Ilosth Clutches

Smooth stone curves around the warm hatching sands. To one side several tiers have been carved into the natural curvature of the cavern's walls providing a perch for the Weyr's residents to watch the activity on the sands below. A wooden railing has been built along the base of the galleries, delineating the separation between them and the sands that must not be crossed. The stone tiers are worn in places where the best viewing spots are to be found. The occasional blanket or pillow seat cushion can be found, abandoned after the excitement of hatching or heat numbing observation of hardening eggs.

Main Sands> Beyond the heated grounds a wall of white is all that can be seen. A winter's blizzard grips the weyr making all the more trecherous the trip to these grounds and the galleries. As such the crowd is rather thin to follow the second queen who arrives. The first lifts her head and growls softly nto wanting to share bu tthe buldging sides of the second will no longer wait for relief. Ilosth simply ignore the other, finding an unusused section of sands distant enough to lay her own clutch. Ixtabith curls her body around her own clutch, mantling a wing over and keeping a close eye on the other. It isn't long before the first few eggs arrive with grunts and moans at the effort from Ilosth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Too Much Sparkle Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's the biggest piece of bling to be unearthed in some time, perhaps all time. Not the largest of the eggs, it is certainly the most dazzling. Compressed by untold pressures over eons, or perhaps even in just moments in some singular explosive event, the creative juices that have brought forth this one deserve high praise and contemplation. Resting almost smugly upon the sands, it is a singular radiant stone of flawless diamond that simply *sparkles*. Giving diamond a hue is ever hard to describe, the light reflecting and refracting to tease the eye with all manner of glimmer. A touch of silver there, a wink of red here, a sparkle in blue up yonder one could go one endlessly. Even then it will depend upon one's perspective because from every vantage is a slightly different shiny view.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Monstrous World Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Monstrous in size, this egg looms large amongst its siblings in the clutch. A jeweled marble of life that seems to spin ever slowly as it floats amongst the warm sands. Swirling tendrils of fluffy alabaster clouds drift lazily over the surface. Below that thin layer, a pleasant sheen of oceanic blue is broken by bright verdant greens and a few patches of weathered brown and mountainous gray. A few pinpricks of red show activity still in force, as land struggles in being born by the volcanic forces deep within. Hazy circles of irregular lava cooling along cerulean waves mark the areas newly emerged from the sea. It is a world unto itself, so familiar and yet so alien.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Distant Gleam Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A dark ovoid of average size, it is the strange coloring which sets this one apart. Black obsidian cloaks in the background, contrasted by a huge fireball of red and orange. It scorches any liquid from the shells surface and makes one hot just to look at it. What is most peculiar however is the shadow of a perfect circle which cuts in front of that blazing star. A world on the edge of existence which seems like it shouldn't be and might fade just as quickly into the oblivion just beyond the horizon.

And, of course, the well-bundled artist is there at the first signs of another clutching. Artist's tools readily in hand, Shailaja takes a spot a bit closer to the sands - but also a bit closer to the exit. A wary eye is angled to Ixtabith and her coiling, but it's not long before her attention rests on Ilosth and her oncoming brood.

Eodarin is one of the few to brave the blizzard and fumble her way to the galleries, following the railing up to the galleries as she brushes snow from her shoulders and hair, distracted as Ilosth begins to lay the first of her eggs. Promptly she finds a seat, sitting just above where Shailaja has settled herself. Nothing is said, as of yet, as her attention flicks from one queen to the other.

Shailaja is, at least, reasonably deft when it comes to her job. Pastels are put to work with quick gestures, capturing the broad strokes of each egg as it's laid. Her mouth pulls a little to one side and it's only after it seems Ilosth is taking a brief break that she dares to look back and slightly up at the other young woman. A sheepish smile is offered and she waggles the bit of blue in her hand before her gaze, inexorably, is drawn back to the eggs.

Ph'yn maybe fell asleep here? He just sorta appears from behind one of the rows higher up and farther back. A hand tussles short hair into some semblance of fashion like he meant it to be like that. He looks confused for a bit, surprised to see so many folks and then the second queen is noted and things start to fall into place.

