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For the purpose of this game, a basic timeline of both global and local history has been created. This is history as we have been able to determine from the books, including the works of Todd McCaffrey, and might be contradicted by future works. We have made free adding in items as best we can where no dates have been provided and will also add items for plot development as we see fit, while trying to remain canon. Should any new areas open, a local history for these areas will be written as well.

Global History

Much of the history of Pern has already become lost over the turns and this loss has been exacerbated by times of illness and struggle breaking down the advancement of society. The average Pernese would know of the second crossing, which is now only called the Crossing and that its purpose was to defend against something dangerous in the Southern continent. Some few old masters or archivists might even be aware of some previous event which led to the first settlements being south though all knowledge of Earthly origins have long been lost. Most remember a great plague in the human population before the last pass and some familiar with or living in the weyrs will remember a dragon plague in the same time period. Some few of the original settlers names are known, remembered as important founders of the different Holds and Weyrs around Pern. But with the daily struggle for survival most Pernese would have little more knowledge than this beyond fairly recent global events, and the more important history of their most immediate home, be it cothold, Hold, Hall or Weyr. Some of the more astute might be aware of happenings at the major Holds or Weyrs nearby. Though the Harper craft is helping to combat this problem with its teaching programs and traveling journeyman, there is still knowledge being lost at an unseemly rate.

Those weyrbred have the most accurate records. However, the autonomy of the Weyrs tends to insulate them from other areas so unless it refers to Weyr tithe or major political upheaval very little outside of the Weyr manages to make it into the records.

For much of the mid part of the past interval, Pern has seen an unusually stable and advantageous climate, allowing for a massive jump in population in humans and livestock. An explosion of agriculture accompanied this, leading to huge increase in cultivated lands and ranges in areas such as the Keroon plains and the Telgar and Nerat farmlands, as well as an increase in rare and valuable woodlands in the more mountainous regions. In turn 739, an innovation in farming combined with greedy farming practices led to the largest tillage seen in remembered history. Unfortunately, it was accompanied by a massive and severe drought and some fierce wind pattern changes.

What occurred was Pern's very own dust bowl, where the tilled but dry topsoil was stripped by the winds and carried great distances in vast dust storms. The drought continued for 5 turns during which the deserts of Igen grew, the plains became nearly barren dust fields, and the valuable forests of the northern ranges and the southern jungles became dry and burned.

Hunger followed and the human and animal populations plummeted. The young and the old died first, from both starvation and illness, for without plentiful water to wash, disease spreads. Those that survived were more sickly, aged and worn before their time. Hunger spread even to the weyrs as there was little harvest to tithe. When the rains finally returned, those areas which once had been so fertile had lost much of the soil and the yield was greatly decreased.

Though a common illness which strikes regularly each winter, in turn 728 the winter sickness was unusually wide spread. Rather than just the elderly and very young, even some healthy adults died. This included Lady Lisista of Nerat Hold and High Reaches senior weyrwoman Dynia. Finally, there is still talk of the 750 troubles at Southern Boll Hold. With young Lord Jokrorin killed heirless in a riding accident, the Hold fell into contention. It took nearly three turns of wrangling by the Conclave before one of the three collateral lines was finally chosen to Hold. Lord Naton and Lady Asytia have been doing a good job but many are still concerned about why the process took so long and how detrimental that could be should the circumstances occur during the pass.

With thread fall rapidly approaching, the last ten turns have shown a dramatic increase is seismic activity and yet another change in global weather patterns. This has led to earthquakes in outlying regions, tidal waves along the coastal regions, extreme tides, and dangerous seas. Sailors have reported seeing volcanic activity in the more southern seas but many feel this to be just sea talk. The changing weather patterns have brought with them fierce storms and a shift in the air currents. The Tillek peninsula has been undergoing unusually high temperatures for several turns, while the plains of Keroon have seen flooding. All along the north regions, winters have been longer and more bitter, leading many to fear even more sickness to follow.

