The Day After

Practice Field
A wide expanse of trampled grass that unfolds in front of the weyrling barracks, this area has been used for turns for the play and exercises that growing dragons need. Here, they take their lessons, both for the riders and dragons, in everything they have to learn to be a functioning part of the weyr. Well, at least in the outdoor classes. Straps are first put on here, as well as first flights, both for dragons and then dragons and riders together. Oftentimes, if a wingrider is curious and has a free moment, they may wander through to see just how those new riders are progessing. Especially those they have a particular interest in.

The day after the hatching, the morning dawned with glassy eyed weyrlings and energetic hatchling dragons. Reality is slowly starting to set in for most, and after an early feeding, Mohria has left the girl's side of the barracks and ventured out into the practice field with her small blue dragon in tow. The little blue hops along happily, peering at this and that, tiny frame almost vibrating with excess energy that he just has to work out of his system.

This is one morning that one weyrling won't be complaining about. S'eos is roused with the other males, long before Nuaeth stirs and stretches at his side. He had foregone the cot to sleep in the actual couch, too exhausted to really think of how uncomfortable it will be. But he has little time to focus on his aching joints and protesting muscles as the moment he's coherent enough, the infant green is bounding awkwardly after her fellow siblings. "H-Hey! Shardit, wait, will you?" he calls and then sighs in exasperation as he hastily pulls on some clothing and follows suit. Nuaeth lopes awkwardly, all limbs and somehow managing not to go sprawling but it's hardly a graceful gait and she zips on by Riordanth with a brush of her mind following like the autumn winds, bright leaves rustling in its wake. Wheeeee!

Riordanth warbles a happy sound to his clutchsister, bounding awkwardly after her, legs and wings and tail all working in counter balance to somehow keep him upright. His thoughts are spinning happily, a whirlwind of cool sea water and darting silver fishes. Laughing, Mohria tugs fingers through her short hair and flashes S'eos a grin. "Morning! She is beautiful."

Ooh look! She has a follower! Nuaeth continues to bound along and at times her gait falters as she executes what looks like little hop-back kicks as if she's too keyed up and not quite sure what to do with her limbs. Eventually she will slow and then abruptly turn and stops, sides rising and falling visibly as she catches her breath as she swivels her head to watch Riordanth, curiosity of her blue clutchsibling outweighing her need to explore. "Morning. Thanks! She's something, alright." S'eos murmurs with a hint of a prideful grin that falters when he takes a better look of Mohria. Eyes roam over her and then out further ahead where Nuaeth is now greeting the blue. Ahh, so it's her. "So is yours. A blue, eh?" he drawls, his tone just caught between friendly and condescending as to be difficult to discern which he's aiming for. Not even day one and he's heckling the poor girl! Sort of.

Riordanth skids to a halt, stumbles, catches himself, and then approaches his clutchsister with a restrained eagerness, sniffing and nuzzling and even licking if she'll allow it, in his curiosity. « Hiii! » he chirps eagerly, voice chiming like bells. Mohria laughs, and then turns to look at S'eos, before her expression falters slightly. She draws herself up a bit straighter and nods firmly. "Yes, he's a blue." Got a problem with that?

Nuaeth stands perfectly still at first while Riordanth satisfies his curiosity of hers and she seems amiable to all of the attention, even the licking. Of course, now that she has received, she must return and hesitantly at first she nose-bumps the blue's shoulder and then proceeds with earnest so long as he doesn't protest her curious study of him. Her voice is soft, like the breeze through the limbs of a tree in a firm spoken whisper. « Hello! You are like me. » S'eos smirks as Mohria draws herself up, looking almost amused by her stance and response. He'll simply remain relaxed, weight put on one hip and his arms crossing loosely over his chest. Shrugging, he turns to watch their dragon's interact. "You must feel special, then!" he quips, peering back at her from the corner of his eyes.

