News - NPCs

NPC Weyrleaders:

Weyr WeyrLeader WeyrWoman
Benden M'che, bronze Eyth Lisim, gold Namathyth
Fort J'lyj, bronze Raneth Chaera, gold Oiemoth
Igen Z'lor, bronze Chrushyath Palista, gold Turieth
Ista N'kaal, bronze Stroeth Atheni, gold Siasayth
Telgar Tk'lon, bronze Uilasth Shurral, gold Veseth

Relevant Lord and Lady Holder NPC's.

High Reaches Territory
High Reaches Hold Lord Roeger & Lady Wabella
— Balen Holders Kannan & Veda
— River Bend Holders Cibor & Kaska
Nabol Lord Leib & Lady Raysel
— Keogh Holders Tenufe & Esara
— Ogren Holder Lady Pha
Tillek Lord Aland & Lady Jely
— Misty Holders Gevel & Melse
— Sattle Holder Lord Alexio

Other Notables with which we may have interaction:

Fort Lord Perecy & Lady Jaseda
South Boll Lord Naton & Lady Asytia
Ruath Lord Joyil & Lady Saryasa
Crom Lord Marek & Lady Imber
Telgar Lord Otik & Lady Basia
Greenfields Holders Qimat & Mandara
Plateau Holders Tamoren & Yevtsye
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