Cassiasth's and Jrairth's 1st Hatching

Smooth stone curves around the warm hatching sands. To one side several tiers have been carved into the natural curvature of the cavern's walls providing a perch for the Weyr's residents to watch the activity on the sands below. A wooden railing has been built along the base of the galleries, delineating the separation between them and the sands that must not be crossed. The stone tiers are worn in places where the best viewing spots are to be found. The occasional blanket or pillow seat cushion can be found, abandoned after the excitement of hatching or heat numbing observation of hardening eggs.
Gold Cassiath broods over a clutch of 24 eggs.

Look it's Day time but the grey skies and rain make things so dreary that many are heading to the galleries to pass the time, stay warm, and stay dry. Groups of people sit scattered about talking softly as they egg gaze or work on some project or another. Anzi sits about midway between top and bottum, feet kicked up on the row in front of her as she stares off at the far off wall beyond the clutch.

Lemuel was working out on the fences, but he ducked in here once it started to rain in ernest, not interested in getting soaked for his troubles today. He's lounging in the back attempting to dry off and look like he's supposed to be here all at the same time.

Emmaline slips into the cavern with a large bundle tucked into her flight jacket. She's stooped slightly to protect her front and face from the rain and as she first enters the cavern, she stops to shake herself off. A few boot stomps clear the last of rain drops and she heads for dead center, pulling assorted leather bits and pieces from under her jacket. "Hello all." she mutters softly to those around, taking her seat.
Mariel comes up into the galleries.

Anzi jumps slightly, shaking off her thoughts as she turns to smile at Lemuel and Emmaline, "G'day Em, whatcha got there? New strap leather for Nadiath? Sinced it can't be the makings for cookies or anything." she offers with a grin as she moves to join the rider, "Escaping too?" is asked of Lemuel as she waves him towards one of the empty seats nearby "Come join us, be comfortable.
Lemuel shrugs but obligingly moves to follow the others to a seat down near the middle. "Do you think it's alright? I was trying to just stay out of the way up there and not bother anyone." A nod toward the world outside. "With how the weather is, there is no point in fixing the fences. Even the herdbeasts don't want to move."

With a shake of her head, Emmaline shows the straps she's holding. "No they are her old ones. She's just gotten some stuff onto them and I'm trying to buff them out." One hand reaches into her jacket pocket, pulling out a scrap of cloth and small pot of some form of oil. She puts those and the straps on the seat beside her, then begins to remove her jacket. She smiles to the carpenter. "I don't blame them. It's wet and cold and just blah out."

A rather damp looking Mariel makes her way into the galleries, awkwardly picking her way along in bare feet. She finds a seat not far from the other three, where she can set her bag down and begin carefully straightening herself out. She runs her fingers through her hair, carefully tugging apart tangled strands until she deems it neat enough to be tied back.

Anzi nods as she kicks her feet up again, a clear sign the messenger doesn't care if she's found lazing it up in the galleries at this point. "WHich is why I am in here instead of where I can be easily found to run hither and yon with this message or that, or to deliver a package." she notes with a shake of her head to send damp locks about. A wave to the new comer and a welcoming smile is sent her way. "Ahh I see, must keep Nadiath looking her best."

Lemuel attempts once more to shake out his hair, letting it fluff dry before he nods. "Well, honestly as long as I'm not caught shirking work I'll be fine. And I highly doubt that the steward is going to venture out in that to check if I'm making fence repairs." He nods down to the eggs. "So what do the odds say on those hatching anytime soonish?"

Emmaline's head quirks to the side at Lemuel's question. She glances bowlward in an instinctive response to speaking to her lifemate, spotting Mariel in the process. "Well, Nadiath says who cares. So I'm guessing anytime now. O'mohe was pretty insistant we be attentive in case folks needed fetching. The bronzes and golds always seem to know." She nods vaguely at the unknown arrival, a cheerful greeting smile on her face. "Greens aren't much for hatchings. But she likes to search."

Anzi listens intently to Em before looking over at Lemuel again, "What she says." is all that come out of mouth before she grins widely. "Well if you're slacking then I certainly am too since I've been here for…a good while." she points out in a rather carefree tone, "I figure if they need me bad enough they'll find me sooner or later." Yes, yes she's slacking off big time and not caring at all.

Lemuel ahs softly and simply looks back at the sands once more. "I'm somewhat nervous about going out there, I mean. I don't think I'll get hurt. But rather, no one can say what will happen really." He shrugs and indicates the others. "I'm guessing y'all will be down there too?"

Renth makes a graceful landing.

Renth blinks. R'nice climbs down from Renth's back.

Emmaline seems to be about to make some snarky comment about being lazy when a slowly building hmm sounds from the gold on the sands. Her head wipes out towards the bowl at the same point. "Nadiath says…" she starts but it's pretty obvious what Nadiath says cause the first egg moves.

P'wyn comes up into the galleries.

Hidden Treasures Egg shifts ever so slightly, disturbing a few grains of sand.

P'wyn slips quickly into the galleries. He's wet, frazzled, and rushed. "Candidates, into your robes and down to the archway please!

P'wyn steps out of the galleries.

Mariel steps out of the galleries.

Anzi steps out of the galleries.

Lemuel steps out of the galleries.

R'nice says, "Renth, are you going to do that the whole time?"

Renth looks at his rider, perplexed.

Chandi comes up into the galleries.

Chandi is moving quickly to find a good spot next to Emma and she waves happy to R'nice when she sees him as well. "'Lo there as well, bronzerider." Then she's snuggling up next to Em and then watching the sands. I heard they were moving. Are they?"

R'nice waves to Chandi.

Emmaline nods happily, now that her mate is here to snuggle with. "Yes. Nadiath is as usual less then impressed. She did pick up a candidate though." She points at the gold painted straps. "The same night as the painting incident." With that the visiting weyrleader earns himself a mock glare. "Troublemakers."

R'nice looks *so* innocent. "*I* didn't do anything!"

R'nice says, "I wasn't even there!"

R'nice gives sleeping Renth a mock glare in turn.

P'wyn steps onto the sands.

Safiya steps onto the sands.

Anzi steps onto the sands.

Mariel steps onto the sands.

Kerali steps onto the sands.

Pavel steps onto the sands.

R'nice says, "Ok, so what are the betting odds? Who's taking action?"

Yh'val steps onto the sands.

Barton steps onto the sands.

Lemuel steps onto the sands.

A moment from Conflagration Egg rocks, rocks a bit more and finally just EXPLODES into uncountless shards which scatter in its immediate vicinity. The closest candidate flinch, in particular a set of twins, Kayal and Kamal. As the shards settle the group gets its first good look at the tiny brown righting itself. A pale ginger brown it is mottled by undertones of an almost sickly ginger yellow. The weeping of autumns passing slowly draining life from his hide. Despite his coloring the brown seems in comedic spirits, even as he accidentally steps on a wings and tumbles to teh feet of the twins. Woozy head bobs back and forth betwen the two before impression takes hold and K'yal releases his brother's hand to stroke the warm hide of "Adeth."