Eodarin wiggles her fingers back to Shailaja with a quick grin curving her lips but seeing her at work has her keeping her tongue in check for now before she begins her usual barrage of questions and chattering. For now, she's content to sit on the edge of bench, hands propped on either side of her as she leans forwards just a bit.

Main Sands> Muzzle nudges at the largest, most sparkly egg ever. Her grunts and moans seem well justified as she buries it half in the warmed sands. Rest she is not yet to get however, rippling sides herald the arrival of more eggs in the near future. Hind talons dig a short trough in which the next cluster is laid, one by one. Again, with much effort showing on the queens features.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Serene Perfection Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Arguably the most beautiful of the eggs in this strange clutch, the flawless shell of this ovoid gleams with a soft magenta hue. Along the edge it practically glows, as if backlit from some unseen source. The glow accents that most perfectly calming and beauftiful hue. The main surface itself is brushed in slightly varying gradients of the hue so that it is not a uniform blandness, but artistic perfection in broad parallel strokes. It rests with a calm serenty that invites one in, even from far, far, away.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Insubstantial Clouds Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Insubstanstial fluff somehow coalesces into the form of this egg. In shape it is much more rounded than any of the others and carries with it a sense of barely being there at all. It looks as if the lightest breeze my scatter the gauzy swirling clouds of indigo and chartreuse. The contrasting colors are rather a painful combination to look at. It's a wonder that whatever is locked within doesn't simply fall out from the cloudy environment, rather than any shell actually breaking it might simply dissapate and leave the prized gem inside revealed. Then again, will anything within be any more substantial than what rests before your eyes now?

K'llian brushes his hair out of his eyes as he enters the galleries. A sly, wicked smile crosses his face and he strides boldly towards the center of the stands where several riders are sitting just a few rows up from the sand floor. "Ladies" he mutters playfully to several greenriders as he joins them. They move over with a laugh and he boldly slides an arm around each of his neighbors. "Have I missed anything of note?" he asks. The greenie on the left whispers in his ear and he grins even larger.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Trick of the Light Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
As if basking in the glow of a warm fire, the swirling mix of turquoise, evergreen and alabaster upon this average sized eggs shell are shifted from what hue you might expect under the light of day. The edges of the egg are a bit… fuzzy. It's as if it doesn't want to end but eventually gives up and the real world takes over from this imaginary one, or else it is slowly dissipating into nothingness. For now there is plenty of egg present and focusing on that blurry edge is likely only going to give one a migraine. Instead the warm glow the egg seems to bask under invites one to simply relax and just go with the flow.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Soon To Be Seen Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A shadow nestled amongst the dark sands the shell is somehow exactly the hue of the fine grains in which it mysteriously hides. Only the matte finish upon its barely discernible surface helps one to pick it out although it's apt to be frequently passed over. So barely there at all it is difficult to tell whether it is particularly large or small, rounded or elongated. It could just as well not exist for all that it seems to hide from view and is left to be detected by other means. Just try not to trip over it come hatching day!

Shailaja switches out colors and pauses a bit at that lovely, magenta-hued egg. She sifts through her colors with a grimace - none, it seems, will do it justice! - and she quickly moves on to the next. The ripple of conversation - or, at least, girlish tittering - is enough to momentarily pull her attention, but it drops to the eggs again. But- not before she lifts a hand a little and wiggles her fingers, as if suggesting that Eodarin should move down a tier. Maybe the view is better?

"I think you've got your work cut out for you…" Eodarin mutters to Shailaja as the invitation to move down a tier is taken, her tone amused as she can no longer resist keeping quiet. She squints her eyes a bit, peering at some of the newest eggs to be laid as she settles in. "Some interesting, uh… colors? Hues?" Same thing, right? "She—" She catches herself mid curse and clears her throat. "So much variation…" The laughter draws her attention briefly and spying a bronzerider among the greenriders, Eodarin almost rolls her eyes but her attention is drawn away once more to the Sands.

Main Sands> the four newest are quickly tucked in. Impatience in the further rippling of distended sides as Ilosth looks around with a bit of a rumble. It earns a hiss back from Ixtabith. Clearly, stay away! The other sighs and she snuffles at the sands in the opposite direction until the call of the contractions produces further result.

