Gold Feyruth's and Bronze Denskith's 1st Clutch

Smooth stone curves around the warm hatching sands. To one side several tiers have been carved into the natural curvature of the cavern's walls providing a perch for the Weyr's residents to watch the activity on the sands below. A wooden railing has been built along the base of the galleries, delineating the separation between them and the sands that must not be crossed. The stone tiers are worn in places where the best viewing spots are to be found. The occasional blanket or pillow seat cushion can be found, abandoned after the excitement of hatching or heat numbing observation of hardening eggs.

Feyruth waddles out onto the sands, looking around before she ignores her rider with a slight shake of her head. The gold dragon is taking her time right now, looking for just the right spot to begin, because it is quite definately time to put these eggs out here.

Kerali comes up into the galleries.

Yh'val comes up into the galleries.

Janja is running after Feyruth, late again as the gold beats her to the sands and she's babbling something that is too quiet to be heard over the noise of the gold on the sands after her partner before she is abruptly quiet and she just stands here, like she's been told to shut up and let the important people do the work.

Feyruth takes her own sweet time picking out a spot, before she finds what she's looking for in a particular bit of sand that looks much the same as every other bit of sand here but seems to be perfect for this coming egg.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Clapping Hands and Giggles Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Blurs of champagne colors toast this egg as hues in pink and peach blend together to create a mix of healthy skin bright shades. Brilliant in motion, with vague images of hazy giggling faces that support the fanciful notion of meeting hands, one smaller and one larger before they collapse back into laughter. Darker hues that splash the ends before the smudges meet once more, a rolling picture that seems to play out in slow motion just at the edge of your vision, only to stop if you pay strict attention to the details parsed along the surface.


Janja makes a perhaps unwary move toward the first egg, delighted to see it and Feyruth merely turns her head as she's also inspecting the newly deposited egg on the sands. Janja stops in her tracks and makes a sign of apologies toward her dragon, before making a go ahead motion.

If dragons could give off looks of disdain, Feyruth would be, right now toward that, but instead she heaves a great sigh and gets down to business with the coming of another egg to grace the sands here, glancing first to the egg laid and then toward a spot close to it lay its sibling.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A World of Words Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It rests tilted on the ground, narrowest point upwards and leaning just slightly against a mound of sand. The highest point is a dull, dirty white littered with black squiggled rune shapes. The pattern marches, line upon line, down one third of the length of the egg before gradually fading into a pastel watercolor of vague images: pale green seaweed seen through sapphire seas, a silver castle perched on wooly white clouds, or maybe a flickering bird of fire in reds, yellows, and blues. With each blink of the eyes the images fade, merge, and mix to become something new.

Feyruth takes a moment to rest then, keeping her large body between her eggs and Janja. Curling protectively around the two on the sands, even as a great shudder moves along her body and she resists getting up to deal with it for a long moment. Finally she can wait no longer and she moves, digging a spot for this egg as well and gracefully letting it drop to the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Sharing the Wonder Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ribbons of forest green mingle with pine and spring green. Strokes of oak, mahogany, and hickory support the green ribbons, keeping them from falling to the mossy green carpet nestled in the hatching sands. Soft white feathers stir within an oaken nest. Golden beams break through, painting shadow and light where delicate blue and red dots can flower. There a blur of fawn as if a flash of fur slipped between the branching green. Orange wings float in one bright beam of light, drawing the eye to yet another wonder.

Janja is bouncing up and down, trying to catch glimpses of the eggs that Feyruth is trying to hide from her, although she seems to leave well enough alone with the trying to get closer and sneak better peeks at them right now.

Feyruth starts to move once more, her flanks heaving to herald the arrival of another egg and she barely has the time to dig a hollow for this egg before is out on the sands and she is moving again to cover it up and away from prying eyes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Awash With Fun Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
An ocean of blues washes over the shell in endless watery waves. A school of brightly colored tropical fish swim through a turquoise pool at the fat end. An icy blue waterfall plunges down one long end axis sending up a spray of droplets to rain down on clear the clear azure center. More azure streams fountain up and outwards, striking all around it. One great splash sails out towards the sea blue end with frothy white caps where shadows float in salty splendor. It leads one to almost expect an accompanying chorus of gleeful shouts and high pitched giggles.

As if the effort is killing her, Feyruth gets up again and slowly makes her way to prepare another hollow for a coming egg, taking particular care for this one, as she waits out the pain of its arrival. Finally, it arrives and she can quickly conceal it away from those prying rider eyes on the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Always Entertaining Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This paler egg is covered in splotches of brighter colors, in reflective squares. A square with delineated rectangles along the outside edges, marred with bright colors that change in threes is partially covered by a different square with checkered pattern of black and white. Tinier rectangles of intricately patterned designs are scattered over the apex of the egg, some showing the blue design, others flipped to show plainer designs of numbers and symbols. While along the curve of the egg's tip plain colored white little cubes with dots are shown, the dots varying along each side.

