News - Clothing

Clothes are made out of leather, wool, a cotton-like fiber, flax, or a combination thereof. The Weaver Craft holds close the secret of its dyes, so any homemade clothing is likely to be its natural color, or seem washed out compared to the depth and tone the Weavers can produce. The natural color flax makes is either a silver-gray or a golden-blond. Cotton and wool products are generally tan to whitish, and leather goods range in the spectrum of brown, dependent upon on how it is cured.

Footwear is generally made out of animal hide and/or wood. Some sandals worn in the hotter regions are made out of wood and fiber, but in general most people wear boots, or leather shoes especially in the High Reaches area.

The style of clothing worn varies from region to region but is based upon practicality. As such dresses are worn for only very formal or special occasions. The more everyday dress for females is either a tunic/shirt and skirt combination, or tunic/shirt and pants. Males wear the tunic/shirt and pant combination almost exclusively.

Vests are popular among both sexes. Jackets range is heaviness dependent upon the local weather. Hats are common too, usually made of leather, fur, or straw. Undergarments are always worn. Dragonriders additionally are distinguished by their flight suits. These are entirely leather or wherhide suits, with a cotton or flaxen shirt and shorts worn underneath.

Jewelry is commonplace. The more sophisticated broaches, necklaces, rings, ear rings, beads, bracelets, pins, and so on are made by the Smiths. Many locals make their own jewelry from wood, shells, or local stones.

Tattoos exist but are not common. Pern, in our time does not have the level of sophistication to have the detail or colors of tattoo's here on earth. They are similar in detail to henna tattoos and are found only in the colors of dark brown, dark blue and a faded black.

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