A Lesson in Snow - WL #3

Weyrling Barracks
The weyrling barracks are two large buildings built against the bowl wall to house newly partnered dragon pairs until they are old and mature enough to move out into their own private weyrs. Originally separated by the riders sex, the smaller number of greens and blues impressing females and the rarity of a gold's arrival has reduced their territory to about a third of one of the barracks. The sections are separated by heavy leather curtains. There are wide wooden doors covered by a thin sheet of copper which roll open and closed as needed. Metal shuttered windows are found along the west wall, most often thrown wide open for both light and ventilation. The barracks are subdivided into areas for the dragonpairs which consists of a raised wooden platform couch for the dragons and a cot and small press for the rider. Pegs along the wall help to hold riding gear and there is a central area in which large barrels of oil, rags, brushes and cleaning supplies are gathered for all to use.

Practice Field
A wide expanse of trampled grass that unfolds in front of the weyrling barracks, this area has been used for turns for the play and exercises that growing dragons need. Here, they take their lessons, both for the riders and dragons, in everything they have to learn to be a functioning part of the weyr. Well, at least in the outdoor classes. Straps are first put on here, as well as first flights, both for dragons and then dragons and riders together. Oftentimes, if a wingrider is curious and has a free moment, they may wander through to see just how those new riders are progessing. Especially those they have a particular interest in.

Weyrling Barracks

Contrary to what some might assume, it's full light and sunny outside, if a bit cold, when P'wyn strides into the barracks. Enolth's brown head peers in behind him but quickly disappears. "So, I hear that some of the younger weyrlings aren't getting enough exercise because they are too busy hiding from the cold and snow. So..it's time for a lesson. Everyone bundle up and head outside!" He shoots a stern look around the room, leading to a few amused smiles but quite a bit of grumbling. After all, it is winter in the 'Reaches.

Safiya, true to form, has not been - in general - one of the grumblers. Oh, she chatters endlessly about how cold her fingers are, and how it makes her nose hurt, but… she's far too chipper for these to be classed as complaints. P'wyn's announcement comes right as she's finishing smoothing oil over Aronth's hide; her head lifts, eyes brightening as she hastily begins to gather up her winter things. "Outside, Aronth!" she enthuses. "C'mon, let's go!"

Kerali is hiding in her cavern. The one that she makes tucked until Merth's wing whenever it's cold and she's in the barracks. And since it's cold basically all the time… There's a bit of a groan as she works her way out of her cavern nest, and she pulls on her coat. And scarf. And hat. And gloves. What? It's cold! Also she's still getting used to the winter. By the time she goes to leave the barracks, she's looking like Ralphy from A Christmas Story, barely able to bend her arms and legs. Merth just watches her dress, then stretches a bit as she follows her rider out, clearly glad that she doesn't have to bother with such rituals.

P'wyn follows as several pairs begin heading outside. He grabs Ru'peh as the greenling attempts to head out without a jacket and shoves the boy back towards the barracks. "Don't be foolish please. Coats and hats, gloves too." The brownrider shakes his head as he pulls on his own gloves whilst heading out the door. "Hurry up folks. You need to always be ready to go in an instant." And with that, he goes.

You head outside.

Practice Field

Kerali comes out of the weyrling barracks.

Safiya comes out of the weyrling barracks.

Aronth comes out of the weyrling barracks.

Safiya is still pulling her gloves on as she makes her way out into the cold practice field, but there's a skip in her step even so. "I'm ready!" She's quick to tell P'wyn - and, certainly, she's one of the first to make it outside, Aronth trailing rather less certainly at her heels. The wind flutters blonde hair around her ears, for all that they're mostly covered in her lopsided (and clearly self-knit) hat. "Kerali, you look ridiculous," she giggles. "You'll warm up quickly, I bet!"

Kerali is nervous when P'wyn is telling them to put coats and hats on. "Oh no! What if I need a second hat! Or a third pair of underwear!?" Too late now though, Merth literally pushes Kerali outside using her nose while her rider whimpers. Oddly enough, Kerali isn't cold though. Yet. Though her cheeks are getting rosy. She looks around to see who else made it out, when Safi addresses her. "Make fun if you want! At least my fingers won't fall off!" Or something. "Here!" She says to P'wyn.

