News - Culture

Life on Pern is slowly setting back into a more feudal aspect as the turns pass, each time a master dies more knowledge is lost and every passing season brings more equipment that is unusable. With these changes, the culture is slowly regressing back into a master/journeyman/apprentice for learned crafts and abilities and into Lord/Lady of a manor aspect for the Holds.

Because of the absence of religion on Pern, there are no major holidays or at least none that we are familiar with in the religious sense. There may be celebrations called turn’s end for the winter solstice or a celebration after the fields are planted in spring or after the harvest is gathered in the fall, but there is no official planet wide holiday and each would depend upon the Lord or Lady the area is beholden to. Celibrations are also generally called for when the trader’s caravans are in the area, with these being informally called gathers.

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