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High Reaches Weyr - Galleries
Smooth stone curves around the warm hatching sands. To one side several tiers have been carved into the natural curvature of the cavern's walls providing a perch for the Weyr's residents to watch the activity on the sands below. A wooden railing has been built along the base of the galleries, delineating the separation between them and the sands that must not be crossed. The stone tiers are worn in places where the best viewing spots are to be found. The occasional blanket or pillow seat cushion can be found, abandoned after the excitement of hatching or heat numbing observation of hardening eggs.

What to do when it's dawn but a blizzard rages outside? Well… not much, really. Eodarin rose early, as she normally does, for her work in the stables only to have that diverted by the poor weather. So it was to the inner caverns for a light breakfast and feeling too alert to return to her room for more sleep, she braved the outdoors again. Not that she had to go too far and it's at least warm where she's settled herself in the galleries. Nothing terribly exciting, but she seems to enjoy observing what she can of the double clutch and both queens. It's there that she can be found, lost to her own thoughts.

Ed'ard is looking rather like the snow folk that small children sometimes make at the weyr, before he shakes himself off at the entrance and just ahs softly in relief as the warmth here hits him. Another brush of hands over his winter clothing before he blinks, as his eyes adjust to the dimmer light here and he looks around. "Ah. Well, who might also be hiding out in here from the weather? I swear it is the only warm place in this weyr right now." Then he is climbing steps, looking amused at the few other folks.

Eodarin slips out of her daydreaming when she catches movement out of the corner of her eye. She has to stifle a snickered-laugh at Ed'ard's snow covered state. "A few brave folks!" she answers in a hushed voice but her grin shows she's in a good mood despite the weather and the hour.

Ed'ard tilts his head in acknowledgement before he marches over to wear Eodarin is sitting. "And how is today finding you? Beyond not snow covered like myself?" A wave of his hand to encompass the area. "I'm not sure we should ever leave here, with its lovely warmth. Although we might find ourselves hungry if we stay."

"Not to mention uncomfortable. These benches leave much to desire after a few candlemarks, you know." Eodarin chuckles and stretches a bit as if to emphasize her point. As she settles, she shrugs. "Good, I guess. Woke up to the mess outside and figured I'd come here. It's… not gonna cause trouble?" Not that it hasn't before but she peers at him curiously all the same. "What about you? You don't have to fly in this storm, do you?"

Ed'ard gives a bleak stare to the outside. "Thankfully, no. Denny and I are not to be out in this weather. Although it's some other poor set of watchriders." He shrugs though. "As winter moves along, it'll be us sooner or later." He nods once at the seating. "Well, I think the provided chairs are rather uncomfortable for a reason. Need all the space we can get, and if they were comfy, some folks would just live in here." He gives a wicked grin. "Rather like some candidates, I supposed?"

Eodarin wrinkles her nose, "Feel bad for them and for anyone stuck going out here in that blizzard. I know," She waves her hand to ward off any corrections. "Duties. You could get lucky though? At least to have no snow." Always some bright side to look forwards too, right? Grinning, she laughs quietly at his joke of the chairs and then feigns innocence. "Better than a frozen Candidate?" she drawls back with a wry smirk.

Ed'ard laughs quietly. "Well, yes. You should stay in here if you are about to freeze." A nodding sort of glance. "Well, yes. It can't be snowy all the time up here. Just most of it during the winter season." He glances finally at the reason everyone comes to the galleries. "Ah then, how are the eggs? I can't believe honestly that it isn't more crowded, with them getting so close to hatching. Everyone always wants to be the first one to report movement."

"Thought so." Eodarin snickers and shakes her head. "I know that! Just said maybe your luck will be it won't be snowing if you have watch-duty." she points out. As for the eggs? She'll look out over the sands and tilt her head a bit, chewing at her lower lip. "Dunno?" Is her answer at first. "I mean, nothing has changed. They rotate them sometimes." They being the two Queens. "Could be the blizzard keeping folks back? Sometimes there's more but I think many are just curious to see how things are. Y'know? With two clutches at once."