P'wyn strides across the snow covered practice field to a large barrel filled with small child-sized wooden shovels, small pails, and even some odd rakes and assorted other gardening tools. He turns and with a playful grin says, "Welcome to muscle development and conditioning class." The groan that sounds after that only makes the assistant grin all the more cheerfully. "Oh, it won't be that bad. First thing, we need to move this snow into one big pile right in the center of the field." Yep, not at all that bad with those child sized toys and gardening nonsense. "So…" He steps away from the barrel and waves grandly at it to stand to the side with a thoughtful, evil smile.

Safiya glances down at her gloves, then at Kerali's hands, and ultimately shrugs. She's still smiling, though, and it only falters a little bit as, attention caught by P'wyn, she registers what he's suggesting. "But…" And then, abruptly brighter: "The dragons can help! Come on, Aronth, you can help me push snow."

Kerali looks into the barrel with a confused look on her face. "What are those? Those are not adult-sized shovels. Those were made for the tiny people that ride firelizards into battle. If there were such a thing." She peers at P'wyn. "So… is this the lesson where I get to learn to use a flame thrower!?" Because that sounds awesome. Also it would take care of the snow. Kerali ponders things for a minute, then pushes the barrel over. "We can fill the barrel with snow and have the dragons roll it over to the middle of the field!"

P'wyn's lips firm up as if unhappy with the mixed confusion and distress of the weyrlings but his eyes twinkle with all the mischief the brown pair are famous for. Safiya gets a slight nod after her comment, likely only caught if one happened to be looking at just the right moment but Kerali gets a full on merry wink. "Interesting idea there, but no flame throwers till your clutchmates are flaming as well." He makes no comment either way about the barrel being pushed over, merely standing to the side of the mess and when it rolls slightly towards him, propping it in place with a foot.

Safiya misses P'wyn's nod altogether, and the wink he aims at Kerali; luckily, the blueriding weyrling is already entranced by the goldrider's suggestion. "Yes!" she enthuses. "Yes, that will make it much easier. Come on!" This last is to some of the other weyrlings, as she waves them forward with one arm. Steadily, she approaches the barrel, gaze abruptly falling towards P'wyn's foot.

Kerali peers at P'wyn. "Well. Fine then. I suppose I can wait." Which is probably good, since she might use the flamethrower to 'warm up' at night or something and light a barrel of oil on fire. She also looks at that foot. "So… are you not allowing us to use the barrel or what's happening here?" Kerali picks up shovels and starts handing them out. As for herself? She arms herself with two shovels. Like that will help. "These are a little small for muscle development."

With an arch of his brow, P'wyn removes his foot from the barrel. "Just didn't want to be rolled over." He says as if this were an obvious thing. He stands upright, legs slightly apart in 'parade rest' and folds his arms behind his back. Meanwhile Enolth has gotten tired of waiting for something interesting to happen and comes ambling over in a massive, quadrapedal waddling type of amble. He stands, head arched over Kerali and Safiya, looking downwards curiously and croons in a questioning manner. "Barrel." P'wyn says not so helpfully.

Safiya's head turns as Enolth approaches, and though she beams at the brown, it's only for a moment; surprisingly, she's quite determined when it comes to staring at her shovel, and then at the barrel, which she reaches to reposition. "Do you think it's easier if her shovel in to it sideways?" she wonders. "Rather than having to lift up each scoop? Or is that just going to complicate things?" Aronth, dubious of all of this, starts blowing on the snow. He can melt it! He can… no, he really can't.

Merth pads over and peers up at the brown, then sniffs at the barrel. No oil. She sits down in the snow next to the barrel. Melting it seemed futile. "I think it'll be easier to shovel in sideways for a while. Otherwise we'll have to lift all the snow over the barrel top." Kerali… starts doing just that. She ends up more shoving and pushing snow into it. "Where are the boys? They need muscle development, too. I can almost get my fingers around B'ton's arm now if I do this." She holds up her fingers in an 'O' shape.

Enolth drops his head all the way down to touch his nose to his rider's head. This causes P'wyn to walk away from the side of the barrel and over to lean against a chocolate leg. "I know, but they will figure it out." he says apropos of nothing. A low rumble goes across the field and the assistant laughs. "Because they always do, eventually." With a huff, the brown settles down onto his haunches to watch the proceedings. Little Audryilth drifts up and leans against the brown's far side, leading him to drop his head and nuzzle the delicate green. "Hello, sweet. Did your boy get himself dressed finally?" P'wyn asks in a much more gentle voice than that used for the humans.

Although Safiya bends to get to work, shoveling in a haphazard if enthusiastic kind of way, she stops again rather abruptly; her gaze narrows. "What?" she wants to know, one hand going to her hip, gaze focused upon Enolth and P'wyn. "Kerali, what are we supposed to figure out? What IS IT?"