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC K'yal and Brown Adeth leading the new pair off the sands.

Barton is still fiddling with his robe as he rushes out onto the sands, following close by Kerali and Safiya. "Try to stay calm." He says, though he sounds close to panic himself. The exploding egg sure doesn't help.

Anzi moves out onto the sands with the rest of the candidates, moving away from most of the males to join the girls that are gathering near the gold egg. The first impression is greeted with a grin as she watches the new brown pair move off to the side of the sands with the Weyrlingmaster.

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Egg takes those first few tentative wobbles toward independence, marking the beginning of the end for the shell. Eventually though it rocks back to stop and sits there innocently on the sands. Nope, this sparkling egg wasn't moving at all, not a bit of it.

Deimara grins and chuckles softly as the first egg hatches, Cassiath rumbles happily.

Kerali tries to smile. She really does. But it looks more like a grimace. Or like she might be sick. She gives Safiya's hand a gentle squeeze. She gives a slight bow to the dam and sire as they find their way into the semi-circle. "We have to stay near the gold egg…" She says quietly. Which means Barton is coming, because she's grabbed hold of his hand, too.

Mariel just barely manages to muffle a shriek behind both hands as the first egg explodes. She's shaking a little where she stands, not altogether thrilled to be among those circled up around the gold egg. Luckily, she has found another, taller candidate to half-hide behind.

P'wyn is busily hustling bodies about on the sands, making sure there's room for everyone and everyone is paying attention. A seacrafter lad gets a swift tap on the head when he starts horsing around. "Stop it or you're off." This brownrider is no nonsense right now. "Watch. We don't want any accidents." Then he's motioning more girls down towards the gold egg. "You're on the wrong egg."

Pavel's heels dig into the sands for a moment as he catches the egg explode. He swallows hard, taking in a deep breath as he glances to the other candidates for a moment before putting his eyes back towards the egg. The girls only have to worry about one egg right now, he's gotta watch his back with the rest!

R'nice bets 20 marks on Pavel.

Lemuel turns nearly to watch Mariel instead of the eggs out there, "Hey, come on. You're supposed to be watching that one I think. That sparkling one over there." Nevermind that he should be watching the other twenty-two that haven't hatched yet.

Hedging Your Bets Egg rocks slowly in place. The motions build just enough for a small scattering of sand around the edges of the shell.

Yh'val leads the last in and not a moment to soon as the first hatchling emerges. The weyrlingmaster frowns a bit at the coloring but as the hatchling moves and makes impression he seems sturdy enough. He makes his way towards the lad "K'yal.. Adeth is it? Let's head over here…" and the pair is led to where the prepared meat is waiting at the edge of the sands back near the entrance.

Ripples along the soft buttery shell of the What Hides Inside egg give rise to the illusion that something is just about to climb right out of the top. The ripples increase is size and strength until cracks begin to appear. Finally the shell can't take the stress any longer and a single blue coral wing bursts through the top. Rapidly, the rest of the pudgy big blue breaks out until he seems to be sitting upright in a brown shell cup. His eyes scan across the sands, jumping from face to face until connecting with Joahnie of Balen Hold. The little blue gives a funny sort of in place hope and creels unhappily. The boy takes a hesitant step forward, than two more. This doesn't seem to be fast enough for the blue who bumble-fumbles and falls his way out of the shell cup just as J'hnie arrives with a "You aren't annoying, Delyafrith. Just wait for help!"

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC J'hnie and Blue Delyafrith leading the new pair off the sands.

Safiya has a big, beaming smile for Barton, too, though even she looks a little hesitant as the eggs actually begin to hatch: her eyes widen, her jaw opening equally wide. She stares… and stops, shivering, if not (clearly) from cold. "They're so…" So what? So /something/, anyway.

Anzi jumps at the sound of another impression as she shaken from her thoughts to pay attention to what's going on around her. "Congrats" is called out to the new pair, "Pretty little blue wasn't"

Barton blinks as he watches the first impressions occur. "It's all happening so quickly…" He tries to hazard a guess at Safiya's unfinished thought. "Big? Intimidating? Beautiful?"
On Little Cat Feet Egg wobbles slightly, before all goes still once more. What? It didn't move at all. And you can't prove it at all. Eyewitness testimony is the lowest form of evidence.

Mariel blinks with wide-eyed confusion as Lemuel catches her attention. "Me?" She seems surprised to be noticed amist all the hatching confusion, let alone addressed. "I'm here. I'm… watching it. Sort of." A quick glance goes toward the gold egg just to prove it. "I'm just… letting the rest of them have the first go at it."

Kerali just… blinks as people are being impressed before she can even find a good spot to stand. If she registers Safi's half-comment, she doesn't say anything. She's just staring wide-eyed at the eggs cracking and the dragons popping out of them.

Beyond the Wall Egg isn't moving at all. The wall is just shifting in the breeze. Nevermind that there's no breeze on the sands nor is it actually a wall. Any similarity to movement is just in your imagination.

R'nice says, "So it's hard to see from here. How many candidates are there for the queen?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< I am a Legend Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Overwhelmingly bright gold, this larger dragon is painted in glimmering metallic brilliance from the first touches across her sharp featured face and then down her lithe, swanlike neck. She is solidly built, with sturdy shoulders and steady forearms, captured in light shades of buttercup gold that simply flow down before leaving even the sharp half moons of her talons caught in a web of frosted yellow light. Her back is spangled in glinting hues that float from her neckridges down her sides to wrap around the paler sections of her belly, giving them up while limned in sugared crystalline salt. The longer length of her tail contains those selfsame ridges, still wrapped in bright colors and flecked in paler sections before wrapping up at her tailspade in a final splash of brilliant pooled cast gold. Even her wings are caught in that same bright liquid gold, with the salty splash of designs worked out across her wingsails as a delicate traced design to simply enhance the beauty of the filmy transparent membranes.

Emmaline ponders the question. "I don't actually know. I personally know of four girls myself but O'mohe likes to have at least ten to twenty if he can get them. He's actually fond of girls on green so more likely to search extra if we find them."

Lemuel shakes his head. "You've got to try at least. Right? That's why they have you out here. You might be what she's looking for." Then he stops short as the egg actually hatches and he nods. "Just proves my point. She's impatient to pick. So you best be offering yourself up."

Safiya doesn't manage to confirm or deny any of Barton's suggestions: the hatching of the gold egg has her eyes going wider still (if that's even possible), and all attempts at conversation cease. Something, amazingly, really has rendered her dumb.

Cassiath croons a welcome as more and more hatchlings emerge from their eggs.

