News - Policies

While game policies are spread among many files (please be sure to read 'News AUP'), we get inquiries about certain items more frequently than others. Here are answers to the most frequently asked policy questions:

  • You may Not play a Gay/Bi Gold or Bronze Rider.
  • Characters may not be transferred between players.
  • We accept transfer golds, but please work with the Wizards first.
  • Goldriders have NO control over the number of eggs, color distribution, or assignment of candidates to dragons/colors.
  • ALL Male humans honorific their names when they impress. Female humans names stay EXACTLY the same (no shortening).
  • There is No limit on the number of Alts, or rider Alts you may have. However, there is a limit of ONE Gold rider per Player/IP Address.
  • There are NO plans to open another IC area at this time.
  • Only ONE candidate Alt may stand for each clutch.
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