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Seven Spindles has decided to accept all Pern books written by both Anne McCaffrey and her son, Todd J. McCaffrey as canon for our game. Canon prior to Todd’s books may be located within the other news files on this game and as most are familiar with it, this file will deal exclusively with how the newest books will affect canon.

'As Pern Turns', or, 'What Todd'’s Books Really Mean To Me!'

There are several changes between the original work and those books which take place at the beginning of the 3rd pass, surprisingly few of them will have much impact on previous canon in this time period.

Female Riders of Blue Dragons:

In a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances including both human and dragon plague, the return of thread and its steep learning curve, and a fluke betweening accident, Pern found itself terminally short on dragons within the first six months of the pass. One of the many wild attempts to save Pern by increasing the dragon numbers led to the first known impression of a blue dragon by a female rider. As women with homosexual tendencies would not normally have been thought acceptable by a gold egg, none had previously been placed on the sands. In subsequential, clutches, many more women were placed on the sands and a larger number of both green and blue dragons impressed to women.

In the current timeline, over the last interval holders have again begun to resent the removal of their women, seen as more useful in childbirth and marriage fodder for advancing the hold, then as needed for fighting dragons when there are plenty of men available. As such, it has become harder to obtain female candidates for the weyrs and so female impressions on both blue and green are down. However they still occur. Female blueriders are seen, if possible, as even more unnatural by the more hidebound holders and crafters and can often lead to some tense situations when out of the weyr.

In our game, we allow female riders on both blue and green dragons with some restrictions. All NPC blueriders are and will always remain male. No transfer female blueriders will be allowed on the game, nor will we allow any female blueriding adoptables. Though it is implied all female blueriders are likely lesbians, we will not be enforcing this mandate. It is assumed however that female blueriders are at least somewhat bi-curious or comfortable with such as situation as there are female greenriders as well as male.

Green Dragon Fertility:

Though it seemed to be somewhat common knowledge within the weyr during the 2nd interval that green dragons were likely rendered sterile by chewing firestone, it was not until the global dragon population dropped to numbers nearing what a single weyr should have, the riders became desperate enough to allow green dragons to attempt to clutch. Only those dragons who had never chewed firestone were capable, implying that even a single instance of firestone was enough to render them sterile. The green dragon clutches were not as easy as bring successfully to hatching as expected, partly because the green dragons were not as attentive mothers as golds. Once the eggs did hatch, the riders were surprised to find that green clutches, though smaller with slightly smaller eggs, could contain all five colors of dragon.

In our timeline, knowledge of the clutching greens has never spread into the main population. Even within the weyr proper, most weyrfolk believe them to be more rumor and myth then truth. Only the leaders of the weyrs and those with regular access to the records know for certain.

On our game, there would have to be very extreme issues before O'’mohe would consider allowing green clutches, for example no fertile gold at the weyr and no access to one from another weyr. Since there would have to be weyrling greens who had not started flame training available, some planning is required for green clutches. Currently there are no plans for an on camera green clutch, though we retain the right to so do in the future. This plot line would more likely be used as rumors from another weyr.


Whers were traditionally thought to be accidents useful only for night guards in populated areas. Whers bond to one person and their handler can receive some emotional/image style mental contact. That bond is not as strong as dragon to rider and a wher can even be rebound to a new handler. Many unfamiliar with the whers believed they could not fly. However it was discovered that not only could whers fly at night, they also could go between and even ate thread. Their real purpose was to help fight thread at night when dragons’ vision was poor and thus fighting thread was more dangerous. A Wherhold was established for the support and training of whers and their handlers. As the 3rd pass began, some of the weyrs were even starting to coordinate and train with the whers to more effectively fly thread at night.

In our timeline, the whers purpose is still known and the weyrs are coordinating with their handlers for combined and support flights. A rider might see whers while out at the holds and when in training but only the leaders would have much direct contact with them. There is no wher located at the Weyr.

On our game, while whers are known and common knowledge, there is no reason why typical weyrfolk would have any contact with them. One might know family or friends who are handlers or be familiar with a particular wher but no handler would be located at the Reaches. No wher handler would be searched once bonded and unless they lost their wher and did not wish to ever rebond, no unbound handler would be searched either.

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