The pupil of the In the Eye of the Beholder egg seems to dilate when the pressures from within bow the upper surface even farther outwards. Stress fractures form, running crazed cracks through the iris and down towards the sand. With one final shove, the eye splits, pealing backwards to reveal an electric blue hatchling. The lean hatchling surges to his feet after only a few moments of fumbling around and shedding egg shell bits. A quick snap of his head and the blue is racing across the sands, limbs and wings flying erratically. One claw just catches the edge of a young girl's robe which she doesn't quite get out of the way in time, causing it to tear. The blue trips face forward right into Perlaun. The big weyr-bred lad carefully helps the blue and steps away, only to pause and turn back with a, "No, I'm not ever going to leave you, Nwelth!" P'lau turns back to assist his racing electric blue off the sands.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC P'lau and Blue Nwelth leading the new pair off the sands.

Anzi misses the hatching of the gold, and is only brought around by her arrival by all the comotion some of the girls are making. Anzi studies the gold, tipping her head one way then the other to catch as much of her as she can.

Pavel was fortunate enough to hit the latrine just before the order was called, so his robe is spared for now. He glances out of the corner of his eye, peeking at the other candidates. The kitchen hand inches towards Barton, tilting his head to mutter, "Make sure that robe stays white, otherwise this hatching won't end well for anyone."

Pfft! Pavel coughs and steps away, his robe singing the song of it's people.

Kerali nearly jumps out of her sandals when the golden queen hatches. It's a good thing she's forgotten how to talk. Otherwise she might be screaming. Or squealing. Or something. "O-oh… oh. Safi…" She glances over at her friend, who is looking much the same as she is. Barton's hand gets a squeeze.

Mariel's brows draw together in a concentrated frown. "I don't think this is the appropriate time for a debate on the merits of standing versus not," she points out as she shifts awkwardly from foot to foot. The hatching of said gold draws her attention, and she squishes her arms to the side as though that might somehow make her smaller and less visible.

Barton squeezes Kerali's hand in return. Even if the gold won't have any interest in him, the appearance of such a majestic creature has his full attention. "Wow…"

I am a Legend Gold Hatchling has no trouble at all finding her feet as she emeregs from her shell. Then with a slight headbob she starts to move across the sands. With a grace belied by her youth as she daintily picks up her feet to a melody only she hears as she walks. Step by step she seems to be considering as she passes first one girl and then the next, each with a rapid headbop that signifies something to the young queen.

Hedging Your Bets Egg begins to slowly unfold from its little ball of spikes. With each wobbling movement more and more cracks form along the outside until a final shove, sends it end over end and cracking open.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Beware the Poison Apple Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hers is a cold and regal beauty: the kind of distant, untouchable grace that is as much a function of bearing as of appearance. She stands with an upright commanding poise that somehow adds stature to what is in fact an average size and build. Neither bulky nor overly slender, she is a being of supple bright apple green hide covering muscles that slide over a well-sprung chest and strong limbs. The apple green hide darkens slightly where her gathered haunches rise a touch on the high side and her tail flows neatly behind to the tips. A willowy bright apple green neck supports her sharply angular head, graced by especially tall headknobs sweeping skyward. Veins of the palest jade ribbon through the gentle mounds of her ridges down neck and back while more jade tendrils rope all along her underbelly. They seem to spring from a fist sized patch of purist jade right in the center of her chest. Furled wings are a dark, murky absinthe green hiding the great expansive of her elongated wingspan. When lifted aloft, the great billowing sails catch the light, setting the absinthe afire with eldritch flames so it nearly seems to fluoresce from within.

Yh'val moves in time to the hatchings rhythym. "Thst's god, now don't let him bolt down the food, he'll need to chew." ever a novel concept apparently there's a hint of amusement in the looks reflected upon new dragon and rider faces. chew?!? Leaving the pair to continue under the observation of othershe heads back onto the hot grounds in time for the golds emergence. He shoos one of the girls who ended on the far side of the sands over to where the new gold has emerged. Can't anyone follow directions anymore!

Chandi nods her head slowly. "Apparently we're more stable than the young men that get picked for the greens if girls aren't available. And I'm not sure what that says about the boys."

Anzi pivots to watch the main eggs while keeping an eye on the gold at the same. "Look at the green." she murmurs to a girl next to her. "Look at the gold, she's gonna bop some girl and she's gonna faint."

R'nice mutters something about girls impressing greens. "In my day…"

Emmaline mutters to Chandi, "… bare foot and… I… him gold."

You whisper "In his day, the girls all sat in the kitchen bare foot and pregnant. I say we paint him gold." to Chandi.

Kerali blinks as the little (at least compared to her mother) gold starts checking out the candidates one. By. One. "Barton… don't let her impress to you!" Kerali says, non-sensically. She can feel her heart racing as the gold inches closer to them.

Mariel stays quite safely placed behind her newfound best friend, who's happily ignoring the girl who cowers behind her. Cowardice hiding behind confidence seems like a safe bet, as it keeps the gold almost entirely out of her sight. Instead, she's more focused on the other eggs. Her head tilts as a green hatches, before her expression turns to one of dread. She's never going to be able to keep track of all of these dragons at once.

One can almost imagine the fibrous hairs of the A Lovely Bunch egg falling to the sands as the violent activities within. Cracks spread helter-skelter across the brown shell as the being within seems to be trying to just pummel its way out. Finally with one more great punch, the shell just disintegrates into millions of tiny pieces. There, on his back in the sands, is a dusty brutish brown. He thrashes some more, as if still looking for a fight, and all that motion finally brings the brown upright. Standing, he has the body of a dancer: strong, muscular, but compact. As he drifts across the sands towards the candidates it is with dancing steps, light and powerful springing strides that bring him right to the far edge. Their eyes barely meet before Trenick becomes Tr'ick, saying "Don't worry, Yzeth. No one put me in the corner."

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Tr'ick and Brown Yzeth leading the new pair off the sands.

Pavel shifts on his feet and stumbles, hands and knees digging into the heated sands. He quickly shifts, trying to get back on his feet but manages to latch onto the leg of Barton instead. The kitchen hand grumbles, glancing up to mutter a word of apology only there was not his face looking back. Just the underside of a robe. A look of horror washes upon his face, new found motivation gets the young man on his feet as quickly as possible.

Barton glances nervously at Kerali. "I… I'm pretty sure that can't happen." Only pretty sure, though That's as certain as he can be of anything right now.

Just a Pinch Does It Egg shudders ever so slightly. A pause and then it rocks more substantially, slowly cracks for micro-starbursts upon the surface.

Anzi claps her hands for the new brown pair, a smile playing across her lips even as she shifts her feet in the sand. A look to the green then the gold and the messenger is back to keeping an eye on the rest of the clutch.

Safiya stares at the gold, certainly, but she's an equal opportunity starer, really: she keeps turning her head this way and that to follow the green, too, not to mention the brown that Impresses Trenick, and all the other eggs as well. "It's just… AMAZING," she decides, finding her voice again, feet dancing on the spot. Pavel's travails— yes, she notices those, eyes widening slightly all over again.

