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Seven Spindles: Acceptable Use Policy

Seven Spindles is a cooperative roleplaying environment run by several administrators (The Wizards) to provide an environment as close as possible to Anne McCaffrey's Pern. In light of this, they require that certain standards be met. By connecting here you agree to the following:

1. Access to Seven Spindles is granted on a revocable basis and at no time is access to the game guaranteed.

2. Each character is considered to be registered to a single player or user and is non-transferable. Each user is responsible for all actions taken by their character(s), in regards to the acceptable use policy.

3. Seven Spindles Mux may only be accessed for lawful purposes. Transmission or solicitation for any material that violates US Federal law, the law of the area where you are, or any of mudmagic's policies is expressly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: Any material that is threatening, libelous, or violates trade, patent or copyright protections.

4. Seven Spindles Mux is not to be considered a secure form of electronic communication, and no expectation of privacy is offered.

5. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Seven Spindles Mux, its administrators, and the hosting site (Mud Magic) from any claims that are the result of your usage, without limitation.

6. Access to the game may be denied for any reason, including but not limited to: Harassment of another player, threats of real life harm to another player attempts to crash or corrupt the database or game, or falsification of registration information.

7. To provide a true and correct statement of your real life age and that you are at least fourteen (14) years of age.

Please use the following command to provide your real life birth date:

+RLBirthdate <mmm> <dd> <yyyy>
Example: '+RLBirthdate aug 03 1964'

8. To provide a true and correct rating setting, in accordance with your real life age and preferences. See '+help +Ratings'.

9. That you will play responsibly.

  • Tinysex may be enacted only between two consenting adults in a private room.
  • In the case of many states and countries, the age is Eighteen (18) years of age. We require this as a minimum to meet state law, and for code purposes. It may be a higher age in your area. You are responsible to check if your area requires a higher age.

Please remember that access to Seven Spindles is a privilege, not a right. We respect our users privacy whenever possible, but reserve the right to give out any information if necessary, although it is not our policy to do so. Seven Spindles MUX does not specifically provide services of an adult nature, some players may choose to engage in such activities in their private rooms. We do not endorse such activities and require all players to abide by the above policies with respect to such activities.

10. To provide a true and correct email address that you may be reached at. The email address set with the command below will only be visible to the game administrators.

Please use the following command to provide a valid email address:

+RLemail <email address>
Example: '+RLemail'

Violations of any of the above may result in any or all of the following:
Warning about behavior and statement to desist;
Removal from the game and termination of access without warning;
Notification of your site and/or system administrators;
Notification of civil and/or law enforcement officials.

If you have any questions about this AUP, please contact a wizard

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