Kerali peers more at P'wyn. "Whose lifemate is that? Your boyfriend's?" She asks. Well, he did say 'boy'. Kerali shrugs at Safi. "I dunno! Maybe we should just start a big fire in the barrel using the sticks as kindling! Or maybe we should trap P'wyn in the barrel, then fill it with snow. Or maybe we should just go find better shovels. Or invent a dragon powered snow shovel…" Kerali puts down her shovels. "Here, help me tip this." They can't really get any more snow in sideways.

P'wyn raises another brow at Kerali's snippy attitude. "Sad commentary on a queenling that can't even recognize her own clutchmates." Ru'peh comes running over at this point to lead his little green off to the side where a few others are gathered and arguing. Enolth huffs sadly when his little pet waddles off and idly begins to dig at the snow at his feet. Quickly a hole big enough for any of the riders to fall in forms. With a frown from his rider, the brown fills it back in. "You know, the exercise will help you warm up too." P'wyn comments as Enolth drops his head to snuffle at Aronth.

<Projecting to: Aronth> Enolth mindspeaks « Hello little one. »

Dubiousness aside, Safiya sets down her own shovel in order to help Kerali tip the barrel. "If they could fly, we could dump it on his head," she giggles, though her remark seems far from serious; she's being far too good natured about this work. "Oof, this is heavy! Snow is heavy." Aronth tips his head up, curiously regarding Enolth with rapidly whirling eyes, his tail coiled carefully about his feet. "I wish everyone would stop arguing. It's dumb. It'd be easier if everyone just came and started working."

<Projecting to: Enolth> Aronth is cautious in his reply: « Hello. Do you want something? Safiya thinks this is all a trick, and it's making her sad. Why is she doing this? She should be talking to me instead. »

Hey now! That wasn't snippy! It was an honest question! Maybe P'wyn had a boyfriend amongst the candidates. Okay, the part about the barrel is sort of snippy. "Grrrrr…." They manage to tip the barrel, and Kerali piles more snow into it. Then climbs on top of it to press it down. Then out for more snow. "We could have the dragons all dig piles. Or sort of piles. Toward the center. Then we'd just… need to figure out how to make a big pile. Or something."

P'wyn nods as if it were a very serious comment. "Of course snow is heavy. That is what makes it an excellent muscle builder for weyrlings of both types." A pointed look is sent to the weyrling dragons which are all either standing around, laying down, or playing little games with themselves. "This is about conditioning you for your future work. Flying and fighting thread is neither easy nor safe and you all need to be in prime condition. While he's nattering on in the lecture mode that's sure to be tuned out by more then one weyrling, Enolth is carefully looking at the tiny blue with purpose. His eyes whirl slowly but in a rich blue and green combination. It's almost as if the two are talking.

<Projecting to: Aronth> Enolth mindspeaks « I only wished to say hello. Of course it is not a trick. It is a lesson. One that is not going well. If you and yours would only work together with the others, we might get to game much faster. We can't play until the mountain is built and the exercise and teamwork learned are both necessary for flight. »

Renth makes a graceful landing.

<Projecting to: Renth> Enolth mindspeaks « Greetings, Renth. We are trying to strengthen the weyrlings with exercise and teach them to figure out how to work together. But mostly they haven't figured that out yet. »
Renth looks at R'nice comprehendingly.

<Projecting to: Enolth> Renth mindspeaks «From what I've seen of them, I'm not surprised»"

<Projecting to: Renth> Enolth mindspeaks « P'wyn feels they will get there eventually. He says they always do. Some just need more prodding. And it snows plenty here for shoveling lessons. »

<Projecting to: Enolth> Renth mindspeaks «I'll have to watch to see what these shoveling lessons are all about»"

"Mountain?" Safiya turns her head to stare at her dragon, only now registering where he is - and to whom he's staring. She huffs out a breath, rolling her eyes, and glances back at Kerali. "Let's get them to dig," she agrees. "C'mon, Aronth. This is playing! We're going to play, by making a big pile!"

<Projecting to: Enolth> Aronth is silent for a moment; distrustful. « They, » he finally tells the brown, « Are not working with MINE. I don't want to play with them. »

Kerali strains to get the barrel tipped back over onto its side, now that it's packed with snow. "Flying will be tough for us… or them? Oof!" The barrel tips over. But at least Safi seems to be buying into the digging game. "We won't be fighting thread though. At least not like they will…" Kerali frowns. Though she heads over to the edge of the field to help with the… digging. "Just the snow, Merth. I dunno. Maybe we're going to have a big sledding party after this?"

