Ilosth's clutch hatches!

High Reaches Weyr- Hatching Sands
It's a large bubble of stone, captured and frozen in time from some volcanic activity way back in the ancient past. Now, the gentle heat from the long dormant volcano heats the dark glassy sands to a temperature just right for hardening eggs. Over the turns as clutches have hatched, tiny bits of shell have gotten mixed leaving the sands half glassy and half opaque.

The storm continues on and it seems that baby dragons just love the rolling thunder that resounds in the bowl. The dragonic hummmm has joined into the weathery symphony. Thankfully the hour is a bit better than a few days past when Ixtabith's clutch arrived and candidate are ushered in from an interrupted breakfast.

Anzi joins the gathering candidates, glancing to the bowl with each roll of thunder. Hands smooth the front of her attire as she waits to head out onto the sands.

Eodarin hurries in with the rest of the Candidates, hastily making a few last minute adjustments to her robe. At least she keeps her hair short enough she doesn't have to worry about that. "They've a taste for timing…" she can be heard muttering to no one in particular as she shuffles closer to the hatching ground entrance. One glance to the hint of the sands ahead and she'll swallow nervously.

Without so much as a second glance towards the remains of breakfast, Ariah scurries over towards the archway with the other candidates. Fussing with her robe she draws in a nervous breath. "I hope I remember everything!" she mutters.

Yh'val strides in looking a bit weary eyed. He's already got a barracks full of babies and now there's about to be double the crying chaos. A deep sigh and he draws in strength from somewhere to hustle the candidates into some semblance of a line. When most are ready he sleads along. Here we go again! "Now remember, watch out for those claws and don't do anything foolish.”

Hatching Sands(#20RIJQsg)
It's a large bubble of stone, captured and frozen in time from some volcanic activity way back in the ancient past. Now, the gentle heat from the long dormant volcano heats the dark glassy sands to a temperature just right for hardening eggs. Over the turns as clutches have hatched, tiny bits of shell have gotten mixed leaving the sands half glassy and half opaque.

< On The Sands >
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Clutch 13: Gold Ixtabith and Bronze Unvreth >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Gold Ixtabith broods over a clutch of 0 eggs.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Clutch 14: Gold Ilosth and Bronze Tjainth >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Gold Ilosth broods over a clutch of 15 eggs.

Too Much Sparkle Egg starts things off with extra sparkles! Let's all have fun, or at least a dose of semi-controlled chaos right?

The To Much Sparkle Egg gives way in a violent crack. Glittering shards litter the sands in brilliant jewels and leave in their place a dragon nearly as divine. The purest tones of emerald shimmer similarly upon the feminine serpentine creature that prances quite delicately and deliberately strait to one lad, Dorian. He looks entirely to shocked and barely stammers out "Ul… Ulsavath?!" to which the lady green sticks her snout into his midriff to encourage him on towards where she smells meat, and so the new life of D'ian and Ulsavath begin.
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC D'ian and Green Ulsavath leading the new pair off the sands.

Eodarin glances once behind her shoulder before Yh'val ushers them out. She'll overhear Ariah and grin, albeit nervously. "So long as you got your robe and your sandals… I think that's all you need?" They're moving now and soon she has to focus on looking ahead unless she wants to trip and make a fool of herself. Not even a few moments on the Sands and already one egg has hatched and the green Impressed. Eodarin can't help but gape a little. "This… is fast." Up close! All the more reason to join the other girls rather than dawdle.

Overlarge in size, the bets have been on the Monstrous World Egg to produce a large heavy dragon, or even twins! Indeed it does reveal one quite large, the shell splitting into four large pieces, but the creature within is not painted in the bronze or brown as expected. Instead an absolutely monstrously huge olive toned green stands in the shells place. Rival to any bronze in size to hatch she bugles loudly, rearing back her heavily muscled body and flaring wings defiantly. Storming across the sands she looks ready to run over those who do not get out of the way. Thankfully her charge comes to a halt after scattering only a few of the more fleet footed candidates and although Kespler is knocked over he is unharmed as his eyes meet with the demanding presence of the green. "Eganeth. Really!?" a snort and the pair untangle and Eganeth clearly leads her Kp'ler off to where food awaits.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Kp'ler and Green Eganeth leading the new pair off the sands.