High Reaches Weyr History

According to High Reaches' records, the Weyr was the third Weyr established. There is some dissention amongst the other Weyrs however, and it is often listed by others as the fifth. High Reaches maintains their assertion based on a small grouping of rooms made perfectly smooth such as those found in Fort and Benden, and by a small cornerstone marking in one room which seems to correspond to a date in turn 44, during the first pass. However, the earliest day to day records are not dated till a good 80 turns later, after both Igen and Ista Weyrs were founded.

In general, the Weyr has a good but distant relationship with all Holds, Crafts, and the other Weyrs. There are of course a few exceptions. One such is the Healer craft. High Reaches Weyr is currently in very good standing with most healers after agreeing to exchange their seasoned Weyrhealer for a young and less experienced Journeyman by the name of Bejict. This is especially important with thread fall just around the corner. It seems the young man in question got himself into a bit of a pickle with the ladies maids for Lady Helesta and her daughters at Keroon Hold. Though no actual damage was done, it was deemed best to move him to a weyr where his amorous nature was less likely to lead to mischief.

There also remain lingering bad feelings with Fort Weyr over an affaire between senior weyrwoman Reena and Fort Weyr's N'wix, rider to bronze Uskyrth. This occurred in turn 732, while her then Weyrleader Fr'so's bronze Kimooth was grounded with an injury. Some felt the interloper was attempting to insinuate himself in with the weyrwoman in hopes his bronze would fly her queen and make him Weyrleader. Others just felt it to be in bad taste to poach outside his own weyr. Fort contends it was an innocent affaire for all concerned and that their rider was unfairly maligned.

The oldest commonly known senior pair for High Reaches Weyr were Dynia and Gold Zhuskelith. Little is remembered about most of the pair's reign. It is known that the Weyrwoman was mated to her Weyrleader, Fr'so, rider to bronze Kimooth and that they had been together for many turns. It is also know that Reena's gold Kasath was the only gold Zhuskelith ever clutched and this occurred late in 719. Dynia is most famous for being one of the two most important people lost during the winter sickness epidemic of 728. This left Reena and gold Kasath as the only gold pair and Fr'so her acting weyrleader.

Taking command may have been the only uncontested act Reena ever committed. With Fr'so as yet unconfirmed in his position by flight and clearly no longer young, Reena set High Reaches into an uproar by starting an affair with an ambitious young bronze rider from Fort. She met N'wix at a gather and proceeded to encourage the pair to remain at the 'Reaches as often as possible. The rest of the Weyr felt the young man was just trying to jump into the position of Weyrleader and as Kasasth began to glow, he and Uskyrth were driven out of High Reaches by the weyrs' bronzes. Though M'riz and Tyolith caught the gold pair, relations with Fort Weyr were strained and have remained so. Sazey's gold Xaeth was clutched from this first wild leadership flight and with fiercely differing personalities, the two weyrwoman never managed to learn to get along. The next controversial thing Reena was to do was bring a very old gold pair, well past their prime, from Telgar in 735 to 'assist' her through her first pregnancy, rather then rely on her junior. The rider was a very distant family member to Reena and with gold Gienith well past rising, a reasonable move for the gold rich Telgar. So of course as soon as she arrived, Gienith took to the skies.

The ensuing clutch contained the gold egg. Even before the egg hatched, Telgar was angrily demanding the weyrling gold pair as their right, for they would not have allowed Gienith to go had they known she was still fertile. Less than a month after the hatching, Reena went into early labor and both she and the child were lost. This left High Reaches at the mercy of Sazey, a weyrling gold and the old, unfamiliar pair from Telgar.

Sazey's Xaeth was the mostly likely candidate to rise and rise she did, early into turn 739. Her first leadership flight was caught by Br'don and bronze Coresanth, who is only notable for arranging the agreement with Telgar which temporarily ended the hostilities. It was agreed that if Telgar did not clutch a gold egg within the next 10 turns, the young gold weyrling Alastirandirath and her rider Angie would be sent to them. Also, it was agreed that if a gold egg as clutched but another queen still needed, High Reaches would attempt to supply them a seasoned junior later on. But a tragic betweening accident took the young queen pair before they even rose for the first time and the tension between Telgar and the 'Reaches once again increased.