P'wyn's lips turn up at the corners as if finally something has happened for which he approves. P'wyn is leaning against his brown, both in the center of the field while the weyrlings are spread all around the field, digging holes, arguing and in general not seeming to accomplish anything. A barrel of snow is being filled by two of the weyrlings and small child sized shovels and pails are spilled out on the ground. "Telling is cheating." he says with an affectionate pat to the brown but Enolth seems too intent on the goings on to pay much attention to what he's saying. "But if we're cheating, cheat…thoughtfully." Another pointless comment clearly spoken aloud for the benefit of others rather than the brown but P'wyn does have his own way of teaching things. Enolth continues his eye contact, tilting his head to the side. His head swivels around to quickly land on each of the little dragonets spread around the field, landing last on Merth before turning purposefully back to look at Aronth.

<Projecting to: Aronth> Enolth mindspeaks « You must learn to work with and trust each other or you will die.» The comment is simple and stark with little by-play. « And there is always one or two who should be able to get the message across to all if they wish to. »

With an over-dramatic sigh, Safiya tells Kerali, "Apparently we're supposed to be working together. It's about teamwork. That's what Aronth says, anyway! I think someone told him." And then, abruptly, she drops her shovel. "You should make Merth tell them all what to do!" This time, she sounds triumphant. "That's what we're supposed to do!" Now, she yells over her shoulder: "EVERYONE. Listen to Merth!" Because… Safiya tells you to.
<Projecting to: Enolth> Aronth is not convinced by this, but he's apparently passing the information on, all the same. « I don't want to die. I won't die. Safiya won't let me die. »

Kerali blinks at all the holes. And the arguing. "Er… Uh. Hey now! This, uh… this would be easier if we all kind of worked on one section at a time…" Kerali clears her throat and looks at Merth. "I'm trying! You try, too!" Kerali ponders. "Let's stagger so that the dragon behind can keep pushing, all the way to the pile. Merth you come over here and push back the snow Aronth is collecting." Merth of course tries to direct the weyrlings to at least all work in one section. Unfortunately the whole weyr probably hears her instructions.

From a far distance, you faintly hear someone yell "Hey, Merth, keep it down! We've got sleeping dragons here!"

With a chuckle, the assistant weyrlingmaster finally gets what he was trying for. "Here now, you lot." He calls over towards a group of lagging weyrlings. "Your weyrwoman just gave an order." With a start, some of the boys look at Kerali and Merth a little differently, moving a step faster when Enolth rumbles deeply. "F'nn, J'im, B'ton, L'el. You each grab six others. Divide into four sections and work TOGETHER." The last word is said with emphasize. "This is how we survive thread, people. Together. Teams backing each other up no matter your feeling for your fellow rider." He nods a faux bow to the little queenling pair. "If you would assign the bronzes sections please."

Safiya's eyes go a little wide as, well, things start to happen; she casts a glance at Kerali that suggests something very near admiration, or possibly just belated awe. Her friend the weyrwoman! As Aronth slinks back, she reaches out to rub at his headknobs, waiting to be assigned in to one of the work groups. "C'mon, Aronth," she murmurs. "We've got to go work with the others. Kerali and Merth are going to SUPERVISE."

Kerali blinks at P'wyn. "I uh… w-what?" Weyrwoman? She wasn't that yet! And clearly was not used to being referred to as such. "Er… Oh! Right. Um… Okay. F'nn you take the north section. J'im you go to the west side and L'el you take the south. B'ton will stay here on the east side and help us clear it out. Stronger dragons toward the middle, since they'll have to push the most snow there." She blinks at Safi. "We're not just going to supervise!" Merth heads towards the center pile, to help scoop up snow onto the growing mound.

P'wyn and Enolth move into a tighter grouping in the center as the snow slowly begins to fill in around them. Occasionally the brown helpfully scoops a bit of the outer edge directly to the center and the pair step up, allowing the little snow mound to build. "There are only a limited number of golds in any one weyr. Five is usually the most. As you all know, we currently have three and while yes, Merth is only a weyrling at this point, all other color dragons will always take direction from any full grown queen and you will find your weyrlings will take direction from Merth as well." He sends a mock stern look at Kerali. "I wouldn't abuse that if I were you. A queen's rider is only as powerful as her Weyr will allow." He glances back around at the working weyrlings building up sweat and snow in equal amounts. "The other colors also have their ranking as well and each one has a unique and important position to fill. No weyr could survive threadfall without all five colors working together. And without the Weyrs, there is no Pern."