Riordanth doesn't mind in the least, though he'll start to turn to one side to try and nudge her wings, and if she continues to explore him, and he her, they'll be going in a slow circle in a moment. « I am not! » he protests, but it's a happy, joyous protest. « You're that color and I'm this color. And I'm a boy and you're a girl. » He knows that much already. Mohria watches their dragons for a moment, finding it difficult to keep her eyes off her little blue, until S'eos speaks again. "Special?" she asks, frowning at him. "I…" She's not quite sure how to answer that, fumbling a bit. "I think we all feel special, those of us who impressed…"

Nuaeth will step into that slow circle motion easily, caught up as she is in exploring Riordanth, one wing extending where he has nudged it and then she promptly mirrors the same gesture. His answer has her stopping in her tracks though, head cocked quizzically to the side. « Oh. » she states thoughtfully. « You're right! » She learned something and now it's like the floodgates open to her inquisitiveness. « We look the same… similar, though. I have wings, you have wings. Same! But… different. » Right? S'eos turns from their dragons to fix Mohria with a look as he scoffs. "Yeah, of course that's special!" Duh! "I meant more that you," And he dips his head towards Mohria, not at all in respect but more like a sarcastic gesture to point out the obvious. "Are 'special'." With his tone, he is not making it seem like a nice thing. "A woman on blue? It's very rare. That's what I meant." No it isn't.

Riordanth mirrors her as well, a blue and green yin/yang circling in the field. « Yes! » he says, stopping and lifting his paw, nudging her leg with it. « See? We have feets. But they're different…different…colors! » Mohria had to supply that word, which she did with a distracted and confused look until the blue is satisfied and she can look at S'eos again. And frown. "Yeah, well," she says, fumbling a bit. "He chose me. Nothing we can do about it now, right?"

A curious sight indeed for anyone else venturing out on to the practice fields! Nuaeth looks down at Riordanth's paw and then promptly picks up her own and flexes it. Stomping it back down, the green then sets it next to one of the blue's for comparison. « Colors. » she echoes as if to savor the word. « I see it now. I'm green. You are blue. What are they? » Nuaeth's attention has shifted to more of their clutchsiblings, now a brown and a bronze that are tumbling by, not paying a lick of attention to the pair. « They are neither but are a color? » Oh, the innocence of youth! S'eos frowns as well, but his expression takes on a 'you gotta be kidding me' sort of edge and yet he has to hand it to her for standing her ground. Snorting, his smirk takes on a softer twist, begrudgingly letting her win this round. "Nope. Dragon chose who they chose. You're as stuck with him as I am my girl. But speaking of oddities," he drawls and now he does flash her a smug, knowing little glance. Yeah, he means her! "One of the girls… another of the greens. Someone said she weren't a proper Candidate. Go figure that, eh? Have to be pretty ballsy to sneak you're way in RIGHT at Hatching time!"

Riordanth peers at the others, head tilting a long way. « They look like dirt, » he says. « We look like life! » His rider is busy now, so he can't get the proper color names. Mohria pulls back a bit at his expression. She held her ground, yes, but now she's wavering. Frowning at the mention of oddities, she's about to call him on that when he elaborates, and she exhales. "I saw that," she admits quietly. "That…wow. Yeah. I'll bet they're real upset about that."

Nuaeth considers Riordanth's answer and looking at some of the dirt on the ground, quickly comes to her own conclusions. « One looks like dirt. The other looks like… like… » She struggles, as S'eos is also preoccupied and while she wishes to know WHY, she also is too invested with the blue to break away now. « Shiny dirt. » That is sort of accurate. « Why do we look like life? » she quizzes him, now turning her head this way and that to inspect herself. Meanwhile, S'eos' smug behavior only intensifies when Mohria fails to call him out on his subtle little jab. He's beginning to think he can push the girl around a bit (verbally, of course) and that's never a good thing with him. "Upset? Bet when word gets out Sazey and O'mohe will be pissed, as will some of the other real Candidates left behind who think they still stood a chance." he remarks with utmost confidence.