Janja makes a step or two toward the now five eggs on the sands, just curious mind you what Feyruth is hiding and the queen very quickly sets her straight on the fact that she's busy and that Janja's help is quite unnecessary at the moment. So the goldrider will have to wait for the moment.

Feyruth is taking a quick rest break before she circles the small clutch, moving around it before going back partway to begin another hollow near the first egg to place this coming one next to the others. She takes a moment and then suddenly as she moves there is a sixth egg on the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Playing Dress Up Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Brilliantly gold, this very large egg is almost too bright to look up and very shiny, the surface looking glassy smooth. Flecked here and there in spots with decorations of dainty white netting, that swoop in circular motions while the satiny folds of gold coloring shimmer over the surface to fall in graceful drops to hide below where the egg lays half buried in the sands. The apex end is adorned with more white, folds upon folds of netting that rest upon each layer, ruffles that crease back and forth in billowing abandon until they seem to fluff across the surface, clouds of lace across the sunshine gold.

Feyruth sniffs this new egg over carefully, before covering it up with sand as well to keep it from prying eyes and annoying riders who won't let dragons do their jobs in peace and quiet. As quick as she is done however, there is another egg to worry about and another one is making its presence known upon the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Piece of My Heart Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A pale peach oblong, the egg sits apart and yet somehow not alone. Though all one color, the faint texture of the shell itself paints shadowed shapes along the exterior, phantasms of the heart and mind. On one end two faces rest against each other, painted by a faint impression of cheek and mouth, eye and nose. At the other end, folded limbs support another, where tiny toes wiggle freely in space. A pair of hands, fingers interwoven, one small, on large sits center stage supporting the lone spot of color against the peach, a pink heart glowing right above the hands.

Janja couldn't resist bouncing a bit more as she caught a flash of gold on the one egg, dimples flashing as she now has something else to lord over the other weyrwoman here and her happy smile turns up a bit more.

Feyruth ignores Janja's exuberance as she settles down to the business of just finishing up what she came out here to do, which is get these poor eggs out of her. With that, there is another spot dug and another egg laid right into the perfect little hollow created just for it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Up in the Air Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seeming in motion, there is a whirl of dizzying lines that circumflex across this egg, crisscrossing it from stem to stern and back again. Traces of browns grace paler hues while something just barely darker than the most of the shell seems to dance across the perpetual lines. Pastel green covers the bottom of the egg, spiked in a random like array from level to jagged in a way that suggests motion even as the egg doesn’t move from its resting spot on the sands. Strangely then, the background surface is a cacophony of pale blues and icy whites that fade into each other and contribute to the seeming swirl of endless motion.

It takes her a bit longer now, Feyruth losing a bit of energy with the pace at which she's been laying her eggs to cover this last one up, but she manages because another one will be making its appearance soon and she has to be ready for it. Because it wouldn't do to not be prepared, so she's back to digging again, getting reading just in time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Waxy Work of Art Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This small rounded egg is a hodgepodge of waxy bright colors. As if some mad child had melted a rainbow onto the shell, it holds just random puddles of color, each bleeding into the other. Here is a pool of ruby red, dripping into a grass green field. Sky blue coats the bottom, peeking out from the edge of the sands. Some of the color blobs even seem to have recognizable shape. Is that a purple heart upside down on a slash of forest? That bit of brown might even be a runner galloping over a sapphire bridge. And a great slash of teal slices right down the center.

With another heaving sigh Feyruth takes to her feet again, preparing one last little hollow, to make a home for the egg she feels coming. She's noticeably slower now, taking her time with this one before it too is out on the sands and the queen can curl around her clutch and protect them from the exuberance of the riders.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Scribbled Markings Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Doodled across the surface of this egg are markings in black and blue that seem to cover every inch, from the apex to the cap and all the spaces in between. Crisscrossing back and forth and overlaid upon each other, they make no logical sense. Delicately spaced and interspersed amongst the dark blue and black however are red marks, made with purpose and angled slashing motions. Sometimes few and other times covering much of an area they also seem to have no rhyme or reason, just a different sort of decoration upon this egg.

Janja waits for quite a bit, well. A few whole minutes before cautiously approaching the curled up queen. "Fey, are you sure that's it? I mean, I know you said so, but it's only ten and that's kinda small and all, and I know you did have a gold but, I was just hoping for a few more?"

Feyruth opens one lazy eye and simply looks at her rider. With that, Janja's back tracking. "Oh, yes. You're right and it's a lovely clutch. Very lovely. I didn't mean anything at all. I'll just go sit up in the galleries, if that's okay?"

Janja steps off the sands.

Janja comes up into the galleries.

K'llian leans back casually against the bench behind him. He seems to mutter something under his breath, though there's no one close enough to hear.

Janja is still excited, even if her dragon just basically booted her from the sands out to the galleries and she glances around looking for familiar faces.

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