Over the turns, the fickle Sazey would go through a plethora of Weyrleaders, changing with each flight, first Z'miel and bronze Kraketh and then R'by and bronze Finbarith. With each leadership change, policy changed as well and the Weyr was in constant flux. Sazey exacerbated the situation with her old fashioned insistence that it was not her place to interfere in wing or training matters.

In the turn 751, Gienith's rider suffered an apoplexy and died, leaving the weyr down to just two queens again. Then while still recovering from the grief, Mwoth flew Xaeth and confirmed O'mohe as the new Weyrleader. This pairing proved stable and has remained since. Since then, Sazey has spent much of her free time jumping bed to bed in a desperate attempt to get pregnant, or harassing others in the weyr to breed for the coming of threadfall.

The normally low interval clutch numbers and sizes were still in effect when Xaeth and Sazey were promoted to the lead pair at High Reaches. It was that same turn in which the drought and subsequent dust storms occurred. Since then, the frequency of clutches and number of eggs has remained low even though it should be starting to rise as the new pass approaches.

Many in the weyr are worried that this is due to the drought and that the weyr will not have the numbers necessary to ride thread. The last clutch to be laid at High Reaches was by Janja's gold Feyruth. Feyruth was the only queen to come from Xaeth to this point and with a gold egg in her own clutch it finally seemed as if the weyr were finally starting to prosper.


Time is represented as Day.Month.Turn

26.04.719 Reena Impresses Gold Kasath
15.09.725 Kasath’s first clutch hatches
02.08.727 Gold Zhuskelith’s last clutch hatches
03.11.728 Lady Lisista of Nerat Hold lost to winter illness
12.12.728 Weyrwoman Dynia and Zhuskelith lost to winter illness
03.04.732 Kasath’s 2nd clutch. Sazey impresses Gold Xaeth
06.10.735 Corina and Gold Gienith transfer from Telgar
10.11.735 Gold Gienith rises to be caught by Bronze Kaeoth
01.13.735 Reena and Kasath lost to childbirth, survived by son Milreen
20.02.736 Gienith’s and Kaeoth’s clutch hatches, Angie impresses Gold Alastirandirath
739 The great drought begins
03.01.739 Xaeth rises to be caught by Bronze Coresanth, Br’don becomes Weyrleader
16.05.739 Xaeth’s and Coresanth’s clutch hatches
07.13.739 Angie and Alastirandirath lost to betweening accident
739-742 The Dust Storm years
743 The rains return
14.05.743 Xaeth rises to be caught by Bronze Kraketh, Z’miel becomes Weyrleader
21.09.743 Xaeth’s and Kraketh’s clutch hatches, Janja impresses Gold Feyruth
10.11.746 Feyruth rises to be caught by Bronze Dhavoth
08.02.747 Feyruth’s and Dhavoth’s clutch hatches
23.05.748 Xaeth rises to be caught by Bronze Finbarith, R’by becomes Weyrleader
17.10.748 Xaeth’s and Finbarith’s clutch hatches
09.24.748 Feyruth rises to be caught by bronze Denskith.
13.01.749 Feyruth and Denskith's clutch hatches. Deimara impresses Gold Cassiath
20.06.750 Lord Jokrorin killed in riding accident, Boll in contention
14.01.751 Xaeth rises to be caught by Bronze Mwoth, O’mohe becomes Weyrleader
01.03.751 Corina and Gienith lost to heart attack
18.06.751 Xaeth’s and Mwoth’s first clutch hatches
14.03.753 Feyruth rises to be caught by Bronze Kaeoth
07.08.753 Lord Natan elected Lord of Southern Boll
14.08.753 Feyruth’s and Kaeoth’s clutch hatches. Nyalle impresses Gold Kayeth.
02.12.753 Janja dies from a slip and fall accident in suspicious circumstances. Feyruth goes between.
16.09.754 O'mohe confirms old promise to Telgar, Nyalle and Kayeth transfered there.
01.11.754 Xaeth rises to be caught by Bronze Mwoth, reconfirming O'mohe as weyrleader.
04.06.755 Xaeth and Mwoth's second clutch hatches.

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