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Crafts have settled into the formal approach and ranks of Apprentice, Journeyman and Master coordinated out of a Central Hall. This represents the change from the formal schooling that had been first provided at Fort Hold in the early years of the move north and reflects the changing nature of life on Pern. Most formal crafthalls are already in place, however some crafts still disperse the majority of their members rather than keep them centralized.

Each Craft posts crafters to Weyr and Hold. While the CraftHalls are the central learning centers for most crafts, there is still a strong movement to have one or more journeymen and occasionally a master at each major Weyr and Hold, and post some apprentices to study under them in smaller groups, rather than everyone at the main Hall. It is also the responsibility of the posted crafters to watch for local talent to recommend to the CraftHall.

As literacy declined, using a symbol on a roundel shaped patch became popular as a means of identification. Most Crafters have such a patch on their jackets. However, the skill to make such patches is held by the WeaverCraft and the cost to create them causes the use of shoulder knots for daily use and badges for special occasion clothing. The shoulder knots are easier to make, replace, and maintain and the use of colored cord to denote one's Craft has been incorporated into the design.

The following are not considered crafts in this time. The skills of these areas are not unknown, but are more regional and often passed down within families.

Artists Baking/Cooking Scribe Trader

Pottery, Glassmaking, and Woodworking are currently subcrafts of the Smiths.

The largest presence at the Weyr is definitely that of the Weaving group, with a smaller adjunct hall being set up near the weyr and relying upon the nearby herds of sheep and goats. The weyr also supports a large number for tanners, a healer, a few smiths of various subspecialities, and a couple of harpers, beastcrafters and farmers.

The Following are additional News Files related to Crafts:

Beast Dragonhealers Farm Fisher
Harper Healer Miner Smith
Tanner Vintner Weaver

Craft Leadership

Craft CraftMaster CraftSecond CraftHall Affiliation
BeastCraft Sanaz Banou Keroon, Igen
FarmCraft Natherin Ennuard Nerat, Ista
FisherCraft Ailap Raedaim Tillek, High Reaches
Harper Palben Zurie Fort Hold, Fort
Healer Jaan Marit Fort Hold, Fort
Miner Arsalen Ebi Crom, Telgar
Smith Mahin Taher Telgar Hold, Telgar
Tanner Ksashare Jajil Igen Hold, Igen
Vintner Ilolis Sariru Benden Hold, Benden
Weaver Danal Idurre Southern Boll, Fort


There are only three rank levels in each Craft: Apprentice, Journeyman and Master. Every craft member begins as an apprentice. Most people join a craft between the age of twelve and fourteen. Apprenticeship can be either at the main crafthall, or under a posted journeyman or master. In fact, the majority of apprentices are found and accepted under those not at the crafthalls.

Some crafts still allow apprenticeship to take place away from the crafthall but most focus on centralized training classes for apprentices and non-apprentice students at the crafthall. As an apprentice one learns the very basics of the craft, and acts as labor for the craft in exchange for the accumulation of knowledge. How long apprenticeship lasts varies greatly depending on each individual's skill and ambition levels, as well the difficulty of the craft they have chosen. At minimum it is often 4-6 turns, and more usually around 10 turns. Smiths, Healers, and Harpers have the longest apprenticeships.

Once their teacher determines that an apprentice has obtained sufficient knowledge the teacher sends a letter to the craft hall requesting their apprentice be tested. In most crafts promotion tests are conducted either two or four times a turn and are held only in the main crafthall. In some instances, a qualified Master will come from the crafthall to test on site. In some very rare cases the teacher will test their pupil and promote them, however often these promotions are not recognized as valid by the crafthall's. Only about fifty percent of those who take the test pass each time. Once you pass the test you walk the tables to the rank of Journeyman (even if you are a woman) at the crafthall and receive an official posting.

New journeyman sometimes study at the crafthall, but are more usually posted under a master or more experienced journeyman for a number of turns before being posted out on their own, if they ever are. Journeymen return to their crafthalls for a month or two generally every other turn for intensive detailed specific training. The majority of crafters only obtain and retain the rank of journeyman through their lives. A select few are particularly gifted, ambitious, and generally of the correct temperament to teach, and only they test to obtain the rank of Master.

There are no defined dates for Master level exams. When a journeyman is recognized with sufficient skill, good temperament, or other needed attributes the crafthall will conduct its own exam. These are rarely formal exams, more often conducted without the journeyman's knowledge by way of practical tests to confirm the level of craft knowledge the journeyman has obtained. These may be anything from off the wall questions from their master's, a solicitation of a particularly challenging commission which is then secretly analyzed, deliberate 'set-up' of field situations, this latter particularly well know for harpers and healers who may run across those 'in need' quite commonly.

Once determined the journeyman has obtained Mastery they will walk the tables the next time they are studying at the crafthall.

A CraftMaster is determined by a vote of all the craft's masters, and is a position held for life or until they retire.


Craft promotions are primarily handled OOCly. Players need to simply @mail *wiz with:
1. A request for promotion,
2. The reason behind the request,
3. A detailed paragraph about what OOC knowledge they have, or have access to that will ensure their RP is both ICly and OOCly correct to their chosen craft.

Please note only Apprentices are eligible to Impress.

Riders are no longer part of their craft, and thus are not eligible for continued study and promotion. They may still practice their craft as part of their service to the weyr. OOCly they are retained on the craft knot with an honorary rank.

Journeyman Qualifications: You must be a minimum IC age of 17 and have at least 4 turns of apprenticeship. Except Smiths who must be at least 22 IC turns of age and have 10 turns of apprenticeship, and Healers who must be 20 IC turns of age with at least 6 turns of apprenticeship.

Master Qualifications: You must be a minimum IC age of 30.

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