News - Money

Pern’s currency is known as the Mark which is represented in coins made of wood, a rare resource, and backed by the creating craft. Each craft strikes their own marks and keeps up a stable supple, though the actual value is determined yearly by a meeting of craftsmen, Holders and tradesman. This helps to keep the mark standard from craft to craft. The coins come in the following denominations, from smallest to largest:

One-thirty second mark One mark
One-eight mark Two marks
One-quarter mark Five marks
One-half mark Ten marks

A few hundred mark coins are in circulation for extremely large transactions. All coins are the same size with die marks stamped on both sides. One side is the craft mark, the other the coin denomination. The value is indicated by a number with either a line above to indicate partial mark or a line below to indicate whole marks. For example: 2 with a line above would be one-half mark while a line below would be two marks.

The only examples we have of mark value are from the ninth pass and do not logically translate well into a consistent modern value, partly due to differences in technological levels. However for RP use and ease of thought we will consider 1 mark to be equal to 50 dollars, U.S. in today’s economy.

Though Pern has currency, the large majority of commerce is done via bartering and few people would ever have more then a couple of marks at any one time. Weyr folk especially would be unlikely to have a large circulation, as they are primarily dependent on tithes.

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