Riordanth shakes his head a bit, swinging it back and forth. « I don't know, » is his honest answer. « But I am like water and you're like plants. Plants need water! You need me. » Forever! He's that kind of blue. Mohria shifts her weight a bit anxiously, watching the dragons and shaking her head. "Well yeah, but…they can't /do/ anything about it. They can't…take someone's dragon away…" Right?

Nuaeth seems delighted by this turn of events, even if she doesn't completely understand. « We need eachother? » she adds tentatively, the winds stirring the leaves of her mind to fresh activity. S'eos scoffs, "Don't be stupid! Everyone knows this bond is for life. Can't take one half out without killing the other." he points out bluntly and harshly, only to then blink and grimace, his arms crossing tighter against his body as if suddenly chilled. Did it just hit home to him that HE is just at risk? "Can't do nothing but chew out those responsible. Gotta hand it to them though… It takes guts to do what they did! At least it paid off and they weren't just left there Standing and easy targets for punishment."

Riordanth latches on to that. « Yes! We do! » He doesn't get it either, but sure why not!!! Mohria flinches slightly, glancing over at him briefly, then back to the dragons. "I'm not stupid," she says, quiet but stubborn. "That was really gutsy," she agrees with a little nod. "I wonder what punishment they'll get. Though, if they weren't there, wouldn't their dragons have suicided?"

Oops? Poor innocent and gentle Nuaeth. « Great! » Totally clueless. « I'm hungry. » She announces abruptly, tail twitching back and forth by her feet. « What is he up to? Is that yours with him? » And idea dawns then, bright and crisp and warm like autumn sunlight. « Maybe they can feed BOTH of us at the same time! More meat! Come on! » Off she bounds, once more a flurry of awkward and gangly legs. S'eos is momentarily oblivious, though he has some nagging suspicion that something has changed in his green's mood. He's scowling as if frustrated with the most intricate of all puzzles. "Then why even say if they can take a dragon away?" he retorts with a fair bit of snarky attitude. He huffs then, nose wrinkling. "Yeah. Guess they would've died. So you can't really blame them. Since they technically HAD to be there." Ow! There's a theory for thought.

Riordanth is suddenly ravenous, and he bounds after the green. « More meat is good! » he says eagerly. Frowning, Mohria's reply is cut off by Rio's approach, turning her head to watch him bound up. In an instant the frustration and irritation and stress is gone, and her face is nothing but loving and adoring for the little boy blue that skids to a halt by her. "He's hungry," she says adoringly, rubbing his muzzle.

So is Nuaeth and coming to a bounding, hop-shuffle-skip of a stop that is anything but graceful or lady-like, she promptly bumps her head against S'eos hip. In return, the young man roughly embraces her neck, too caught up in welcoming his lifemate to pay much attention to Mohria's equally as fond and adoring welcome. "She's telling me the same thing. So—oof, hey, easy Nuaeth you're going to knock me down." he grumbles, as the green gives him another bump-nudge and she promptly creels a soft apology, but does not let up. Sighing, he wriggles his way free to stand (safely) at her side instead. "Where'd they put the food anyhow?"

Mohria giggles, soft and light and happy. "Inside," she says, nodding towards the interior of the barracks with a grin. "Though…I…don't know if I'm allowed in the boy's side. I think there are separate barrels of food and oil and stuff. I know there's some on our side."