Anzi moves out onto the sands with the others, chuckling softly as the first hatchlings break free and find their mates.

With much elaborate flapping and a few frowns, P'wyn arrives at the back of the group chasing the last of the candidates onto the sands. "Come on, come on. Those eggs aren't going to wait for anyone." And just to prove him right two pairs are already made. While the last few kids stumble into place, Pen is already escorting his first new weyrlings to the side. "Over here. Remember. Nice and slow. One piece at a time." He takes an extra moment to check over the green and her new weyrling rider. "You ok, Kp’ler?"

The beauty of the Serene Perfection Egg is broken by brilliant white cracks as its occupant forces their way out. The shell gives way only grudgingly but eventually a pointed snout punches through. The rest of the rather large green follows and flops on the sands, sides heaving. She's a pleasant sort of summer grass green with mottles of darker evergreen along curving body lines. It makes for a pleasant appearance, if not quite as stunning as her shell was. Gathering her energy she heaves to her feet and treks across to where the candidates await, choosing quickly a younger lad. Masidor, now M'dor looks delighted, hugging the green in sheer joy "Of course Hatipath, right this way my love!”

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC M'dor and Green Hatipath leading the new pair off the sands.

Ariah runs a hand through her black curls as her wide eyed glance takes in the whole sands and the eggs resting upon them. "Oh my!" she squeaks as two eggs rocks and split so suddenly to reveal their occupants. Nodding belatedly to Eodarin she comments. "I have sandals and robe, yes." All is good. Staying near Eodarin she bows to the adult dragons on the sand and then finds a spot to stand.

The Distant Gleam Egg shudders a bit, warming to the hum of the watching dragons. A long pause and then more movement that steadily increases.

The Insubstantial Clouds egg seems to simply dissolve at just the right moment. With no warning a smaller lightly colored green with yellow-green stippling steps from the dissipating mist where the egg once was and bounces across the sands towards the nearest candidates. Eyes look longingly amongst the nearest crowd but this one is choosy and what she wants is not here. Working her way down the line from there she is near to the end before suddenly butting her head against her chosen. Canorken laughs reaching out to scratch an eyeridge "Oh Juphoteth, I don't think I would ever be able to miss you dear!" and the hatchling croons happily as C'ork leads her off to the first meal and the ret of their lives together.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC C'ork and Green Juphoteth leading the new pair off the sands.

Yh'val frowns a little. Not that greens aren't useful but for such large eggs this seems an unexpected start. He doesn't get a chance to go out yet, helping the arriving new pairs get acquainted with buckets, bloody meat and chewing type activities.

Anzi claps n cheers with each impression, wincing with the thunder.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Guardian of Winter Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He is a large and rangy fellow, long of limb and length, with a deep, springy chest and the type of lean, rolling muscles that can run for hours. Keen, sharp eyes are set in a head both heavy and long muzzled supported by a thick, slightly shortened neck. From muzzle to tail he is a clean, rich hydrangea blue. The color is a soft, cold blue tinted with hints of mulberry in the shadows of muscles and bones. His ridges are indigo mountains, tipped in ice. They march down the neck, lower at the back to rise again along his tail. Ice blue, bright and frigid, clings to the high points of muscles, frosting the dorsal surface of neck, back, and hips. It freezes his wings whose spars of solid ice hold sails patched by indigo laced over with icy blue hoarfrost. When extended, those wings stretch as vast as the frozen winter sky. Indigo returns as a darkened line along his underside from throat-latch to tail spade limned by icy blue in delicate snowflakes. The final touch is talons of pure ice, like curved icicles cutting into the ground.

