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High Reaches Weyr - Practice Field
A wide expanse of trampled grass that unfolds in front of the weyrling barracks, this area has been used for turns for the play and exercises that growing dragons need. Here, they take their lessons, both for the riders and dragons, in everything they have to learn to be a functioning part of the weyr. Well, at least in the outdoor classes. Straps are first put on here, as well as first flights, both for dragons and then dragons and riders together. Oftentimes, if a wingrider is curious and has a free moment, they may wander through to see just how those new riders are progessing. Especially those they have a particular interest in.

Ed'ard is looking vaguely concerned as he follows Dnocesth into the practice fields. He glances around and frowns a bit more before he shrugs. "I think this is the spot, Denny. We should have weyrlings out here soon, if what Pen said is correct." With that, the blue dragon stops and Ed goes over to remove practice sacks to drop onto the ground. "Can you move a bit love, we should have these in different piles."

One such pair are none other than Eodarin and Orayth, though the gold seems to be in a far more exuberant mood than that of her rider. She's very likely to have just awoken or perhaps it's the fresh gleam of an oiled hide that has her in high spirits, but Eodarin seems a little more reserved for once. Something that has the gold chuffing affectionately to the young girl, earning a scoff and a dry chuckle in response. "Alright, alright. I get it… err," Seeing that it's Ed'ard and Dnocesth rather than P'wyn, Eodarin takes a moment to execute a quick salute followed by a faint and crooked half smile. "We're here." Obviously.

Ed'ard glances up from where he's supervising rock pile making and he offers a quick smile before he is back to all business. "Now, did P'wyn tell you anything at all about today's lesson? Just curious what I have to cover and whether we can get right to it, or not." He lays a calming hand on Dnocesth who is busy craning his neck to look over the for now, smaller than him dragons.

"Not yet…" Eodarin all but hisses under her breath as Orayth goes to move ahead and investigate those rock piles. She holds back, but not without a disappointed huff as she ruffles her wings. Must they always wait? It wasn't like she was going to touch anything! When she's certain the young gold is going to stay out of (unintentional) mischief, Eodarin turns her focus back to Ed'ard and promptly shrugs her shoulders, only to correct that with a sheepish smirk. Right, he's their mentor today… "Not — really?" Or perhaps she wasn't wholly paying attention.

Ed'ard ahs softly as he rocks back on his heels, glancing around. "Well then, what you're going to be doing today is strengthening exercises. Since your dragons have to build up the muscle to be able to carry you around and to stay in flight later on. Although we are not going to be working on flight today." He then kicks lightly at the rocks at his feet. "First you're going to need to put these into two bags, making sure they weigh very close to the same, then your dragon is going to carry them up and down the field.

There's a moment of hope in both Eodarin and Orayth at the mention of 'flight' but that's promptly squashed and put back to order when Ed'ard explains further. "That's all there is to it?" Eodarin asks, a bit brashly but she's wary that there's more to it. She remembers the mazes P'wyn set for them before! Is there a trap somewhere in this too? She begins to step towards one of those rock piles, Orayth following and lowering her muzzle to nudge one of them with a sort of uncertain air. Rocks are going to make her stronger?

Ed'ard settles in to helping folks sort out the rock piles, and start filling the bags so that there are two pairs of equally weighted sets. "Well, it's not so much that rocks make you stronger, as carrying rocks does. And learning to sack rock is also helpful, I think you'll learn." He merely arches an eyebrow at a late starting lad. "Hurry up there, don't want to be left behind do you? Or never be able to make a flight with your dragon?"

Orayth doesn't seem convinced but she'll wait patiently while Eodarin packs those sacks full of rocks. She'll have to undo her work slightly as one proves to be heavier slightly than the other. "Firestone, you mean?" she answers, giving Ed'ard a sidelong look. Firestone won't be something she'll be touching, will it? "… Think I'm ready now." She'll give another quick check to both sacks before nodding in satisfaction.

Ed'ard laughs. "Orayth may not be chewing firestone ever. But you'll be sacking plenty, for the threadfalls." He pauses, then glances around. "Does everyone have their bags ready to go? If so, lay them like saddlebags across your dragons, and I'll help you make sure that they're on right." With that, he's helping to make adjustments here and there. "Now that everyone is set up, I want you to turn to face me, with your dragons behind you. Your dragons are going to run to the then of the field and come back, while you're going to stand on one foot and announce, when they're 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of the way there, and again when they are on the way back."

