News - Idle

Characters in chargen rooms are subject to deletion after 14 days idle.

Approved characters will be deleted after 60 days idle.

Approved characters with a &vacation set will be deleted after 120 days idle. The &vacation MUST list a specific return date, otherwise characters are subject to the 60 day limit.

Any dragonrider idledested will NOT be reinstated. You are ICly noted as having died during threadfall.

If you’re going to be gone longer than 120 days, please speak to a Wizard.

Idlereaps are generally done around the first of each month

Use of programs to keep your character active is discouraged, but not prohibited. If you use such a program and are away from your keyboard go idle in your private room. Bingo has a pet peeve about characters connected for more than 1 day, and you will be subject to random @boot'ings.

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