Eodarin can't help but just gape some more as two more eggs hatch, one revealing that so-large green. "That's… three greens so far? That big one — they weren't joking about watching out." Yet how do you keep focused in the chaos? She's already struggling a bit, chewing at her lower lip as another egg rocks and another hatches. "Four now." She'll try to give Ariah and Anzi both a shaky smile. Maybe it was meant to be encouraging?

Shuddering a last time, the Trick of the Light Egg crumbles quietly into any number of hand sized pieces. A good sized green shakes herself to rid of clinging shards and then looks around, puzzled. It gives the audience a chance to admire the perfect hue of green that clings to her body, mottled with lighter and darker accents in the same family of color which makes her all the more strikingly beautiful. Neither weak nor to muscled she's built "just right" and after a few moments wanders off to find her partner from a trio of boys. Randrew, a jokester amongst the weyrbrats, looks entirely surprised and she warbles up to him "Mu.. mu… me?!?! Well if you're sure Koiceth, of course!" seems life takes funny turns sometimes and the boy who was so sure of finding bronze can think of nothing but the delight of the green lady as R'drew and Koiceth are retrieved by one of the weyrlingmasters.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC R'drew and Green Koiceth leading the new pair off the sands.

Ariah is trying to look several directions at once. "Do they always hatch this fast?" her words are a breathless gasp as she spies the blue not yet paired.

The Guardian of Winter Blue Hatchling is slow and measured in his steps, moving across the sands until he can begin to check out the white robed candidates. Talons dig deep into the ground as he moves along before he pauses to inspect on young lad for a long moment, then slowly turns away. A few more steps and he is looking for someone different, something different.

P'wyn shoots Yh'val a concerned look as he passes with his own escort. "Well, they're big but…" The weyrlingmaster shoots a look to be sure certain ears aren't listening. "What's with all the greens? Even just the one blue." Then the queen is looking P'wyn's direction and quickly he moves to assist R'drew. "Koiceth you said? That's lovely. She looks to keep you busy." Nope, nothing going on here.

Anzi hums along, watching as much of everything going on. Look left…look right…inch closer to those still standing in the line.

Then there is the egg that few seemed to see. A match in hue so perfectly to the grains of sand that it was near invisible and created raging debated about the true total of the orbs encircling the golden mother star. As proof of its existence the Soon To Be Seen Egg is no longer! Existing by not, its contents seem to just appear erupting from the dark sands as if the hatchling has been lurking all this time just beneath them. What emerges is a vibrantly colored blue, very large in size and heavily muscled. He roars almost angrily and charges towards the nearest candidates. Unfortunately newborn limbs are not nearly as coordinated and indigo talons catch and trip up the youngster so that he ends up flopping in a squealing ball of dragon, wing and talon at Espilon's toes. The candidate squeals high pitched in return and looks ready to flee the raging mass of tooth and talon but for the moment their eyes meet. Both freeze and then E'lon ever so carefully reaches out to help untangle the disgruntled blue. "Don't worry Erdanith, food'll make you feel better.”

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC E'lon and Blue Erdanith leading the new pair off the sands.

Eodarin's reply is heavily distracted. "Yeah… Only this seems faster." Somehow. It doesn't make much sense but there you have it. More eggs hatch and suddenly there's a blue among the greens. "Oh, finally! A blue." she blurts out, only to grin crookedly and fidget. Which ends with another blue hatching. "Two now.”

The Guardian of Winter Blue Hatchling is soon enough looking up into more faces and then keep going, as each one he scrutinies does not seem to match up with what he's looking for. Finally his steps bring him to another clumping of candidates out here on the sands. Still even though he looks, it doesn't appear that this group is it either.

Yh'val puzzles looking up from assisting Juphoteth to nod absently to P'wyn "Well, maybe its just early." There a blule, see maybe not /all/ greens then. By his tone though that wasn't who his bets were laid. Suits him right for trying to predict the unpredictable.