S'eos blinks and then snorts, "Well… that's stupid of them to arrange it like that." he mutters. "It makes no sense! I'm sure there was a central spot inside." Already he's turning to go storming off to investigate, with Nuaeth right at his heels and trying to keep her head turned to peer at him curiously. « Coming? » she calls to Riordanth.
Mohria shrugs a bit. "I guess the boys didn't want to share with the girls," she says a bit defiantly. A subtle dig at him? Or his attitudes, at least. She's following after though, because Riordanth is hungry and nibbling on her tunic. « Yes! »
S'eos laughs short and harsh, slowing his pace so that Mohria can catch up (or he to her). "Doubt that's the reason," he drawls, giving her another pointed look when he senses her digging at him. So she wants to play this game? "And honestly, I think you're wrong. Don't make a lick of sense to keep us apart for things like feedin' and oilin'. What if there's only one girl? You know, like a lone goldrider? Or greenrider? She only suppose to do it all by herself?" he points out with a smirk.

Mohria shrugs, "I don't know," she returns with a frown, "but they made it /very/ clear where we had to sleep. Though the girls didn't seem too thrilled to have Riordanth there." A boy in the girl's side! GASP. The horror.

Weyrling Barracks
The weyrling barracks are two large buildings built against the bowl wall to house newly partnered dragon pairs until they are old and mature enough to move out into their own private weyrs. Originally separated by the riders sex, the smaller number of greens and blues impressing females and the rarity of a gold's arrival has reduced their territory to about a third of one of the barracks. The sections are separated by heavy leather curtains. There are wide wooden doors covered by a thin sheet of copper which roll open and closed as needed. Metal shuttered windows are found along the west wall, most often thrown wide open for both light and ventilation. The barracks are subdivided into areas for the dragonpairs which consists of a raised wooden platform couch for the dragons and a cot and small press for the rider. Pegs along the wall help to hold riding gear and there is a central area in which large barrels of oil, rags, brushes and cleaning supplies are gathered for all to use.

"Well, duh, it's like that for sleeping! That's completely different!" S'eos can be heard telling Mohria in that same haughty tone he's fond of when he's totally ego power-tripping. Nuaeth is bounding alongside her weyrling, pausing only to impatiently nudge him. Giving her an affectionate nudge back, he steps into the center of the barracks where all the supplies appear to be kept and when he spies the barrels of meat he all but smugly grins over to Mohria. "See? What'd I tell you?" he boasts, only to shake his head. "Really? They're going to get their knickers in a bunch because of Riordanth? I mean, I get it, you're a bluerider but they separate us based on HUMAN sexes. That'd be like the guys here getting in a snit cause Nuaeth is a girl. No— It's fine that you're a girl!" The green has stopped now, fixing S'eos with look that is clearly baffled. Mollified, she resumes her quest for her first meal of the day. It's early morning, the day after the Hatching and already two weyrlings have had an equally early start following their dragons around.

Mohria blinks at the barrels, as if suspecting they've been /moved/ when she was outside. They haven't, but…still. Riordanth warbles and bounds towards them, straining to get his muzzle in one before his rider pulls him back - literally. "Let me do it," she mutters, and then frowns at S'eos. "Well, yeah. Some of them are upset. There's usually only girl dragons in there. He's the only boy."

K'llian rouses slowly as the bronze next to his cot begins to stir. "Mherfa" the young man mubbles unintelligently as he swings his legs over the side of the cot. One hand rises to rub at his face until Jalath places his head on Kil's lap. With that, he says, "Ok, I'm up! I'm up!" As is everyone else around them at this point. Ignoring the grumbles of complaint, K'llian stands and starts stumbling towards where the meat was four hours ago for the last feed. "Morning." He says with a yawn for the two other weyrlings already at the meat buckets. "Or night. Whatever." He waves his hand dismissively, clearly still waking up.