The artist laughs, her voice pitched low. "Yeah, yeah. I just need to get some different colors for some of them." Shailaja indicates a few, then shakes her head. "Colors, hues, shades- all of it. It's, um. It's probably one of the most diverse I've ever seen, you know?" She sifts through her colors again and shapes out another egg. "It's- um. Well. I don't think I've ever seen things happen like this before, you know? Two on the sands at once? They're going to need so many Candidates." And Ilosth isn't even done clutching yet!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Cold, Cold Shoulder Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A dark cratered stone surface patterns across this smaller egg. Slate, charcoal and the sort of gray you get on a cloudy rainy dreary day all mingle to play light and dark and accent the stony hues. Atop the stony exterior is a sheet of frozen ice that seems almost like glass in its clarity. Yet something about it radiates a chill to the very core of this distant world. It even tends to sit within the outer reaches of the clutch, as if seeking to escape its colorful siblings for a chill solitude that is not to be interrupted.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Ancient Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Another large orb, this echoes a coalesced ocean. Tropical hues drift and swirl, mingling upon the surface to keep it from being completely uniform but at the same time not especially well defined. It looks ready to dive right in, as if its been around forever and simply exists without being perturbed by anything much around it. Left alone who knows what might be developing beneath such a rich, life inviting exterior.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Not Quite Normal Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A smudgy brewing mix of toxics boldly encapsulate the surface of this unassuming egg. Nauseous mustardy sulfur flow beneath choking clouds of charcoal gray and rusty brown. Stomach turning olive foam splashes against the others, with non being able to dominate. No pretty charmer is this egg, if anything it exudes a feisty independence with a sense of something a little off. It comes across particularly in the cant of the swirling mix upon the shell which runs slightly off center and at either pole a bright stream of neon purple phases in and out like some strange aurora, but again off centered. Or maybe the eggs just resting slightly tilted, it's hard to tell.

Chandi is somewhat subdued as she wanders on up to the galleries, glancing around before finding a spot next to a friend and then turning her gaze on down to the sands. "So, another clutch. Will it be as large as the first one, I wonder?" She arches an eyebrow and settles to stare at the mottled shells.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Starlit Starlet Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Delicately dancing amongst its parents is this dazzling little egg. Well, not so dazzling as some but a polished charmer with a childlike innocence that burnishes into the not to boldly hued shell. No particular patter is found in the surprisingly pleasant mix of crimson, umber and taupe. Primped with blush of rusty hue alongst the line of color here or there. It accents what might be a mountain range, or perhaps a shallow valley seen from ever far ahead. The source of light its parent trio that cause unpredictable shadows in unexpected placed giving a unique texture to the shells surface.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Til Ash Do Us Part Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The dying embers of a fire are magnified a million fold upon the arcing surface of this shell. It's as if the egg itself is about to be consumed by the slowly expanding cinder. The ovoid itself is a mere speck in comparison the grandeur of its parent, but it does a respectable justice. Surface is long dried, and liquid or life one evaporated beneath the encroaching glare. What is left is barren rock, a mixture of gray stone and worn dusty browns filling in the cracks and valleys upon the fading surface. The side closest the ever looming fiery glow seems to breaking up into tiny ashen particles and dissipating until you imagine that at some point there will be nothing left of what was once a vibrant world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Dusty Dragon Winds Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
An irregularly shaped egg, this one seems somewhat more stretched out than its siblings. The hue is a gauzy sort of dusty brown which is fairly regularly across the surface as if you can't quite bring it into focus no matter how hard you try. It is another of those rather large shells as it drifts through the swirling mix of the sandy hatching grounds. Already active its placement is different with every visit, so much so that there could be a debate as to whether this dusty egg is just frequently moved by its dam, or that is just gets pushed around by the merest breath of wind from even the rustle of a dragons wing.

The whispering and laughter continues from the rider group who seem only half interested in the eggs themselves and more on those starting to gather in the galleries. All'ci nudges K'llian in the back and the bronzer turns to look. Both males then motion towards Chandi. "Join us, darlin'?" Kill calls grinning. "And where's your pretty little 'mate? I rarely see you apart when you aren't working."

