News - Adoptables

Sometimes people would like to play an older, established character, especially older riders. Sometimes they are just looking for a new character without having to create the ideas behind that character. For these situations, we have created a stable of available, never played characters that have an IC history at High Reaches Weyr. These characters range from simple weyrfolk and candidates to riders and some featured characters such as the headwoman or even children/family of PC characters. Adoptables all come with a pre-set description, a simple background, and basic personality so that the adoptee can jump right into RP while still allowing some wiggle room to adjust the character to suit personal style. Adoptable riders also come with a fully completed dragon, including personality. We periodically rotate in new characters or remove old standbys so there are often changes in the roster.

Per game policy the adoptee must abide by what is already set for the adoptable. No character may be adopted out again once it has been played just as PC characters can not be traded after they have appeared on camera. Finally feature characters might require additional approval by the wizen.

To view information on the current adoptables, please type:

+Help +Adopt

To see and/or adopt a character, proceed to the Adoption Room off the CGN portal. To place a family member up for adoption, please contact the wizards directly.

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