Beware the Poison Apple Green Hatchling rises regally to her feet with a distastful look at the shards around her. Her wings flare open the first time, sticky wet glue making them slow to spread and rather matted. Still she seems undeterred. A glance around the sands leads to an almost hissing little rumble at the tiny gold, as the nearest hatchling to her lovely self. How dare! The green begins to stalk angrily towards the nearest candidates with an evil look in her eye.

I am a Legend Gold Hatchling continues moving, steady as she goes with her excited stepping and her headbops, stopping now and again to consider before she continues. Then, it appears she finds what she's looking for, almost dancing as she nearly wiggles in place and her head moves up and down as she considers the black haired girl in front of her. She's finally found her rhythm now and she's not going to stop as she pushes her head at the girl.

Cassiath rumbles as the green hatchling rumble hisses at her sister…

R'nice can't believe Sleeping Beauty here is missing all this.

Lemuel tilts his head as he's abandoned by Mariel and he shrugs. "Only telling you the truth, darling. She's going to pick someone." But he goes back to watching several of the other folks out there now and the other hatchlings walking around for a little bit.

Kerali jumps a bit as something brushes her leg. It's Pavel! Now he's… attached himself to Barton. She kicks him, for good measure. "Stop trying to look up our robes!" Kerali looks back up to… be face to face with the gold hatchling. For a moment she looks like she might seriously pass out. "I… I…" She blinks. "I'm right here, Merth. Of course I love you! I've been here… all along…" Poor Barton and Safi. Kerali lets go of their hands and moves in toward the gold. "I'm right here…"

Kerali moves closer to Merth.

Anzi turns back to watch the gold impress, grinning wildly as the pair come together. "Congrats Kerali." is offered with much clapping of her hands.

The leathery binds upon the Hidden Treasures Egg can not withstand the force of the treasure within struggling to emerge. With a final crack, a third of the shell breaks off and a shiny bright bronze muzzle pushes outward. The rather pointed muzzle weathers quickly, the shiny newness fading by the time one reaches his eyeridges. What takes over is an aged greeny-bronze that coats this playful and bright spirited dargon. Despite his recent birth, he has a certain bounce to his ambling as he makes his way quite directly to the line of candidates. Head cants in a sort of 'hmm' consideration before he looks to his chosen. The young smith Jaim it seems is the lucky one. What skill had gone into carvings and puppets now controls a being of much greater animation and he laughs. "Oh Keremth, I DO adore you." and as the story unfold J'im leads his new partner off the sands into the next chapter of their lives.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC J'im and Bronze Keremth leading the new pair off the sands.

Deimara grins and looks up at her Cassiath, who rumbles happily.

Safiya's terror-slash-excitement-slash-who-knows-what cannot be restrained, now: there is a gold hatchling RIGHT THERE, and she's just Impressed to— "KERALI. Oh shells, oh shells, oh SHELLS!" Her hand left to hang loose, now, she just STARES.

Mariel breathes a heavy sigh of relief as the gold impresses. "Congratulations," she finally offers, managing that much now that the immediate threat has passed. A glance goes to Lemuel, almost triumphant. See? It wasn't her. Hiding was a great idea.

Pavel scowls at Kerali for a moment as he brushes the sand from his robe just as the gold approaches. He knows well the gold isn't going to devour him so he continues straightening himself. When the dragon seems to favor
Kerali, he smiles and his attention is pulled to Safi's excitement. "You're next!" he calls, grinning.

Barton looks fairly shocked when the gold claims Kerali. Not insultingly shocked, but shocked nonetheless. "Congratulations…" He murmurs, knowing he'll almost certainly go unheard in the din. He steps back, looking decidedly conflicted.

R'nice can't help but chuckle. "Hiding was a great idea!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Pompous Taste of the Earth Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lost deep in the woods, the gloom of an encroaching evening settles in. A pronounced angular jaw seems to swivel about from behind an one of the trees. The hues of earth and woods dapple with an odd fluidity across his face, down majestic arching neck and into the wide girth of his chest. Rooting at the trees base for priceless treasure his dirty hued razor sharp talons seem to have found success. What might be mistaken for clusters of muddy splatter across the lean length of his belly are instead a delicious truffle brown. Up close the knobby irregular clusters reveal themselves a tasty delicacy. In some cases veins of lighter tan weave within one of the clusters, as if someone else has already had nibble of this deliciously handsome lad exposing the fine texture of the inner truffle. Protecting that tasty treasure muscled arms and legs are nothing to sniff at. Petrified wood grains shadow atop the forest hues on his flanks and down the lengthy stretch of his tail, adding to a visage of something half raw and half refined. Sturdy spars support proportioned wings. The sails an altogether different affair of lighter browns reminiscent of a piercing ray of light catching the drifting grains of dust in that remote deep wood.

Lemuel sticks his tongue out at Mariel. "You never know. She might have been yours. Then what would you have done if she'd had to chase you all over sands?"

Beware the Poison Apple Green Hatchling snarls a growling warning to one boy who seems to be too close to the group of girls she's stalking. Move you. Teeth and talons are shown at Barton. She glides passed him to circle around behind the girls left around the remains of the little queen's egg. Then with a sharp stop, she comes to point, stopping behind one. Don't turn around, tasty morsel.

Safiya reaches out with her hand, aiming to grab for Barton's hand… though it's probably not because she's registered his emotions, and rather more because, well, she needs a hand to cling to. Pavel's words make her beam all over again, that other hand offered to him: "And you! And all of us! Kerali's gonna to be a WEYRWOMAN!" There's no envy there: just sheer enthusiasm. Although… there IS that green nearby, and she's just a little scary.

Collapsible Housing Egg wobbles slightly, starting to hatch as cracks form on its surface and it seems held together more now by inertia than anything else anymore. Certainly not the laws of physics that would demand that it hatch immediately and with great fanfare.

R'nice pulls out his gitar and plays a great fanfare.

Pavel takes Safi's hand, intertwining his fingers with hers but watching carefully where that scary looking green is. He might not have a hold of the girl for long, better now than never. Before weyrlinghood separates them both. Her excitement takes the edge off of his own nervousness, just a little bit.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Attractive and Pleasing Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Solidly built from his large feet on up, massive coppery bronze talons adorn his paws and lead into the thick, strong boning of his forearms and haunches. Bright hide continues, flowing over his back and along the ridges there in brilliantly bright and glowy shades that seem to highlight each curve and muscle along his back and down to the extraordinary sweep of his tail. His head is massive, and quite angular with a vaguely roman nose that stands out against the rest of his plain build, even to the rather short, stubby headknobs. Vast wings help support him, wingsails of golden coppery bronze that stretch between darker wingspars that seem outlined even further in touches of darker whiskey hues and mottled patches that seem splashed against the leathery skin.

