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The area around High Reaches consists of rocky and rather mountainous ground. With numerous narrow valleys and high peaks, the weather tends toward colder, and can also change rapidly, within hours or days. Typically, the weather is warmer in the valleys and colder near the peaks, although temperature inversions do occur, in the spring and again in the fall.


Winter is the longest season of the year, lasting a good bit longer than just one quarter of the turn. While there can be snowfall in the lower elevations around the Weyr, most of the accumulation occurs on the peaks. While the winters are definitely very cold, there are relatively few extended significant cold snaps and instead the weather follows a pattern of cold and rather windy periods broken up by days where the temperature drops much below freezing before warming slightly again.

Temperature range: 11-37F (-11 - 2C)


Spring comes usually with a slow gradual warming that increases over the days. Typically there is a lot of snow melt and then increasing amounts of rain as days grow warmer. This leads into the greatest danger in the High Reaches Territory from the weather which is the risk of flooding. Ice jams are common in the rivers and that is what typically causes the waters to overflow their banks.

Temperature range: 20-63F (6-17C)


Summer is longer than might be expected with enough freeze free days to grow most crops, and it definitely does last the fully expected quarter of a turn. Generally the days may become quite warm, although few would say that it ever gets extremely hot while because of the elevation the nights stay quite pleasant.

Temperature range: 46-82F (7-28C)


Autumn develops slowly from summer, with colder rains and then weather following and slowly switching into the cold of winter. The weather is cooling and much wetter than summer. Hail storms are also quite frequent during this season.

Temperature range: 20-70F (7-21C)

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