Eodarin tilts her head as she examines the color palette Shailaja has at her disposal before grinning at her friend. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Wonder if they're going to be all — oh, looks like that one will be easy to paint at least?" She lifts a hand to point to the darker cratered stone surface-like egg. There's a low whistle under her breath as she nods, "You're right. Any guess on how many she's going to clutch?" Even as the question is asked, her eyes drift again to the other queen on the Sands.

Shailaja's brow furrows a bit as more and more eggs join the first. "… they're all so -big-." Concern briefly manifests, but the artist shrugs it off a few moments later, a distraction found in some snippet of conversation or another. To Chandi, she replies, "Maybe? That would be something, though. Forty eggs out there?" She shakes her head at the very idea and turns her attention to Eodarin. "Oh! That one, yeah. The ones with texture are… um. More interesting, I guess. Not easy, but fun. I- oh. Oh, jays. I don't know," is for the question on egg counts. "Eighteen?" It's a question, sure, but she doesn't go fishing for more. "How many do you think she'll lay?"

Chandi tilts her head. "Emma drew the short straw. She's out on sweeps right now. So I have to tell her all about this. Such as it is, and what happens." She pauses. "Don't mind me, Kill. I'm out of sorts tonight for some stange reason."

Eodarin frowns as well as her eyes sweep the sands again, likely trying to imagine a total of eighty eggs between two Queens resting there. She shakes her head, lifting a hand to rub it along the back of her neck and head. "What makes it easy then?" she asks distractedly, with a slight nod to her work. How many eggs does she figure? "So hard to tell!" She admits with a shrug. "But at this rate? I'd say she'll pass thirty at the very least. Just…" Where will they all go, if that's the case?

Main Sands> After quite a few arrive the gold slumps to the sands. She doesn't even seem to hae the energy to tuck these latest in properly just yet. Sides heaving do look a bit slimmer but the continuing ripples show that she isn't quite finished. Perhpas it's the sizes of the eggs in this clutch which are more labor, literally. After a bit of a break tail pushes sand sloppily over the cluster of five and she moves off to another spot which is so far untouched. Over this spot she spends a long time, heaving, pushing and moaning. Quite a vocal creature it seems all her efforts are rewarded in the particular gleam upon the largest shell yet when it finally arrives.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Nightmare Inferno Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
From a distance this is every Weyr's dream. The unmistakable gleam of gold which crackles along the shell slowly becomes ever more a nightmare the closer and longer one looks upon the flawed surface. No placid, fluffy welcome is found here. Instead an inhospitable fury of flame and molten hues flow in liquid rivers across the surface. The surface of the shell itself is broken into flaking plates of antiqued metal around which are lava-like flows of butterscotch and tequila. Volcanic mountains flare here and there like odd pimples across the plated surface, exploding in sparkles of lemon, citrine and topaz. A hellish world that might give pause to any onlookers. Just what sort of queen lies beneath this roiling nightmarish shell?

Shailaja rolls a shoulder and leans forward, adjusting her sketchbook and the situation of her supplies. She starts in on another egg, the latest one to be precise, and she explains, "There isn't really… any -easy- thing to do, I guess? I mean, if it's all one color, that's kind of easy. Easier than putting in all the squiggly bits and other bits and-" her explanation falters as the -actually- latest egg emerges and she nearly drops her pastel stick. "Is that. That can't be." Words. Half-finished sentences. She settles on staring at that egg, because what else can she do?

K'llian frowns slightly. A word to the woman on his left and there's now room on the bench. K'llian pats the spot. "Come have a rest, Chandi. We'll leave you be. No games tonight." The smile he offers is sincere, something not often seen in the weyr playboy and troublemaker. "Pen's got me checking on his kids for him. Wondering what's in store this time around with so many at once."

"I think it is…exactly that." Eodarin not-so helpfully answers the obvious as she too gapes a little. She'll settle for staring at the egg, the two Queens and then to Shailaja. Well, this is proving to be all the more unusual, isn't it? "Guess, uh…" What is there to say? "This'll be a first, for a lot of things." she mutters low.