Life does exist within the A Cold, Cold Shoulder Egg. It emerges in a violent unannounced break of the shell into two pieces and a few bits of random shards. The small dark umber brown seems rather skinny and undernourished. He struggles to make his way across the sands and eventually Calcius can no longer contain himself, running the remaining gap between them to take the small browns muzzle in his hands and support the little creature. "It's ok Belgogth. We'll get you some food and you'll grow big and strong." and so C'ius picks up his new partner and carries him along to the side of the sands for a true feast.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC C'ius and Brown Belgogth leading the new pair off the sands.

The large blue which emerges from the Ancient Egg seems to have taken some of his shells coloring into himself. Aquamarine, and turquoise flow like water over his form, blending, mixing, shading in all the right eye pleasing ways. His personality seems as unhurried and amiable as he ambles along and studies the candidates left upon the grounds. Mature for mere moment old he takes forever to decide but finally settles upon a lad search from the smithcraft by name of Endron. Seems one who is used to forging things with his hands will come in handy and E'on leads Bilonth off to where food awaits.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC E'on and Blue Bilonth leading the new pair off the sands.

Ariah edges back a few steps. Absently she brushes at longer curls of hair that get into her eyes. Bitting her lip worriedly she watches the large blue tumble before impression. "I hope he's okay." she murmurs. With so many impressions happening so quickly she can hardly keep track of any of them! She concentrates on dodging anyone falling her way.

Anzi watches the blue with curiosity.

The Nightmare Inferno Egg is such an inviting gold hue from afar but now that some of the girls are getting a close up view they might be getting a better eye for the violence aflame upon the surface. Little pieces start to flake off as it wobbles almost predatorily in place.

Eodarin darts a glance towards Ariah when she edges back a few steps, about to hiss a warning at her not to go too far (really, where would they go?) but she's distracted again as more hatchling emerge. Now there's a brown! "Oh…" She can't quite find the words or is wise enough to bite her tongue. Yet he Impresses and so does another blue. Forcing herself to exhale, she tries to keep focused.
With one hand P'wyn motions Ariah back into line. "Don't back away from them. Just be aware." Then it's on to help the skinny brown. Here Pen is all smiles. "And a nice brown to keep Enolth company. This way. He looks as if he could stand to eat a bit." The new weyrling pair is escorted to where the others are gathering and a bucket of meat handed over as well. "No, no. Slower." P'wyn says to one of hte many green pairs. He drops away from the brown to stop a problem in the making. "You must control her!"

Ariah is maybe at a bit of disadvantage here since she's never actually watched a hatching and now she's placed on the Sands themselves before the quickly breaking eggs. Nodding first to Eodarin at her hissed warning and then to P'wyn, she shuffle-steps several steps forward, clenching the sides of her robes nervously.

The not quite rightness which has clung to the visage of the Not Quite Normal Egg now clings to this not quite normal brown hatchling. It is hard to say just what is off about him. He is quite large, but many in the clutch seem to be. He is a bit of an odd mixture of browns both light and dark so that his surface seems fractured and rough instead of the whole smooth creature that is felt beneath ones fingers. Or maybe it is simply in the way he walks, wings dragging and tail lagging across the dark sands to where his partner awaits. Panto and Gorbin have been pointing and grimacing until it seems the dragon is headed their way and then both boys straighten up because, it IS a dragon after all. The creature stops between them and looks ready to fall over. Not in the way of falling because one is tired, but of falling because one is leaning just that bit to much to one side and one can't help but tip the scales of gravity into P'to's body. There, choice made. A laugh and a gurgle and P'to announces with an odd crack to his voice "Xobith it is.”

The Guardian of Winter Blue Hatchling finally makes a stop as he was walking, looking up into the face of a darkhaired girl and then slowly letting out a creel as the object of his desire is moving further away instead of closer. He settles into the sands, just sitting there.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC P'to and Brown Xobith leading the new pair off the sands.