Safiya opens her mouth to argue with Kerali, but evidently thinks better of it; she might get in trouble! Still, there's definite pride in her expression for P'wyn's comment about the importance of all the dragons, and it's pride that's quickly aimed at Aronth, as he throws himself into what he's been asked to do. Progress! "See!" she tells him. "We're super important. We're going to flame ALL the thread until we're too tired to flame any more."

Kerali looks at P'wyn and nods. "We… we won't generally be giving orders in the air either, right? That's for the wingleaders? I guess we still have to learn all the formations and things though…" Kerali blinks at his look. "Er… of course not." Kerali tilts her head at Safi. What was there to argue about now? Everyone and their opinions! Kerali pats Merth. "No, you don't get to flame. We might get a flamethrower though! That'll be… fun." Or scary with Thread falling all around them.

Renth blinks. R'nice shakes his head wearily. "No, Renth. No." "No! No, no, no!"

Renth blinks. R'nice says "Absolutely not! No!" "I don't care! You can NOT go play in the piles of snow!"

Is P'wyn a bit hesitant to answer this? "Well, yes. O'mohe is in charge during threadfall and the queen's wing is of course lead by Sazey." Yet he seems uncomfortable as he says that. "I should warn you though that at least one queen is usually left behind to assist with 'fall injuries.." There's a pause before he adds. "And Sazey is a bit over protective of our golds at the moment." At this point the mound is well and truly grown now, large enough for Enolth to just about squeeze up on top with loops of brown hanging over the edge. "Out of the way you." P'wyn playfully tells the brown, who hop/glides his way out of the circle over, leaving P'wyn alone on top. "Safiya, Aronth. Front and center!" He points downwards, not even waiting for the bluepair before continuing. "No claws, no teeth, no fighting. Use your brains and your bodies people. The game is…." With a dramatic pause, he continues. "King of the Mountain." And with that, he steps down, leaving the bluepair at the mercy of their peers.

Renth blinks. R'nice laughs

Safiya rolls her shoulders back, apparently missing Kerali's glance; she's also probably forgotten whatever it was she might have argued about. Instead, she squeaks - audibly and visibly - in response to P'wyn's instruction, but certainly throws herself into the game, Aronth at her heels as they scale the mountain, and take their position. "You can't get us!" she taunts. Clearly, she's played this game before. "Aronth and me, we're too fast. This is OUR mountain!" Of course, she immediately gets a snowball thrown at her head. Still!

Kerali looks relieved. "Oh good. Er… injuries? Like… of dragons? Or… riders?" Kerali blinks at P'wyn. She did technically have experience helping stabilize people in the infirmary. She might be stuck on… injury duty. Which inevitably meant… triage. Scary. She tries to push the thoughts out of her head. The King of the Mountain game helps. No claws? No fighting? Well then! Kerali will let the snowballs fly. Instead she tells Merth to sneak around the back. Then they go charging up the hill, yelling and roaring, Merth's wings flared out. Hopefully to surprise them off the hill. Probably not the best of tactics, but hey!

P'wyn starts to head over to where the visiting weyrleader is watching from. Along the way, he stops to whisper something to All'ci and M'rand. The boys snicker together and after P'wyn leaves them, begin a sneaky dual assault on the hillside, assisted by their green lifemates. "Weyrleader. Renth." P'wyn greets the visitors pleasantly. "How are things aat Telgar, R'nice?"

Renth blinks. R'nice says, "Things are well. All is quiet. No thread is always good times."

Renth blinks. R'nice climbs down from Renth's back.

R'nice compliments P'wyn on his training technique.

Safiya turns in surprise when Merth begins charing up the hill, squeaking, and then tripping over her own foot and ending up in a bank of snow that probably no longer counts as 'mountain'. Aronth abandons his post in order to check on her… which only opens everything up for another couple of weyrlings, all of whom converge on the top. Kerali may need to fight them for it; Safiya, spitting snow out of her mouth, is giggling too hard to get back into the game.

R'nice whispers to P'wyn how he would win the game.

R'nice whispers "Obviously, the winning move is to start at the base and dig a tunnel to the top!"

P'wyn laughs. He mutters to R'nice, "… advantage…. all… for Renth to… what…"

R'nice senses "P'wyn laughs. "You'd have an unfair advantage. They'd all be busy watching for Renth to notice what you are doing.""

