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Gold dragons are the only fertile female, although rumors persist that greens could be fertile if not fed firestone. Each time a gold dragon rises and mates a clutch of eggs is produced. The number of eggs ranges from 10 to 40 and depends on a number of factors. Clutches are OOCly run by the rider of the gold dragon, with assistance from players of her choosing. In the absence, or idling of the gold rider the wizards and game staff take on this role.

Clutch Rules

Builders for any clutch are required to abide by the following:

1. No discussing candidates, dragons, or impressions except with other builders of the same clutch before, during or after the clutch.
2. Egg names and descriptions must be completed before the first possible lay date.
3. PC and NPC dragons need to be done and submitted before the hatching.
4. Questions or concerns should be directed to staff, who will consult with the Wizards as needed.
5. Building is a privilege, not a right.
6. Dragons must be canon, and will be checked over. IE: No silver, black, white, purple dragons, etc.
7. After the hatching, be aware the dragons belong to their new riders. You have NO influence over them anymore. This includes their ultimate fate. Some may create riders who are destined to die as part of exploring our theme.
8. Dragons should generally follow the clutch theme. However, of primary importance is following what the candidate desires. If they provide a very specific detail, it must be followed. Most generally their preferences should be able to fit into the theme the Goldrider chooses. Goldriders, keep this in mind when choosing your themes.
9. Builders have NO control over who impresses, to what color, or to what egg.

Clutch FAQ

As we get certain frequently asked questions we are putting the answers to them here.

1. You may have only one candidate alt per clutch.
2. OOC Registration is done in the thirty days after a Flight Winner is set and the clutch is created.
3. If you OOC register as Gold only and no gold egg is laid you can ICly not stand, or not be searched for the clutch.
4. If you register Gold-Green and there is no gold egg you may still not impress if the code rolls your fate for gold that clutch. If you are Gold-Green and would like to impress (gold egg or no) for a clutch you may send an @mail to *wiz who will put you on a Green if you are not rolled for Gold.
5. You may create and impress an alt which you decide, or fate decides (at your discretion) to die during weyrlinghood. You are not required to say if this is your choice, however you should generally tell the WLM's and must be aware of folk's ratings when it comes time for your character to exit as not everyone wants to be involved directly with such drama.
6. Candidates wear white robes and sandals or boots at the hatching. They do not bow to the dragons upon entering.
7. The Clutch Builders have NO control over the number of eggs, distribution of colors, assignment of candidates to color or egg, or size of dragons that they build.
8. The Hues listed on the eggs for the dragons are recommendations NOT requirements. The wizards will adjust the hues accordingly if requested to do so.
9. You do NOT have to attend the physical hatching to impress. There is a selfhatch command which can be run at any time AFTER the main hatching until the gold's hatching cycle concludes which will impress you to your fated egg in the event you can't make the main hatching. As according to the books, hatchings took place over several days.

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