Ariah's steps falter as suddenly the blue is /there/. There in front of her as well as suddenly /there/ in her mind. Eyes widen and unfocussed as she reaches blindly to touch the blue muzzle. "Vintroth?." with a shake of her head she suddenly throws her arms around the icy blue. "His name is Vintroth!" is announced.

Eodarin blinks and steps back from Ariah as the blue chooses her. A girl to blue? Despite that, she's grinning. "Congrats!" she calls to her, likely lost in the moment and the chaos. She'll shuffle away though not far, still keeping a distracted eye on the other eggs and the rocking gold egg, as well as any new hatchlings.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Migrant Star Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The shifting ambered hue of sunstone, one that seems drawn from the raging heart of a star for it shines with a soft continuous brilliance. This unique stone has been carved by a master's hand into the rather slender form of this overlarge queen. Broad wedge shaped head is rather elongated, but ends abruptly in a blunted snout. It sits atop a sinuous neck studded with topaz ridges down to the junction of neck and back. Slender arms snug against curving chest to elbow and then push away to keep her gracefully aloft from the worlds surface. Delicate talons tip each finger and toe, plated in antiqued gold. Belly tucks upwards hiding behind decently muscled haunches and tail flows out behind in a casual affair that ends in a spade of topaz inset into the sunstone. Wings are held by spars which seem to slender to support the broad swaths. Perhaps what saves them is the immaterial nature of the sails, so thin that they barely seem there are all. Veins are like cracks in the thinnest slices of sunstone that are impossibly joined together giving the ever palest of hues to indicate presence, and the translucency to imitate the insubstantial. For all her delicate looks, her size gives her a presence which cannot be missed.

Shining under the spotlight of multiple stars, this Starlit Starlet Egg gives a final shudder and breaks into many pieces. The large green left in its place rears back dramatically and flares her wings both for balance and to show off. The light catches a rather dark bodied green that has an inner sort of sparkle just beneath her skin. So that at a glance in the shadows she may not really be much to look at, but when she steps into the light her whole body changes and it is like looking at a shower of shimmery green. She seems to almost giggle as she returns upon all fours and sets out with a light step towards someone she has clearly chosen. Lanuke seems to be the determined destination and a surprised harper former apprentice L'ke chuckles and reaches out "Hello dear Tatoith”.

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC L'ke and Green Tatoith leading the new pair off the sands.

P'wyn smiles as the blue chooses where he just had been. He hurries over to Ariah, "Vintroth you say?" With a quick gesture, he motions to the side. "Let's get this big fellow fed." One eye is kept carefully on the golden arrival, just to be on the safe side. "Congratulations." He adds with a wink, before making shooing motions. On the way back he scoops up another pair, L'ke and his shadowed green. "This way gentlemen.”

Anzi minces about, kicking sand off her over heated, covered feet, hands clapping together loudly. as she calls out "Congrats" to the new blue pair. With a smile she turns back to watch the rest of the eggs as well as the new gold as she inches further from the action and closer to the entrance to the sands.

Yh'val picks up his step as a few blues and browns sprinkle the many greens downing the bucketfuls of meat. "No, no, not like that." he turns to assist one of the green pairs with a sigh "here." finishing and moving to check on the next it registers that one of the blues has returned with a girl. An interesting class indeed, not long after the glimmer of gold joins the sands and he sighs again.

From the Till Ash Do Us Part Egg struggles out a medium sized brown. The hues upon his body reflect a more stoney colored brown in clays and sand compressed over eons, or perhaps a few sevendays, to make this interesting creature. He does not waste any time in finding a partner. Not fussy at all he is soon standing before a tall brown haired lag and Fastorem chuckles "Well you do seem to know your mind Waspenbth." He rumbles and Fa'tem wanders off on their first steps together.
After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC Fa'tem and Brown Waspenbth leading the new pair off the sands.