R'nice mutters to P'wyn, "… been… him from flying… and… the current… :)"

R'nice whispers " Hey, it's been all I can handle to keep him from flying to the top and picking up the current winner and carrying them away. :)"

Kerali laughs as Safiya goes falling over herself. The goldrider moves to help the bluerider up to her feet, leaving Merth to defend the mountain on her own. Merth growls and snaps at the other weyrlings, but her size won't win her anything. Since she's still about as big as they are. Kerali scoops Safi up under one of her arms. "You better get back in there! This is how they determine who gets to be wingleader!" By standing up to the tiny, angry queen. Who is losing her position at the top of the mountain anyway.

[Dragons/Practice Field] Enolth: Out of the way, little ones! I'm coming in!

[Dragons/Practice Field] Aronth: « Nooooo. Merth, stare him down! »

Enolth waddles his way back towards the mound, as his rider calls teasing comments from the sidelines. Carefully, but without stopping he forces his way back towards the top of the hill until only the little queen is between him and the ground, and only because he's standing over her. "She probably should move. He's going to lay down!" P'wyn calls helpfully from the sidelines. "They you can all try to make him move." Notice the assistant is not foolish enough to get into that pile.

R'nice says, "10 marks on Enolth!"

P'wyn chuckles, as he asides to R'nice. "He loves the little ones. I think he likes being a weyrlingmaster better than I do."

Safiya, shaking snow off of her hat, positively beams at Kerali as the other weyrling helps her up. "I don't want to be wingleader!" she giggles, dancing from one foot to the other. "Go Merth, go! I'm a bluerider." Clearly that comment made sense in her head. "Merth, headbutt him! Aronth, get back in there: go! We need the bronzes in there. The really big ones, the ones bigger than Merth. Suarath! Phineth! Go get him!"

R'nice says, "Yeah, really big bronzes… that sounds like a good way to attack the problem…"

Merth trumpets in surprise as a big brown behind is barreling down on her. Nooo the dragonity! She scrambles and slides down the hill in a rather frumpy fashion. The gold is of course, tempted to headbutt the brown. But it would be a fruitless effort. Instead she gallops over to her rider and starts huffing and wingflaring. "What? I can't understand you when you talk like that! Oh! Everyone charge him at once! One… two.. three!" Even Kerali runs up the hill with the dragons. Whichever ones decide to charge. Hopefully enough of them to make a difference.

P'wyn bursts into laughter as Enolth is not even down on the ground for a moment before an avalaunche of weyrlings and weyrling dragons are pushing, butting and climbing all over him. The brown doesn't seem to mind in the least, letting the mayhem go one for several minutes before with a cheerful warble and great care, he slowly stands back up. Though a few tumble about here and there, no one is harmed but poor blue Nweth is perched on the brown's back. P'wyn, manages to choke down the laughter long enough to say. "Well, this lesson is offically over. You are all free to continue the afternoon as you wish. /OUTSIDE/." He adds with a meaningful look at those already looking to slink back out of the cold.

Aronth is… not in the midst of the mayhem, but lurks about the edges of it; suspicious. His rider barely seems to notice: by the way she enthuses, he might well have taken down the brown singlehandedly, honest. "Aren't they amazing?" She's wringing her hands with glee. "Come on, let's throw some snowballs at the boys, Kerali!" Now that they have, after all, been dismissed. Why not act like the children they surely no longer are?

R'nice says, "A well done lesson, P'wyn."

You say, "Thank you, Weyrleader. I hope you will let O'mohe and my senior know about your approval."

R'nice says, "Who is your senior?"

You say, "Yh'val, bronze Unvreth's."

Merth is amongst the tumbling smaller dragons. As Enolth gets up to leave she gives him a neck rub, in an almost uncharacteristic display of comradery. Or gratitude. Or whatever. Kerali heads back to where Safi is. "Woo! Let's!" Kerali starts making snowballs. And throwing them at the boys. There are lots of boys to throw at. Starting with the bronzers! Snowballs of course are thrown back. "Incoming!"

R'nice says, "I shall make it a point to speak to him."

P'wyn glances at the fight about to ensue. "R'nice, I suggest we head to the living caverns for a quick klah or we'll shortly be wearing a layer of snow ourselves." He motions for the Weyrleader to lead the way, calling out to the weyrlings as they head off. "You lot behave yourselves. I get any complaints from riders of unprovoked attacks and you'll be cleaning the latrines for weeks, hear?" And while Enolth curls up on the sidelines to keep a protective eye on the weyrlings, the rider heads off.

R'nice says, "That sounds like a fine idea."

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