Kerali thankfully can't hear them all talking about her on the sands. Otherwise she'd feel badly for Barton. And would be freaking out at the fact she's going to be a weyrwoman. Instead she slips off to the side with Merth, wherever they're giving out the meaty tidbits for the new dragons. At least she can watch from here. Even if she can't hear anyone.

Barton glances briefly to Safiya. "Should've known. Kerali's a very special girl. She'll make an amazing Weyrwoman." But then, more hatchlings are appearing! He looks out at them with wide eyes.

Pompous Taste of the Earth Brown Hatchling shakes himself off, flinging the last bit of eggy goo to the ground. There, much better! He gives himself a quick look over, yes, perfection. Head lifts high then, and he flares his wings and trumpets, just in case anyone hadn't noticed him yet.

R'nice's attention is entirely divided between the new bronze and that spunky green.

Cassiath warbles a greeting

With a nervous swagger the land locked seacraft apprentice Phiol from Tillek has been eyeing the numerous rocking eggs. Of them all the one which has least held his attention has been the It's An Egg, for all its plainness is not particularly exciting. A view which changes just as suddenly as the shell bursts apart. Instead there is the most beautiful oceanic blue that pools on the sands in the tiny form of a dragon. An exotic thin streak of gold runs along his sides, as if a shimmer school of fish is trying to stay our of his talons reach. It seems almost destiny for the hatchling to make a strong push through the sandy swells of the hatching grounds to this one particular and very special lad. "Cornelianth?" there's the barest hesitation before Ph'l gives a hearty laugh and claps the small hatchling upon the shoulder. "Have I got some tales to tell you!"

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Ph'l and Blue Cornelianth leading the new pair off the sands.

Lemuel takes a moment to look back once more at Mariel. "Mariel? Are you okay? Mariel?" He stays right where he is though because that green hatchling isn't that far away and she looks dangerous if pushed. He glances over and around at other folks, taking a step or two backwards.

Mariel looks almost comically offended by Lemuel's tongue. With a slight scowl, she replies, "I would've run away. All over the sands." Her narrowed eyes widen when she realizes that in all the fuss over the gold, she somehow lost track of that green. Where is it? Where… She squeaks in terror when a glance over her should reveals that the terrifying creature is right behind her. But… "Oh." Though the fright isn't gone completely, her expression now speaks to absolute astonishment and adoration amidst the fear. "Are you… me? Are you sure this is right?" She'd glance around to check with someone, but she can't look away from the young dragon. "She's. She's Cloicroth." Oh dear.

Safiya clearly doesn't doubt Barton's assessment: it earns a firm nod from the weaver apprentice. It's Pavel's hand that she squeezes, though, gaze turning towards his for a moment, smile ever-bright. It's as she turns to do that that she notes Mariel's Impression: "Oh look! That green! Oh, Pavel, Barton, isn't this exciting? Everyone's lives changing!"

Attractive and Pleasing Bronze Hatchling is an elegant mover too, confident and pushing himself forward across the sands, with nary a backwards glance. His wings folded back he struts watching over the crowd of boys out here on the sands. Well, well, well. What do we have over here, but a grouping of folks to look over and pick from.

The slow rock of the Nuttin' Doing egg picks up speed until it strikes the shell next to it with a sharp, resounding *crack*! The shell splits along the two hemispheres with small secondary cracks running perpendicular. As if in a dream, the two halves slowly fall away to reveal a tiny beryl green curled on her side. She stands with surprising grace for one newly hatched. Her wing spread, sending a rain of glistening liquid from the delicate spars and near transparent sails. It draws a soft, hushed aww from the group of candidates nearest to her. It is to this crowded group that her first gliding walk takes her. Though most step back, two young man, both residents from the weyr wait like arrows to the bow. Three pairs of eyes exchange looks and with a sad smile Brenit shakes Ruipehan's hand and steps back with the others. Ru'peh extends a gentle hand to touch the wraith like hatchling. " I might as well be reaching for the moon! Come with me, Audryilth."

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Ru'peh and Green Audryilth leading the new pair off the sands.

P'wyn hesitantly approaches the green and Mariel. Cloicroth, hm? Well, why don't you two come over here and you can start feeding her." He motions to where the buckets of food stand ready to assist but keeps his distance from the green. "She seems as if she might be a bit peckish."

Lemuel grins a bit more as Mariel is lead away with a small green in two. "I knew she was going to impress. Wasn't sure to what, but she was going to impress."

Emmaline shudders as the green finally finds her mate. "Glad that one's not mine. She's got a bit of something about her looks but I think she's going to be a witchy thing."

Barton stands a little straighter as the bronze approaches, his eyes widening a bit. "Shards, they're a lot bigger up close, aren't they?" He remarks to someone. Safiya, probably.

Pavel takes a deep breath and exhales with relief when the green finally picks someone. One less dragon to keep an eye out for! He turns to Safi and nods with a grin. "This is definitely a memorable moment. I'm glad I got to share it with you." As the bronze makes his rounds, he digs his heels deeper into the sands and nods quickly to Barton. They're still more wandering about.

R'nice says, "It just goes to show, you never know. The scardiest candidate, mated with the scariest hatchling."

It seems somehow fitting that from the Igen's Impression Egg emerges an equally dusty sandy brown. The brown who acts more like a bronze, struts charismatically over to the line of candidates. Flaring wings both in an assist for balance, or perhaps just for a little additional dramatic flare as he goes. They reveal a softer sandy sparkle, as if there are gems hidden within the vast desert-like folds. A treasure that apprently young Ossoto, now O'to, will have time to explore as a dusty tail curls about the lads ankle. "Uh, oh, oh My! Hello Enceth!"

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC O'to and Brown Enceth leading the new pair off the sands.

Pompous Taste of the Earth Brown Hatchling goes to fold his wings now that he's caught a couple folks' attention only to fumble at what should be the simplest of tasks. It tumbles hte brown from his lofty perch to a crumbled heap in a sandy dust at the base of another egg. Well, that wasn't so proper! Switching to stealth mode he finds his footing again, slipping behind the egg with much more precise movements. From one to the next he ducks behind anothe rcloser to the line of candidates nad heads peeks slowly, almost comically around the side, eyeing the white robed ones. Now let's see…

Mariel finally manages to look up when P'wyn approaches, staring blankly at him for a moment before his words register. "Food." Cloicroth mentioned that when she… "I impressed." A dubious glance is sent toward the still-terrifying green. "She can't. I can't. Um." She straightens suddenly, darting another look toward the young dragon in front of her. "Yes, alright, food." And with that, she awkwardly leads the green off toward the awaiting buckets.

Mariel moves closer to Cloicroth.

Safiya giggles, and though it's clearly not the moment to flirt, well. "I'm glad, too," she tells Pavel, firmly. Luckily, she
only lets this distract her from the eggs - and hatchlings - for a moment or two; they're pretty fun and exciting too, and maybe just a little bit scary. "Where are the greens? I need a green."