Ariah misses the hatching of the Gold completely. Surely at some point later she'll notice but for now she's eyes only for Vintroth though her attention splits a little but when P'wyn hurries over. "Oh yes. Vintroth! He told me his name." she exclaims happily. With one hand on the blue she goes with him to where the food is. Creeling with hunger, Vintroth lunges forward for food! "Vinny!" he's got a nickname already from Ariah. "Eat slowly." she'll admonish once he gets his first bit of food from her.

Eodarin inhales sharply as the gold egg hatches, darting quick looks to the other girls still standing in a semi circle with her. "Shells…" she breaths. No one will hear or care that she swore, right? Briefly, she'll look over to take note of another green hatching and Impressing, along with a brown, but her attention will be on the gold as well.

The Migrant Star Gold Hatchling lifts her head and lets out a soft warble. Wings flex experimentally as she takes a moment to survey her world. All these lovely girls, yes it is right that they all and to wait just for her as she begins her journey. Well all but the one that audacious blue has claimed. Eyes narrow a heartbeat, she'll have to deal with that later. For now her choices are many and she sets forth across the dark sands, sailing quietly through space towards the nearest before moving on. Interesting to study but not what she was looking for.

The Dusty Dragon Winds Egg breaks apart with little notice an a large azure and navy hatchling waddles forth. He's not only big, he is rather chubby and waddles is the most appropriate expression of his movements. Stanivor is caught by surprise as the large blue comes to a stop before him, panting a bit before really looking up and locking eyees. St'vor then kneels down "It's alright. You can take it easy now Tresanth”.

P'wyn can't help but smile at the joyful faces and awed voices rising amidst the noisily eating hatchlings. "Woah there. Don't let him stick his head in there!" he laughingly calls when one of the blues gets a little pushy. Then it's, "Ladies, there's plenty for all." as he steps between two greens about to have a go over a bucket. "Move them apart please. I don't think these two need to be too close." Finally it's back to the edge of the group as the hatching as slowed. He rolls his eyes. "They always have to be so dramatic." He mutters softly. "Must have center stage.”

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC St'vor and Blue Tresanth leading the new pair off the sands.

Anzi watches on in silence, smiling with each new impression as well the journey the gold has now set herself upon.

Eodarin has to resist the urge to step back as others have earlier when the gold goes on the move. She'll peer at the other girls, gauging their reactions in counter to her own but then her attention snaps away for a moment as another egg hatches. Wouldn't do to be snuck up on from behind, right?

The Migrant Star Gold Hatchling pushes onwards even as her belly lets out a protesting rumble. Wouldn't due to starve when she's just getting started although it seems the precious resource is not all that far away. Still she'll need strength enough to get there and such journeys should not be made alone. In number there is strength and she passes by three others before coming into orbit around a likely candidate. Brown hair, blue eyes the shimmery golden glow reflects against the candidates robe as she settles into a synchronized orbit. Yes, you will do indeed.

Anzi nods and smiles waiting with the others now that things are quieting down.

Yh'val starts to do a headcount as the choosy queen takes her time. They do seem to do that don't they? Green, green, greeeen and oh blue and brown. Wait no bronzes? A quick count again and he looks back to the sands, is she the last of them?

Eodarin seems to visibly sweat or maybe she had been all this time and only really noticed the heat now. She lifts a hand up to wipe the back of it across her forehead, only to pause. Yes, it is really hot — or is it just all in her mind? Oh. "Orayth?" she breathes shakily and that hand is suddenly at her mouth and just a touch shaky. Seconds later, it's placed firmly against the gold's neck half in wonder, half in support as Eodarin's eyes glaze over, utterly dazed. "Yeah, of course. Food for you." Drinks for her? She's not allowed the drinks she needs. "This way!" She'll begin to lead the gold towards the other weyrlings and the Weyrlingmasters.

