint a man with food. /Never/." The kitchen hand takes another mouthful from his mug and then proceeds to wipe his mouth with the back of his rough hands.

Kerali takes the cold mug from K'llian and gets up with her own empty mug. "Sure, Wingleader…" She says quietly, getting up to scurry over for more klah for both of them. Nice warm klah, instead of stale old klah. Then she heads back to reclaim her seat. She hands K'llian his mug. "So… why are you sleeping down here, and not up in your weyr?" Kerali asks curiously. She blinks at Pavel when he goes on about the soup. "Um… I guess I'll let the kitchen staff know if I see any of them? I think it's usually pretty good, but I don't need a lot of meat in my soup."

What a strange man this rider is. K'llian actually lets out a loud, strong laugh at what seems to be nothing at all. "Ah, what a gem." he mutters, shaking his head. "Well now, miss, honestly it was a mistake. My wing was out flying sweeps, checking for thread sign, you see. And it was very late when we returned. I stopped in here to warm up and have a drink and.." he leaves off with a shrug. "Here I still am. What about yourself? Why would you be wasting precious sleep time in here now?"

Yes, my dear, why would you be wasting precious sleep when clearly it hasn't done a single thing to make one's presence a little more amiable? "It was an honor sharing it with you, Wingleader." Pavel is wasting precious sleep because he, too, works the graveyard and he has to make sure things are clean, food is prepped for the cooks and meals are rotated properly. He is also a jerk as far as the lower workers have anything to say about it. Which they don't: never anger the one who handles your food.
Safiya comes in through the door labeled 'Out' from the kitchen.

It's late at High Reaches. The three are seated at a table, chatting. Kerali nods to K'llian. "Ah…" She says about his ending up sleeping in the caverns. It still doesn't explain why he hasn't gotten up to go to his own bed, but he seems awake enough now? For what it's worth, Kerali finds both men strange. "Me? Well… my shift in the infirmary ended not too long ago. I don't like to go to sleep without unwinding a little first." Otherwise she dreams about injured patients all night. "So… um… did you see any then? Signs of thread?" Kerali is somewhat afraid to know the answer. Pavel gets a raised eyebrow.

K'llian's brows raise again at the young boy but this time some of the teasing and humor has gone out of his eyes. "Hmm." he says repressively but rather than continue, instead the rider turns back to Kerali with a more natural smile. "No, not yet. I have hopes it will hold out till the cold snap and we will eck out a few more months before hand. But the records seem to indicate it could be any time or even not till next turn." And now he seems truly frustrated, running one hand through his hair before tapping a finger against the refreshed mug. "We could wish for a more exact date."

Pavel raises from his seat and vanishes again for a moment, moving back into the kitchens. He returns moments later, sans soup mug and moves to the tables to pour himself some klah. When he moves back to his chair, a platter is placed upon the table containing steaming slices of bread and a little bowl of butter. Perks of working in a kitchen, especially if they're going to take a main tray out to the tables anyway. "It will happen when you're content that it won't. Always seems to be the way of things."

Safiya scrubs at her eyes, looking rather as though she's just woken up, as she pads in to the caverns. Significantly more rumpled than she usually looks, the weaver makes her way towards the hearth, preparing herself tea in a distracted, vacant kind of way. It's as she turns again that she manages to pay any attention to those others in the caverns, and as her gaze meanders towards the trio, her eyes light. "Kerali!" she enthuses, as she approaches, bright and bubbly, and clearly heedless of the serious train of conversation. "And… um, other people! Hi!"

Kerali isn't sure how to feel about K'llian's information about the impending threadfall. "So… soon, but not right this second.." She repeats, basically giving a synopsis of what the wingleader has just told her. Being an infirmary worker, the start of thread was a big deal. Kerali ninjas a piece of the bread and butters it. She blinks as her name is called out, smiling to Safi. "Hello, Safi. What are you doing up this early? Or late? Um… this is Wingleader K'llian. And…" Well, Pavel never introduced himself, did he?

With a nod, K'llian confirms Kerali's reiteration of his answer. He takes a sip of his new klah but puts it aside. "Need to sleep at some point." The bread smells great and he has no problem snapping up a piece of that as well. The rider turns to look over his shoulder at the new voice, smiling a welcome as he does. As Kerali has introduce him, he just nods a greeting to yet another stranger. "Seems to be my night for new folks."

"Oh dear, forgive my rudeness. My name is Pavel and it is a pleasure meeting you, miss and miss." The kitchen hand rises to his feet, a little bow in greeting before offering his own pre-warmed chair to the new comer Safiya. That's what men are supposed to do in situations such as these, right? At least that's what the aunties and wooden spoon wielding drudges say. "If it wasn't for the Wingleader, we likely wouldn't have the blessing of each other's company on this fine, thread-free evening." The kitchen hand hides a little crooked smile behind his mug before gathering his composure and taking another audible sip of his hot klah.

"I had a bad dream," explains Safiya, scrunching her nose in distaste. Only, if that's the case, it hasn't much changed her ability to smile and smile and smile - smiles that are bestowed upon each member of the trio in turn. "It's nice to meet you," she tells K'llian and Pavel. "I'm Safiya. Safi." Pavel's seat offering is surprising, but not, clearly, in a bad way: she positively beams at him, sitting down in it, tea held in front of her.

Kerali is pretty distracted by the news of eminent thread. She pokes at her mug and picks at the piece of bread. She lifts her eyes to Pavel as he introduces himself. "Well met, Pavel. Thanks, for the bread." She nods about the Wingleader protecting them, then frowns to Safi. "I'm sorry. What was it about?" Kerali looks between Pavel and Safi. Hm.

K'llian shoots Pavel a rather narrow glance for the last. "I'd be careful pushing O'mohe that way." he comments as he pulls himself to his feet. His flight jacket is scooped off the back of the chair and a general bow is given to the ladies. "Ladies, Pavel, if you will excuse me, my bed calls. I've late sweeps again tomorrow and should get some sleep in before training starts." With one last nod of his head, the rider strides out of the caverns into the night.

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