Chandi nods and moves to get up and settle in besides K'llian. "Just a strange mood. It's been a fair few turns since we've had this many eggs on the sands. And well, Emma and I always like to go to these together. Something of a habit when they happen."

Main Sands> Ilosth certainly gleams, chin lifting with pride as that egg emerges. Eyes narrow ever so as she casts a glance towards the other queen on the sands. So there! The other just sort of glowers quietly. Her own gold egg gleaming from its singular mound and while there surely won't be any sharing it seems that two such will likely be competing to be pushed ever higher, or made more promenant by these two. Still she has a task left and her attention slides back. Sides deflated for all but perhpas one more. Eyes squeeze such as she rears back a bit hissing to deposit the last of the smaller, but not SMALL egged clutch.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Tiniest Maybe Sorta Egg >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The eggs in the clutch are many and varied. Some are dazzling, others brightly colored, some are large and others rather small. This egg might be missed amongst the clutch for it is certainly none of the above. It is tiny, so small it might be half the size of the next smallest. A throwback to the first clutches which seem only distant rumor and memory. Or perhaps the blandly shaded ovoid is simply a dud. Unpretentious umber browns and charcoal grays mingle upon the orb making it seem alone, and dead in the void. What heat the sands might give failing to make any impact on this distant shell nearly lost in the dark.

The artist sucks her teeth and shakes her head as if to clear it. Arting will happen later. For now, Shailaja's attention is split squarely between -that- vexatious egg and Eodarin, who is - fortunately - much less vexatious in nature. Sidelong looks are angled between the two as conversation continues in low tones. "This is- I just." There are no words. Truly. She swallows hard. "This just doesn't -happen-. It doesn't- I mean, it does seem good, you know? But it doesn't. Like." She tries to articulate, but the words - again - aren't there.

Eodarin is trying hard to follow Shailaja's explanation but eventually can only give a perplexed look. No, she's not quite following? "It doesn't, but it did and… guess we'll see?" It's the best answer she can give, along with as reassuring a smile as she can muster. But it has her thinking! IS it a good thing? "And I guess I was way off on my wager. She looks to be finished… That is one small egg." That last bit is almost whispered to her friend. Distraction?

Main Sands> After all the fuss and effort of the larger eggs the last actually isn't as bad as Ilosth makes out. It gives a small pop as the tiny egg slips out, almost an afterthought to all the sound and fury that has come before. That is however, that. Fifteen eggs is a small but respectable clutch. More notable about them, beyond that hellish gleam of gold, be the size of the majority. If the colors within are similarly influenced, well they'll keep everyone waiting a few weeks to find out…

"Just. Why would the queens make more queens unless many more dragons were needed?" Shailaja finally gets the words out, her tone troubled. Perhaps she should be more pleased? It's hard to say. The last egg is spotted only after Eodarin mentions it - and, even then, she finds herself staring at it with just as much incredulity as the gold egg. Then she laughs brightly, the sound startling even to herself because she's quick to clap her hands over her mouth - and leave smears of pastel color, but hey. "Oh, oh- -jays-."

Chandi smiles slightly. "Well, it's always an interesting time when there is a queen egg. Now, there are two." She glances up at the chattering girls. "Sometimes, one wonders." She moves to bump her shoulder against K'llian. "But it's too early for worries and the things we cannot change. And, there will be the feast tonight. Come with me?"

Eodarin can only spread her hands in a helpless gesture at the troubled questioned thrown her way. "Dunno. Unless… I don't know." Now it's her turn to lose her ability to articulate. Chewing at her lower lip, she'll glance out over the Sands. "Bet there will be a lot of talk about it." Maybe they'll find answers there? She starts a bit at her friend's laughter but then snickers herself — or it could be the pastel that has just been smeared. "What?" she prompts, amused.

Shailaja shakes her head and tries to fight off the giggles that have clearly invaded. It's better than the fretting, probably. It takes her nearly a minute but, when she does, it's with a little hiccup that she says, "All those -huge- eggs… and that little one has to be last, you know? Poor Ilosth!" She drops her hands, color smeared faintly over her cheeks. "Oh, -jays-. I need to wash up. Are you going to the feast?"