Watching Riordanth all but head dunk into one of the barrels means Nuaeth must go about it herself, only to have S'eos reaching out to block her progress. "Oh no, you don't! Settle down. I'll get it." he soothes and then turns to the barrels of meat and promptly wrinkles his nose. His hand splays his fingers over his tunic, already balking at the idea of touching it. Ugh, ugh, UGH. With his thoughts too jumbled and fried from overload during the Hatching and Impressing, he hadn't even been aware of what he was handling while feeding Nuaeth. Now though? The green's crooning snaps him out of it and with a disgusted sigh, he begins to select a few pieces. "So? They'll get over it. And you're just going to have to suck it up too. Life ain't going to be easy for any of us now." Joy of joys! Yawning, S'eos turns back to Nuaeth and begins to feed her, muttering all the while that she needs to go slow about it. "It's morning!" he quips to K'llian, too distracted at first to really get a glimpse of him. "Sort of. Who cares?"

Mohria frowns at S'eos. "Suck it up? What…why are you so negative?" she asks, hauling out meat to feed to her tiny little blue without any signs of squeamishness. Looking around, she stares at K'llian before nodding slightly. "Hey…" There's hesitation before the girl bluerider forges on ahead. "Did you sneak onto the sands?"

Mohria's question is just enough to finish waking K'llian up. He runs his hand through the mass of black curls one last time. All this seems to accomplish to to make even more stand upright. "Not exactly." He answers, turning to the nearest tub. Jalath croons softly, pushing against his 'mate until the first small chunk of meat is handed to him. "I've been a candidate for turns. This wasn't my first hatching." He sighs, turning to look at Mohria. "I snuck her on. It was a lark. I figured it was the last time I'd be able to stand anyways and she's so quirky. I figured she'd have fun." He gives Mohria a lopsided grin. "Guess I didn't think it all the way through."

"I'm being realistic. Not negative. There's a difference." S'eos sniffs. Is there? Nuaeth huffs softly, nosing gently at her weyrling's hands and the young man sighs, reaching for more though not as grossed out as before. Helps when there are distractions about! While the green sedately feeds on her second course, S'eos all but sputters as he tries to hold back a laugh for Mohria's bluntness. He grins though, as he listens in on K'llan's explanation and he can't help but toss in his own comments. "So you did it all for a… joke? Jays." he drawls with a low whistle, shaking his head.

Raelii is there, sleeping in one of the couches - one far larger than really necessary - all tangled up with Esath. They're a mess, really. Raelii's still in that voluminous robe, her flannel pajamas underneath. She's got both arms around the tiny green, who is sprawled atop her girl, the green has burrowed her head somewhere under the mop of tumbled hair that also buries Raelii's face. Right above where pink and blue slippers peek out from under the purloined robe, the tip of Esath's tail is coiled around her girl's ankle. It looks like… each are preventing the escape of the other.

Mohria looks pleased when K'llian doesn't brush her off or snub her (like *some* have done *coughS'eoscough*). "Oh. Well, it turned out good because her lifemate found her. So…you did perfect, I think." As if the opinion of a female bluerider matters. Glancing at S'eos, the girl just frowns again. Then, her attention is drawn to the girl's side of the barracks, where an AWLM has pulled back the curtain and Raelii and Esath are seen. "I think you did good," the bluerider says with a little smile for K'llian.

Pulling yet another chunk out for the bronze, K'llian smirks at S'eos. "Yeah, well." He shrugs. "I'm glad for the little bug. She's a sweet kid." Jalath burbles happily. "Wow, easy there. Don't forget to chew." he admonishes the bronze with a mildly doting tone in his voice. With the dragonet now chewing thoughtfully, he turns to ask of S'eos. "And what's this about being realistic, not negative?"

That's S'eos for you! He's about as fun as hugging a needlethorn bush. S'eos snorts again, "Yeah, but was it her choice?" he asks, glancing between the other two weyrlings. "Not that it matters now. Suppose it was fate and destined to be!" he goes on to drawl, only to be interrupted by Nuaeth chuffing and her protests don't seem entirely directed at his slow-going feeding. Spreading his hands out in a silent 'what?" gesture, he sighs and reaches for more meat. Once the green is settled again, S'eos looks up to K'llian and slowly does his gaze slide over to Mohria. Smirking, he shrugs. "Some of the girls are in a snit because she's on the girls side of the barracks with a boy dragon. I said they were being stupid and that she'll just have to suck it up. Part of being a bluerider." A female bluerider.