Beyond the Wall Egg really starts to wobble this time. Slowly the wall moves on the sand, rolling completely over from the motions within. Cracks begin to work at the bricks, showing time can weather even the strongest wall.

Remember the Never Rush a Turtle egg doesn't like to be rushed so it takes a great deal of time wobbling and rolling about for the cracks and breaks to really start to come together. But once they do, the egg doesn't break so much as melt from around the sultry green jasper lump balled on the sands. She coyly takes her time standing, working to stretch out each limb languidly, first wings, then legs until without one noticing, she's standing. Then she starts to strut over the sands, giving each candidate a sly once over before moving on. The brash healer Beritec doesn't even wait for her to reach him before he boldly steps towards her. Shocked, the green stops and stares up. Their eyes meet and the green trumpets her tiny, high pitched breathy call. Be'tec's face breaks into a grin. "Oh, Teiabeth, you will always be my girl!"

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Be'tec and Green Teiabeth leading the new pair off the sands.

R'nice buys a hot dog from the vendor as he goes by.

Barton fidgets, now in a state of near-panicked alertness. There's a bronze and a brown poking around, and the candidate he knows and likes best has already impressed. It is difficult to maintain composure, but he gives it his best efforts.

Attractive and Pleasing Bronze Hatchling is walking, walking and showing off as only he can. There is a shimmy and a shake as he moves, an excitement to his movements as he walks across the sands. He's taking his time as he goes, not wanting to rush this judgement call and get it wrong, for that would never do. If you can only do it once, you'd better do it right.

P'wyn mutters quietly to the rapidly growing group of new weyrlings. "Careful Kerali, make sure she's chewing between bites." The brownrider is not about to lose another goldling on his watch. Next he looks at the stunning coral blue that hatched early on. "He's a likely looking lad." he says to the new rider with a smile. Finally he arrives at Mariel and her somewhat temperamental green. "How is she doing?"

Pavel peers over to Barton and entertains a thought for a brief moment. How scared would his fellow candidate be if he were to shove him a little closer to the baby dragon pair? Only one way to find out because out Barton goes! Be a man! Do the right ting.

It doesn't take very long, for while it moves on the sands the Never Argue with a Wookie Egg has a slowly spiraling set of cracks that widen ever further. Eventually, it slowly splits apart dumping out a very sharp featured bright blue hatchling. He creels softly, vocally for a second before he wobbly gets to his feet. With a lurch he moves, feet splayed widely as he drunkenly moves with slow steps, allowing his tail to buffer him somewhat. Finally he makes his stumbling way to a younger apprentice searched from the harper craft, by the name of Georges. G'ge is astonished, calling out "Ossiumth, of course I'll never stop loving you."

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC G'ge and Blue Ossiumth leading the new pair off the sands.

Pompous Taste of the Earth Brown Hatchling slides smoothly around the final egg separating him from the white robed ones. It looks as if he has a target set in his sights, one who hasn't been paying such close attention to the hatchlings wandering to dangerously about. He's stalking quite directly towards a boy and girl when his head swings hard to one side upon a flash of green. Hello baby! only the jasper hued one doesn't seem to notice his awesome self and so the brown sulks momentarily before getting back to the matter at hand. His chosen will now have to also take his eyes from the ladies and pay attention to the one now before him. Oh yes, impression!

Attractive and Pleasing Bronze Hatchling takes his time, with his overly confident strut across the sands as he reaches one of the largest groupings of boys. He stands there for a long moment before he's bowling over a dark haired lad from the weyr, nosing him in the chest and then waiting, waiting rather impatiently. There is even a bit of foot tapping going on as he waits and he attempts to push foward once more. Even better if his boy has to stay on the sands for being so quiet and not aknowledging him right away.

Kerali is off on the sidelines. Still though, she tries to make out where her friends are amongst the crowd. There's still a couple of dragons floating about. A bronze and a brown, to be sure. And it looks like the threesome of Barton,

Pavel and Safi are still stuck together. And just as she finds them, it looks like the brown has impressed. And then her won dragon is asking questions, and Kerali turns back to her.

The dark cherry goodness seems to ooze even farther out of the Bubbling Over egg where a small foot inside is stretching the end of the shell. It takes several kicks but eventually the end of the egg caves and breaks off, spilling out a good sized peacock green and bronze leg. More cracks spread along the open edge, giving glimpses of peacock green, speckled by blue, but the occupant inside seems to be stuck. With a nod from Yh'val, the holder girl Gwenda steps forward to help widen the hole. With one finally mighty heeve, the hatchling squeezes out as if it were a clown car. She's a brilliant peacock green with spots of blue and green. And she runs right past her helper Gwenda to the girl's younger cousin Allenci. He shoots his cousin an apologetic look as he says to the green, "Cilleath, I'm home!" All'ci drops to embrace his new lifemate.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC All'ci and Green Cilleath leading the new pair off the sands.

On Little Cat Feet Egg is ready to hatch now. It wants to hatch now. So it starts wobbling, rocking back and forth and cracks start spreading across the shell in rapidly spreading patterns that seem utterly random but might show something if only you could follow them all.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Pale Powder Blue Suede Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A slender, angular muzzle frames this pale powder blue dragon, with his upswept headknobs and strong boning to his face. A thicker neck before broad shoulders and a well sprung chest form next, traced by lighter designs in glinting ice blue over the slightly darker powder blue of his hide. Sharply pointed neckridges trail down along his back to the long length of his tail, ending with the same glinting ice blue at his bluntly pointed finial. Narrow hips lead down to fine boned legs and feet capped at the very end with talons of slightly darker robin blue, curving crescents that are wickedly sharp. His wings are draped in powder blue, from his leading edges to his trailing, the wingspars slightly darker under the thin translucent hide while here again the same glinting ice blue designs show. This tracery pattern follows through, with a delicate design at odds with his build and overall stance.

R'nice plays just the chords of the Elvis song for the new blue suede hatchling.

Barton blinks, suddenly startled as the bronze suddenly ends up face to face with him. He goes from panicked to stunned, silent for a moment. "Ph… Phineth? Is that right?" A grin slowly crosses his face. "B'ton, yes, that's right! We'll be the best of friends. Let's get you some food!" He lets out a laugh as he and his new lifemate follow the weyrlingmaster's lead.

B'ton moves closer to Phineth.

It seems to unravel, the Woven to Sit Here Egg, the sharply bent wicker losing shape as the egg crumbles to little bits and pieces on the sands. A dark brown head is first exposed, then the rest of the rich brown hatchling before he moves slowly, haltingly. Then with a shake, he's off like a shot heading toward one of the boys from Tillek that has been a bit down about standing. But suddenly, Marvin is caught with almost a smile on his face as he speaks. "Of course, Zaphoth. But are you really sure you want to pick me, M'vin? It's hard for me to believe you know. "

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC M'vin and Brown Zaphoth leading the new pair off the sands.