As much as there were large eggs and a few small eggs. Pretentious eggs and others not so much, The Tiniest Maybe Sorta Egg has been another of those causing debate. It seemed unclear that it would hatch at all, being so small and being so much on the outer orbit of the clutch from the queen. Yet, even in the strangest most alien environments life exists and when no one is looking or expecting, it simply hatches. It reveals the only glimmer of metal bronze from all the eggs and of all of them this was the least expected to hold such treasure. He is certainly small but looks well built. His coloring is a bit darker than usual but nothing to obnoxious nor luxuriant. Being on the outer reaches of the clutch is actually an advantage in his case for now he does not have so far to go to reach his destined candidate. Pansler becomes P'ler in a blink as eyes meet and a loving croon matches the healers teary eyed response. "Oh Exoth!”

After a few moments a weyrlingmaster joins up with NPC P'ler and Bronze Exoth leading the new pair off the sands.

P'wyn releases a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding as the gold impresses and finally a bronze! "Well now." He gives Eodarin a gentle smile, while Orayth gets a slight bow of the head. "Ladies? This way please?" He motions towards where the others are gathered before turning back for the last, P'lar and Exoth. "Welcome." is given to the last pair with a grin. "We can always use more medically trained riders. If you two will come this way please?”

Eodarin is still quite dazed and if it weren't for Orayth's need for food, she'd probably have drifted a little off course. She'll give a crooked sort of half-grin, half stunned smile to P'wyn while Orayth just bobs her head in return before nudging her rider. That way? Give Eodarin a moment, she'll figure it out.
The last of the eggs hatch and pair and the sands fall quiet again. The group left standing has been diminished quite a bit but even so they are left milling about. Ilosth's rider steps forward, clearing her throat "I'm sorry for those of you left standing. There will be more clutches in the future and for now please enjoy the hatching celebration with us once again.”

You say, "There you go…no, no you must wait before you get another bite." intently Ariah feeds the blue who is still creeling hungrily for more food. Slowly though she's able to pay attention to her surroundings. Enough so that she notes the arrival of Eodarin and the Gold of the clutch. "Oh wow.." she says again and then smiles big for the other girl. “Congratulations!""

Eodarin has her full attention on Orayth, deeply absorbed in feeding the hungry gold and keeping her from eating too much, too fast. Eventually she'll slow enough that she can relax but still swept up in the aftermath daze. Ariah snaps her out of it and she'll grin almost from ear to ear. "Thank you! Same to you!" Later, she'll be able to form more words. Right now… not so much as Orayth draws her attention away again.

The first pairs to hatch seem to be starting to fall asleep as those last few are just starting to slow in their eating. "Listen up boys and girls!" P'wyn calls calmly but clearly. " First, congratulations to you. Welcome to the best and hardest part of your life to this point. Let's get you all moved into the barracks before we're having to carry anyone." He looks over the group, especially a rare few hatchlings with fairly young riders. "I'm sure many of you have family here and would like to get a few minutes with them. To do that, we need to get your new lifemates settled and asleep. There's more food to be had in the barracks. Out to the bowl and into the practice field please.”

Yh'val makes his way towards the newest. As P'wyn seems to ahve the gold in hand with Eodarin?, he manages to stop by the small darker colored bronze. "Exoth was it?" a good strong name and he offers the same time worn advice on first feedings, being not overfeeding and the whole chewing lesson. "No he can't explode from eating to much." a frown, where do these strange questions coem from. Really, as if a dragon has ever exploded from eating to much.

They have to move? Eodarin was just getting comfortable — or as comfortable as she could be on the sands. Orayth doesn't seem to mind, not with the promise of more food to come. She's sated enough to consider a brief pause. "Come on, it's not far." Eodarin promises as she gets to her feet, still keeping one hand pressed against the gold's soft hide. As though if she didn't, she'd discover this is all a dream.

Ariah stifles a yawn herself. Vinny isn't sleepy. Yet. His eating slows down though and he waddles some as he walks along side Ariah.

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