There's stirring over across the barracks and presently Esath patters over, followed by Raelii. The ex-trader has almost-run to keep up, one hand still bunching that ridiculous robe up so she won't fall flat on her face. "Esa, waaaaait!" Esath does not know the meaning of this word. She circles the area, looking for food, probably. It's here, she can smell it! The tiny green is edging up to Nuaeth her intent to intercept S'eos' next handout. What a mooch! "Scuse us. Morning," gasps Raelii while making a lunge for her charge. Speak of the devil.

Mohria feeds another piece to Riordanth, the little blue almost humming in his enjoyment of his breakfast. SO GOOD NOM NOM NOM. Giggling softly, Mohria then glances over to return to the conversation, and then she shrugs. "Yeah. Nothing I can do about it, so." Shrug. "Morning, Raelii," Mohria says with a little smile for the greenling pair, tugging Riordanth back so they're not crowding the meat barrels now that the dragon is almost done with his breakfast.

K'llian's face is a study in confusion. "Why would they care about the gender of a dragon?" The young man just shakes his head, muttering something about the insanity of women. Jalath butts him in the hand with his head. "Alright, alright!" Several more pieces of dragonic breakfast follow the gesture before K'llian is disturbed by the passage of a hungry little green. "Oh, morning, Raelii." He seems uncertain now, after the comments of the others and reserved towards the younger girl in a way he's never been before.

"Yeah, you can do something about it. You can tell 'em to shove it." S'eos suggests to Mohria, which is… not helpful at all and he flashes K'llian a crooked smirk. "Got me? I've no shardin' clue." Women! Meat in hand, he goes to resume focusing on feeding Nuaeth only to find Esath's muzzle suddenly intercepting. It's S'eos who reacts the most, recoiling and almost dropping the offered chunk, though the little green should be able to snap it up no problem. "Gah!" Eyes dart and narrow briefly on Raelii, then shift to Esath. "Morning to you too." he grumbles. Nuaeth? Completely laid back about it. She's far more interested now in investigating her fellow green clutchsibling. « Hey! You're like me! » she greets on broadband sweep, catching Riordanth and Jalath in her excitement.

Raelii might wonder about Killian - if she had time to notice. But baby dragon is being pushy baby dragon. That lunge Raelii made? Lands her totally in K'llian's space and she's fumbling back with wide-eyed apology - and then a pert smile that borders on sheepish. "Morning!" She hasn't had time to think let alone blame him for her predicament. Scooting over to hook one arm around Esath's neck, S'eos' reaction too funny not to laugh and so a peal of laughter takes the place of a proper good morning before she drags the hungry green over to the barrel beside Mohria.

Mohria shrugs at K'llian. "/I/ don't know. One of them was going on about how it's the /girl's/ side and we're freaks and all…" She doesn't show it, but Riordanth's soft croon and gentle nuzzle betray her inner feelings on the matter. "I can't do that!" she says to S'eos, aghast. "That's so rude."

K'llian snorts. "Forget rude. It's liable to get you into trouble with Yh'val. He seems a right stiff one." The bronzer grumbles until nearly bowled into by Raelii. At the bright smile, he offers an hand to help her steady but the girl has already moved on. This is the point that Jalath suddenly stops eating and starts..squirming. The squirming escalates into strange contortions of wing and legs and finally the bronze is snapping on his own sides while whimpering. K'llian sighs. "Because you're growing. You just need a bath and oiling. Just like earlier." He drops the last uneaten piece of meat back into the barrel and wipes his greasy hands on his legs. "Come on, let's go get you washed. Maybe you can sleep a little longer this time?" he adds wistfully as the pair head off towards the oiling section of the room.