« Why can't I chew firestone? I am no delicate lady, if that's all there is to it! » Orayth protests to Eodarin, but enough may seep out to Dnocesth to pick up if the blue is keen enough or paying attention. Eodarin soothes the young gold with a gentle pat to the shoulder. "It's fine. Really." It doesn't truly bother her, as being raised in a Weyr she has an inkling as to why and the alternative goldriders face come Threadfall. Plus, there's a lesson at hand and she's quick to focus back on it if only to distract Orayth. With some effort, she'll get the sacks in place and the young gold fidgets under the new weight. « This is awkward. » she grumbles, with Eodarin trying to shift them until she's comfortable. "Are… you serious about us being on one foot?" Eodarin asks as she turns to face Ed'ard, with Orayth behind her as instructed.

Ed'ard looks completely serious as most of the weyrlings are now facing him with somewhat incredulous looks. "Absolutely. All of you need to work on your balance, too. So we'll accomplish two things today. Balance for riders and strength training for the dragons." He waves a hand at everyone. "Well, get on with it. You don't want to still be doing these exercises tonight, do you?" He pauses. "On the other hand, if your lifemate tells you at any time they are tired, or feel like they are going to drop their bags. Let me know."

Eodarin sighs at that serious look from Ed'ard and she doesn't balk any further. May as well get this over with! "Go on," she tells Orayth and the gold gathers herself with a few tentative steps and then a more certain lumbering gait. Not wholly graceful but she makes it work as Eodarin proceeds with standing on one leg. Something she manages for the first three-quarters before she begins to wobble, her last marker call to Orayth ending with a surprised yelp as she topples. Orayth comes to a slow stop, still some distance away, looking amused. « You all look like resting wherries with your legs like that… » And sure enough her youthful voice is filled with mirth, the night skies of her mind twinkling. Not exactly inspiring as Eodarin picks herself up and dusts herself off, cheeks red. "Yeah, yeah. Hilarious!" Sighing, she'll resume but switch to her other leg and Orayth continues her run back.

Ed'ard waits for the first group to come back before announcing with suspiciously cheerful glee. "And again. Now, now. Don't be lazy there folks, get a move on and keep going. Otherwise I'm going to make you start hopping in place while you call out distance markers." With that, Ed'ard is by turns coaxing and bullying to keep everyone moving.

Eodarin doesn't need to have that threat repeated again and she's wise enough to bite her tongue on a witty retort. She'll send Orayth out again and though she doesn't fall again, her balance is something she'll need to work on. By the time the gold has completed a second round and then a third, the young dragon has begun to tire and her last return is marked by slow and heavy steps. "She's too tired to go another round…" Eodarin begins to announce, adding in a hasty: "Sir." to the end of it. Orayth protests but not with much heat behind it. It would be nice if she could just rest a moment.

Ed'ard nods his head and waits until everyone is back, even a few groups slowly trudging. "Okay, now that we are all here. Why did we do these exercises? I gave you a few reasons, but why were you doing them all together tonight. Let me know what you think."

Eodarin steps towards Orayth to slip the sacks free of her back unless she's told not to otherwise. Why were they doing it all together? That puzzles her for a moment and she'll glance to her peers with her brows knitted in thought before glancing to Ed'ard. "So we all gain strength equally? Or as much as possible…"

Ed'ard shakes his head. "Why were both you and your dragon busy, when you had to relay information?" He pauses. "Why were you both doing tasks that already required you to think and move somewhat, the dragons to keep the rocks balanced and steady and yourself to keep you steady when you then had to know where each other was?"

Eodarin can only shake her head and her puzzlement with Ed'ard's questions evident with the look she gives him. It could be that Orayth's exhaustion is bleeding into her and making her sluggish or, truly, the girl is at a lost. "I've… I'm not sure?" It bothers her, that she doesn't have the answer and she'll scowl faintly, darting a look to see if another weyrling has the key and answer.

Ed'ard waits just a bit to see if anyone else does, before he shrugs. "So you can learn to do more than just one thing at a time. If you have to be aware of what you are doing, and your dragon is doing and the same for them, you'll fair all the better in threadfall." Then he glances around. "Any other questions before you're dismissed?"

It all sinks in and clicks and Eodarin swears under her breath for being too clueless to catch onto the meaning. She'll do better next time, that much she promises herself (and Orayth, though the gold hasn't chided her in the slightest). "None," she'll tell Ed'ard and holds back a yawn that is not entirely meant to reflect on him. Orayth's wings droop a bit, the gold ready for some rest and leaning heavily, mentally, on her rider.

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