Pavel stops and holds his breath. He doesn't need to breath, right? His heart is beating through his chest too fast for him to catch up. He peers into the red whirling eyes staring right back and he reaches out tentatively at first, then with a stronger resolve to touch the brown's nose. "Stelinth, let's get something to eat. I'll make sure you get the best bits." He glances over to Safiya for a moment, giving her hand one last gentle squeeze before reluctantly letting her go. Daww. He nods to the now B'ton and the pair moves.

Pavel moves closer to Stelinth.

R'nice woo-hoos! He had 20 marks on Pavel!

Mariel awkwardly handles the meat, attempting to feed it to Cloicroth in a way that both meets the green's demands to be fed immediately, while still being neat about it. Judging by the look of consternation on her face, it's not easy. The green hisses as P'wyn approaches, and Mariel darts her a glance of wide-eyed shock. "You shouldn't do that!" And then she looks up at the brownrider with an apologetic grimace. "I'm… we're…" A helpless shrug.

From the Simply Irresistable Egg comes a fashionable clash of color and style. As if strutting down the runway in the run for the worst dressed award this large blue seems completely oblivious to his eye catchingly painful hide. Whoever thinks periwinkle, aquamarine and neon blue with accents of olive green upon his spars… should be fired! It's to his harshest critic, or perhaps because the lad's a healer and plenty of folks may need to get their eyes checked to believe this one, he goes. A flick of the head and impression is made. With a groan Biswell, now B'well, falls to his knees and gingerly reaches out. "Really… Twawth?" and off to the side of the sands they eventually stumble for a first meal, or maybe a bucket of food dye.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC B'well and Blue Twawth leading the new pair off the sands.

Lemuel offers up a lopsided smile toward Safiya. "I know there's a green or two out there yet." He pauses as a blue hatches. "Since I wasn't for those ones." But he offers a smile to the boys leaving. "But they were the right ones for those dragons. They always know."

Beyond the Wall Egg can no longer stand against the wages of time. The cracks have spread far across the surface, breaking mortar into small shards that quickly become shell falling away from the being within.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Bronze of a Thousand Voices Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A river of scotch pours over the large, muscular bronze quenching the eye with liquid heat. Rivulets of scotch mold his broad blocky head and the thick arch of his long neck, cascading down the rocky muscles to pool across the barrel of an expansive chest and shoulders. The amber liquor winds down a great stretch of back, lingering in little eddies along the taut abdomen and narrowing before the haunches. Great gushes tumble down the long, powerful limbs, coated by light bronze to drench the darker paws, spread wide and tipped by pyrite talons. Rills of scotch mold each of the massed muscles in the haunches, meeting at the base of the tail to stream ever downwards to the ground below. Brushed bronze highlights limpid expressive eyes and deepen the breath of jowl line. It mottles along the high points of neck, back, and sides, adding an extra satiny sheen to the silken scotch hide. The brushed bronze encroaches onto the ridges of neck and back as a dark shadow chaser and caps the split tail. Vast are the pyrite wings held aloft above him, the near transparency of the sails sprinkled with true gold stars while more scotch weaves ribbons of color through the fragile wings bones.

Safiya is… abandoned? It may be said that she seems just a little nonplussed when the boys on either side of her are taken away from her almost at once. But clearly Pavel's glance at her (and that squeeze) MEANS something, because it straightens her shoulders and returns her smile to beaming. In any case, she's heard Lemuel's comment, too, and nods firmly. "There's still time!" she agrees, all but trilling it. "And one for you, too— like that bronze!" The one that just hatched.

Pale Powder Blue Suede Hatchling has his own way of moving, with a hip swiveling movement that seems impossible but that he makes work. As he steps on out over the sands, he's making a beeline for the last largest grouping out there. Why, because that's where the best pickings will be, and he deserves only the best. Mama said so.

As the heat of the sands grows as the eggs sit growing harder, it doesn't take much for the Sickly Sweet and Melting Egg to start moving toward its inevitable hatching. The shell just seems to slide downward, almost oozing as it leaves exposed a brightly colored lime green hatchling. She takes a slight step, then another before she moves with a certain sort of syncopated beat that brings her to the long line of candidates waiting. Marchand is standing, talking to a neighbor when the green effectively cuts him off and he speaks out loud. "Carmeth, that was not very nice. Even if you do move like a dancer." A long slow blink then. "Of course, I'll aways be M'rand for you."

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC M'rand and Green Carmeth leading the new pair off the sands.

Kerali does squeal a little as she catches Barton… or B'ton now, slide off with his lifemate. His bronze lifemate! And then Pavel snags a brown! Leaving only Safi left out on the sands from their little group. Surely there's a green in there for her? There were so many eggs! And she was so excited…

Bronze of a Thousand Voices Hatchling makes some comical attempts to surge to his feet, most ending with a slump. But all the squirming and flailing does move the bronze off of his shell and into the dry, hot sand. Here the footing seems better as he stands. Rather unusual for a dragon, one can almost read the expression of satisfaction in his face when he's standing. Much better. His head goes up and back, trumpeting his joy at standing. But now to serious business and with firm strides he heads for what candidates remain waiting on the sands.

Yh'val ahs as the brown and bronze impress nearly simultaneously, but he has his hands full at the moment with a blue pair. "No, NO, your hand is *not* edible." or well, maybe it is but that isn't the point. It's a few more minutes before the edge of hunger is sated for hte oung dragon and the weyrlingmaster feels he can leave the pair. The next he intercepts is a green "Carmeth, that's quite pretty. We've food just over here." a wave of the hand and the routine is settled.

Lemuel has a quick headshake before he shrugs. "Hey, it might be that blue or one of those eggs out there still, too. I can still count four that haven't even hatched. Why. Who knows what is inside them."

It is the stillness that gives away the Oiled Plank Egg, the fact that it simply sits there and does not move, while around it the sands explode into motion. It just seems to fall into disrepair, entire sections of planking falling off to the sands below. A brilliantly gleaming bronze hatchling is left out of the remains of his former home, sitting there stunned for long moments. Then he's up and running at Flynn, an apprentice from the SeaCraft, nearly bowling him over with his rapid movements. F'nn stands there, shaking his head and laughing. "Oh, Errolth, I wasn't going anywhere that you couldn't find or off on an adventure without you."

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC F'nn and Bronze Errolth leading the new pair off the sands.

B'ton catches Kerali's gaze briefly, giving her a wide grin and a thumbs up. Looks like things were working out great after all! All that fear for nothing. When he tells this story later, he'll have to try to make himself sound braver.

