News - Dragons - Transfers

We allow dragon transfers from all approved Mush, Mux or Moo PERN games. We allow transfers of all dragon colors, however we have developed a few limitations because of this:

  • Only dragons Hatched on another game may be transfered. Else-game Insta or Original dragons are not allowed to transfer.
  • We do not allow females to ride brown dragons. As such, any pair that is female on brown must either:
    • Change the rider sex to Male
    • Change the dragon color to Blue or Green.
  • Your dragon will be aged to fit within our timeline, based on when it hatched.
  • Your character and dragon must conform to our general theme requirements. For example: If you hatched at a weyr not found in the fourth pass Pern, you'll have to change that detail to be from one of the Weyrs found here (Benden, Fort, High Reaches, Igen, Ista, Telgar).
  • Your background must state why you are living at High Reaches.
  • Gold transfers must talk with the Wizards first.

Because of the ability to transfer nearly any dragon to the game and because of the frequency of dragon hatchings, we do not at this time allow non-transfer insta-riders of any color.

Dragon/Rider names can not be the same as any Anne or Todd have created.

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