Ed'ard hmms softly, considering before he simply shrugs. "I suppose. I just figure that most anyone would be here if they could. But then, it's been a long few turns since I've really attempted to egg watch for the hope that one would be mine." He pauses. "Are you settling in here well? Is there anything I might help with?"

Eodarin thinks that over as well, "You're probably right. And well… folks come just to look and wager, I suppose? Don't know if I've really thought of that." If one of those many eggs could be hers. Not that many could be, given she's female. His questions catch her a little by surprise and she looks up at him again. "Yeah? Still shocks me how cold it gets here but aside from that I'm comfortable." Does she need help? Her brows knit and she considers that before, almost shyly, prompting him with a question of her own. "You okay with me requesting to Stand?"

Ed'ard ponders the question for a long moment before finally answering softly. "In some ways, no, I'm not. I'd prefer that folks I care about remain safe. But at the same time." He glances anywhere but at Eodarin. "It's not my place, to say what you can and cannot do. I wasn't around all that much when you were younger and now. I couldn't deny anyone the bond I have with Dnocesth. Even if you are my daughter. So if there is a dragon out there for you, I would want you very much to meet it."

Eodarin frowns as his answer isn't quite what she expected and she squares her shoulders, as if to defend her choice but as he continues to explain that tension gradually eases away. In a way, she can grasp why he answered the way he did. "Guess I should say… thanks. For not stopping me." Could he even, if he really wanted to? "I hadn't put much thought into it until the eggs were clutched. I figured, why not? Even if I'm young." So young. She tilts her head again and while he won't look at her, she'll look at him without flinching. "You're really that worried about me being safe?"

Ed'ard pauses. "I do. I never expected I would. It's no secret your mother and I, well. Perhaps it is good she is in a different weyr, than me, hmmm?" He idly reaches out to try and give a touch to the girl. "I really never could deny you, if you want. And I shouldn't. If you're meant for a dragon, it would find you, deny all I wish. I just wish it were not during a time of threadfall."

Eodarin's lips purse into a bit of a thin line. She figures that there wasn't much to her mother's relationship with him. A flight is a flight, right? She does quirk a half smile though, "Not sure what mother will think. You think she'll come? If she can?" Wishful thinking and yet she's not putting too much hope out there. She won't shy from his touch and may even scoot a little closer to his side if he allows it. "Yeah. For that — I get it. I worry about mother sometimes. You too. But I just felt it was right. Who knows, huh? For all this worrying and wondering I could be left Standing too." She's thought over every outcome! Kind of.

Ed'ard offers just a hint of a hug, rather a lot coming from a man not affectionate, before he offers a slight smile. "Well, perhaps I shall do my best to get her over here, if that would make you happy? And well, there is always that possibility. Although, with riders for both parents, perhaps you'll do for one." He grins. "But it wouldn't break my heart if your possible dragon isn't out there in those two clutches. Mayhap you could be a bit older. More grown up when you find one."

Eodarin isn't expecting much in the way of affection from him. Truth be told, she's still struggling to view him as her father. Still, a hint of a hug is enough and has her smiling shyly. Until his offer has her blinking and looking a touch sheepish. "I — well, I guess? It'd be nice but I know how it is." So no, she doesn't really expect him to go out of his way or for her mother to be here. Of course it'd make her happy but as bold and brash as she may act sometimes she apparently draws lines at family. Standing, she'll smooth out her pants and reach for the gloves and scarf she'd left to dry out. "Guess we'll see, huh?" she muses before tilting her head to the exit. "I should go. Probably shouldn't linger here all day as tempting as it sounds. Thanks… for everything."

Ed'ard nods, looking just a bit sad for a moment before his face smooths back to a mask. "It is what I am supposed to be here for, and for what I should have done when you were younger. Just let me know if you need something, alright?"

Eodarin gives him a quizzical look for his reply and the brief moment where he looked sad. She doesn't seem to harbor any resentment for his lack of presence during her younger Turns but then her head is likely filled with other thoughts. "I'll do that," she promises him with a wide smile before she's bundling herself up to brave heading back out into that blizzard. They really need to stop meeting during bad weather! "I'll see you soon. You and Dnocesth take care!" With that, she turns to step away and disappear as she heads towards the bowl. Maybe by now the snow has let up a little.

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