Cracking in the normal fashion of things, the Sweet and Sticky Egg releases an average sized blue hatchling. Walking to his own beat, the blue searches carefully up and down the line of candidates. His tail sways in time to a rhythm only he seems to hear and just when you think he will not find a suitable partner amongst those standing he stops. A single talon lifts in acknowledgement and Onisdettian gasps. "I, hear you Vocermth." now the music is for the two to share as De'tta leads his new partner to his first meal.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC De'tta and Blue Vocermth leading the new pair off the sands.

Pale Powder Blue Suede Hatchling is walking with his swagger, leading the charge toward the loose semi circle of candidates that is now somewhat depleated. But he can tell that his person is still there, and he stops glancing around at the other dragons and sneaking closer to the one he wants. He'll treat her right he will, even if it's not a completely conventional pairing. Besides, he was taught how to treat a lady right, and she'll be his lady.

Pavel, now L'av, continues to feed his new brown lifemate while he listens, peeking over his shoulder out onto the sands where he left Safiya behind. "C'mon eggs, don't leave her out there," he mutters for a moment before returning his attention to Stelinth. The brown is given an affectionate scritch above eyeridges, reassuring his bond.
P'wyn sighs as it seems as if the hatching is winding down to the last few eggs. The blue seems to have someone in his sights and so P'wyn waits to the side to be ready to assist.

As gentle as the babbling brook cracks begin to weave upon the smoothed surface of the Ancient Rivers Egg. It seems rather anti-climatic as the eggs crumbles into several large chunks without much fanfare and a cyan and cerulean hued hatchling saunters forth. He seems to know what he wants, making his way steadily to his candidate of choice. N'son seems surprised, having been looking toward other hatchlings upon the grounds when suddenly there is a swath of benitoite blue from the fragile sails of this newborn blocking his view. "Ah, c'mon Davith! I wanna see who that br…" *blink* "Davith!" and said dragon grunts somewhat smugly as he is
wrapped in his riders arms.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC N'son and Blue Davith leading the new pair off the sands.

Safiya — okay, yes: she SQUEALS. It's not a green that's stumbled up to her, but a blue, but in the scheme of things, that scarcely matters. Her eyes fill with tears as she wraps her arms around the dragon in question and says, firmly, "Of COURSE I love you, Aronth. How could I not? I promise I'll never be quiet again!" This shouldn't be too difficult.

Safiya moves closer to Aronth.

Lemuel looks a little startled as the blue picks the girl standing next to him but he starts clapping loudly just because. "Oh, well done, Safiya." He continues after a moment, starting to grin a bit more. "Well, you can you know, sleep and such. And be quiet then I think. Your clutchmates might appreciate that."

Bronze of a Thousand Voices Hatchling creels distressly as the available candidates are rapidly disappearing on him. His whole big body is just the picture of fear and so he puts speed into the waddling steps taking him passed first one then another candidate. No. No. Again the loud voice rings across the sands hunting for that one right person. Finally, he rocks to a stop. There. That boy over there. Like a freight train he races forward, stopping only in the nick of time but spraying a great wash of sand across the cavern with a steading flap of his wings.

Slowly the Protecting Childhood Egg rolls, moving back and forth in the small wallow that was made for it so many weeks ago. It shudders to a stop, before slowly the rocking movements begin again, gaining momentum and strength. The shell finally breaks, littering the sands with shards in a sudden spray that envelopes one of a group of boys standing near. Kangarol shakes his head to get rid of a few shards in his hair as the sudden appearance of a bright brown hatchling, highlighted with brighter yellow burninshing is suddenly moving toward him. "What do you mean, Mooth, that you didn't mean to knock into me so hard?" is the newly renamed K'roo's question.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC K'roo and Brown Mooth leading the new pair off the sands.

Kerali gives a little wave to Barton, and a smile. Pavel, too, is given a wave. And Kerali look out just in time to see Safi impress to… a blue!? Girls can do that!? Kerali's jaw drops, though she's very happy that Safi has joined the party!

Lemuel takes a deep breath, before reaching out to reassure himself that the hatchling in front of him is quite real and he does grin then. "Suarath. Suarath." He swallows. "Yes, yes. I can feed you. I can do that. As quickly as possible.” Then he's reaching out to help guide his new found partner over to the side of the sands, not even realizing that the hatching is completely over for everyone now.

Lemuel moves closer to Suarath.

Mariel has slowed in her feeding (which is saying something), and now glances out toward the sands, just in time to see Safiya impress to a blue. Well. "I guess you were right about lives changing," she comments, though there's no way to know if the other girl will hear her amidst… everything. Lemuel's impression is met with a look of uncertainty, but she does muster up another congratulations before Cloicroth claims her attention again.

P'wyn heaves a sigh of relief as the last pair impresses. "This way, gentleman." He motions them over to where the rest are either eating or starting to slow down. " is everyone doing? Any tummy aches yet?" With that he grabs the bucket from Mooth who's tried to just eat the whole thing. "No. Watch him every minute!"

Phineth is devouring his food enthusiastically, but B'ton is at least keeping a close eye on the dragon. "You heard 'im. Slow it down, Phineth. Don't want to get a stomach ache!"

Safiya really is far too distracted to notice any reactions to her Impression; she's got one hand on Aronth as she leads him towards the food, and the rest of her attention is for chattering away. Clearly, she meant that remark of hers wholeheartedly. Why wouldn't she? "And we're going to be amazing, and heroes, and oh, do you want to eat something? Yes, of course you do. Oh, Aronth, you're AMAZING."

Renth puts his head down on the stone ledge rather sadly.

R'nice says, "Oh don't worry about it, I'll tell you all about it later."

Yh'val looks around. The last of the shards settling into the sands and the din of the dragns humming fading once again. "Alright, your dragons should now have at least a bucket of meat in their bellies and we need to get them to the barracks where you can oil them before they collapse." he looks around and starts shoing the new pairs back out intot he bowl and towrds the barracks, cause y'know that was an order not a suggestion.
Lemuel has found a bucket to start feeding Suarath, captured by whatever he's being told and laughing now and then, just in the middle of something. He doesn't bother to explain, just laughs and continues to feed Suarath.

Emmaline snuggles even closer with her weyrmate. "Really is a nice bunch this time, don't you think? Several lovely browns and blues to chase us about."

Renth still looks disappointed, so R'nice tosses him a cookie. Yes, a *cookie*.

P'wyn waves his arms at the back of the weyrling herd like some strange broken wher. "Move along, move along." he says motioning the new pairs out to the barracks. "Really N'son, get Davith moving please."

Renth perks up noticeably! Deftly, he swings his head up to catch the cookie in his mouth. He munches it down with great pleasure.

Mariel steps off the sands.

R'nice scritches Renth's eye ridge.

Renth rumbles with pleasure!

B'ton steps off the sands.

Chandi giggles. "Well, yes. Even some of the other boyos looked good, with the bronzes. That F'nn is pretty buff looking."

Kerali steps off the sands.

L'av steps off the sands.

P'wyn steps off the sands.

R'nice says, "Well, congratulations all around on a fine hatching."

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