News - Characters

This section is a pointer to various news files on the various aspects of a character which you might find interesting.

File Description
CH-Rules A few Rules about characters.
Candidates An idea of what candidacy involves.
Clothing An idea of what folks wear.
Culture A bit about being Pernese.
Technology The technological level of Society.
Weapons What kind of weapons are canon.


In order to keep our World authentic, enjoyable and in time with the theme a few guidelines have been established regarding characters. Your cooperation in following these is appreciated; if you have a disagreement, please discuss it with a Wizard. If there is a problem created because of your character, the wizards will step in.

1.) All characters are human.

2.) Your objects should conform to our theme and technological level. See 'News Technology'. Anything that you are unsure of just ask a Wizard to see if it is acceptable or not. Anything that is definitely not appropriate like computers, lasers, guns, or holograms will be destroyed upon discovery.

3.) Dragon names end in ‘TH’ distinctly. Please respect this and name your character, your pet, your child with this consideration in mind.

4.) Please do not claim to be the heir/son/daughter of a Lord or Lady of a Hold without permission. Ask the wizards for what is required for permission. Please see “News NPCS” for a roster of NPC leaders.

5.) There is No limit on the number of Alts, or rider Alts you may have. However, there is a limit of ONE Gold rider per Player/IP Address.

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