Oh, how S'eos loves when people react all aghast to his comments! He only flashes Mohria a little grin and a wink. "I'm sure you have it in you." he drawls and then rolls his eyes towards K'llian. "Yeah, and? You saying Yh'val's gonna let the other girls rag on Mohria? Doubt it." Laughter? Who's laughing? It takes S'eos a moment to realize it's Raelii and that she's directing it at him. "What's so funny?" he asks, flat toned and dead panned expression. Nuaeth is done with her feeding it seems, now circling Esath with the same keen interest she showed Riordanth earlier, only to return to S'eos' side when Raelii pulls the green away.

Mohria watches K'llian go, and then she looks back at S'eos, staring at him. Baffled for a moment before she shrugs a bit. "Guess we'll see," she says, moving Riordanth to the oil barrel and getting a dollop on her fingers to start to rub in to his watery hide. "Are you happy you impressed green?" she asks the young man next, glancing at him before she looks away.

S'eos nudges Nuaeth gently towards the oil barrels, a little more firmly when the young green seems insistent on following Esath or even Jalath. So many clutchsiblings to greet! Her hide twitches then and her head swivels around to peer curiously at the spot. "Come on, next step!" S'eos murmurs and finding a spot, he has Nuaeth settle comfortably while he fetches a few rags and sets to work. "Hmm?" Distracted, he looks over to Mohria and now that most of his mind is focused on a task, he is a little more approachable. "Ecstatic! I had no preference. But green… is perfect." Or us Nuaeth perfect? Both, no doubt! "And you?" he muses.

Mohria smiles, looking genuinely happy at the man's reply. Perhaps she's seen greenriders before who were disappointed in their lifemate's color. "I'm glad. Me? Shards," she murmurs, rubbing the oil into the blue's skin while he arches happily into it. "I didn't think I'd impress at all. With no gold egg…" She shrugs. "Then /maybe/ green. But this? Blue? It's…I'm speechless."

S'eos is not one of those greenriders! Nuaeth is perfection to him and thus perfect for him, no matter what color her hide may be. Perhaps further down the road as the Turns progress, he may chafe a little but he's never been very goal orientated in his life. No lofty aspirations for him! He laughs softly and turning his head, is prepared to be a bit flippant with Mohria again but Nuaeth interrupts again by nose-bumping his arms. Distracted, he sees to her needs and tries again, only to have the green repeat her actions. "What's gotten into you?" he mutters but Nuaeth only sighs, too young to really have an answer. "A bit of a jolt, huh?" S'eos finally manages to reply and from the slightly perplexed look on his face, it's not the one he was originally intending.

Mohria laughs softly. "A jolt. Yeah. And Firmin - F'min - on bronze. Wow," she murmurs, shaking her head with a soft laugh. "Wow. It's all been a jolt." She likes that word. « Jolt, jolt, jolt, » Riordanth happily echoes.

After a delay, "You!" says Raelii to S'eos with all the innocence of youth, even in the face of his flat-toned lack of humor. "You looked like Nuaeth sprouted another head." She offers Mohria a shy smile, then is totally absorbed - though still grinning about funny, funny S'eos while absorbed in in stuffing meat down Esath's gullet. Sorry - not ignoring, just completely enthralled and unprepared for this change in her life.

"Who's F'min? A friend?" S'eos asks, quirking a brow as he glances over to Mohria while working on oiling Nuaeth's hide to a perfect healthy gleam. "Still feels like it's a dream. Foggy, unreal." he admits, only to start a bit and stare after Raelii. Blinking a few times, he seems a little off put by the strange girl. "Strange one, her." S'eos mutters and when Nuaeth yawns and begins to stretch out, he's suddenly pushing to his feet. "Ooooh, no! Not here. Don't fall asleep here!" he protests, somehow getting the sleep-wobbly green onto her feet. "Looks like it's the end here for us. Good luck!" He needn't say with what and then he's off, encouraging a plodding Nuaeth back to her couch.

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