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IC Leadership

IC leadership is held firmly by both O'mohe and Sazey and neither are apt to relinquish any of the rights and privileges of that anytime soon. They keep a firm hold on unranked goldriders and the weyr's bronzeriders and have made threats of transfers for those that they feel may be getting too close to challenging them for power.

OOC Leadership

OOC leadership consists of the wizards and players in staff positions. Staff positions are available to any player on Seven Spindles regardless of character concept, providing you have played a minimum of three months on game, are active and knowledgeable in the theme. There are currently five staff positions available, with the possibility of more as the game progresses. Staff works primarily on brewing up plots and ideas and helping with new players, as well as solving player conflicts and occasional +jobs on the game. Staff are required to provide and run at least one announced RP/TP session per month. This can range from something very simple, from '“We'’re going flower picking this spring to find bribes for the newest love of so and so'” to more complex '“Running a confidence scheme on the entire weyr to get them all to buy hurricane protection gear for the massive storms predicted next turn”.'

Staff are also expected to be the first level dispute resolution for player issues. Anything that can not be resolved at the staff level will be brought to the wizards. In staff voting, majority rules (except in recommending player sanctions which are handled by the wizards), or unless wizards must make a determination on the subject at hand in certain specialized cases.

Wizards may not hold a staff position with any alt. If this is something that you might be interested in, please get in touch with the wizards for a more in depth discussion of what the job entails and requires.

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