K'llian looks a little hunted at the sight of two gold eggs on the sands. "Man, I just got /out/ of trouble." He mutters dejectedly. But the shoulderbump is enough to bring around his normal good spirits and the bronzer grins and stands. He offers a hand up to Chandi. "As you will m'lady. I'll keep you safe and entertained till your lass is home again." He winks playfully. "Besides. You can protect me for Suzey. Cause this.." He motions over his shoulders at the sands. "It's going to go well."

Chandi merely nods. "No. She is not going to be happy. But I think. Well, what I think is never really that important is it, compared to those that are our leaders." She dimples a smile, lead off and we shall find what treats may have been prepared. "Girls, will you come join us?"

Eodarin laughs now as well but doesn't seem as embarrassed. "Hazard of your work?" she teases her friend again before nodding. Before she can answer though, Chandi's question catches her attention and for a moment she glances around her before pointing a finger at her own chest. As in them? "Um. Yes, of course! You coming too?" This is asked of Shailaja as she pushes to her feet, hastily tucking her scarf back around her neck and bundling up as best she can. Blizzard or not, it's cold out and she's still adjusting to the change.

"It's worse when I'm working with ink," Shailaja replies sheepishly. She dusts her hands off on her trousers and quickly gathers everything up and rebundles herself. Some futile rubbing of her face on the inside of her jacket follows. "I- um. I guess?" Which is really saying 'yes', but that means going outside in the blizzard. She'll follow everyone else, of course, but don't mind her if she chances a cautious look back at the doubled clutch and future quadruple queens.

K'llian's eyebrows rise at the kids' being invited but gallently he motions all the women forward. It seems the rest of the riders don't plan to join them though he gets severl kisses from his ladies and a teasing goose from All'ci. K'llian rolls his eyes at the man motioning them away. "Nice try, buddy." The group leaves laughing and the bronzer motions his new group on ahead. "Shall we then?" He offers an arm to Chandi. "Not sure I know you two. I'm Jalath's. You can call me Kill."

Chandi is wandering down, confident K'llian will just follow along with whatever she has planned. "And well, Emma will be done soon and back. So then, it actually will be a celebration, for us at least."

Eodarin snickers again to Shailaja's sheepish reply and quietly observes the exchange between the riders and K'llian. That has her smirking until introductions are given and that smirk turns to a crooked half-smile as she follows all of them out of the galleries. Clearly she's not going to question the invitation further! A brow quirks at the name, but she rolls with it. "We've not crossed paths before but well met. I'm Eodarin — or Darin, if we're gonna go with nicknames." she answers.

Shailaja offers a wiggle of fingers after Chandi as the greenrider moves on ahead. She sticks somewhat to the back regardless, so it's entirely likely the gesture is missed. The bronzerider's introduction is met with a raised eyebrow - almost precisely in time with Eodarin's in a way that's comical. "Oh. Um." She flicks a look back again and winces at the sight of Shakti standing somewhere near Ixtabith, arms folded. The wince lingers as she shifts her attention back to the others again. "Shailaja. Or. Um." Nicknames? She's surely given one before but, this time, her tongue sticks. "It's a pleasure to meet you, yeah yeah?" There. Done. She shifts the bag of art supplies on her shoulder, flashes a smile, and lapses into mostly awkward silence on her part.

K'llian smirks at Chandi just walks right by his offered arm and leaves him in the dust. "Ah..left behind again. Well, shall we girls?" He pulls his jacket more tightly about him and heads out into the storm to the living caverns where there's bound to be some form of merriment in progress. "She loves me. Really she does." He says as his wingmate vanishes from view. "If it weren't for her weyrmate." He grins to show it's a jest, clearly the man's normal behavior.

Eodarin is too late to give any farewell gesture to Chandi, but she'll give K'llian a sidelong look when he jokes around with them. "I'm sure." she replies dryly and a touch brazenly, but otherwise lingers behind with Shailaja as they all prepare to face the winter storm on their way to the living caverns. "Let's go! I can go for something hot to drink…" Not to mention some food! Feast and merriment and perhaps some 'listening' in to catch what others think on the outcome of the double clutch.

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