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The Weyrleader is the rider of the bronze who flies the senior queen, also know as Weyrwoman. He is responsible for the training and maintainence of the fighting wings of the Weyr and the training of all weyrlings and candidates. This includes the health and well being of all dragons, their riders, and candidates in his Weyr. His policy is what determines all things which might influence how thread is met at the weyr. This includes choice of wingleaders, Weyrlingmaster, selection of ground crews and determination of where and when to meet thread. He is the primary contact with all leaders of areas under his coverage zone in all matters pertaining to thread. Should the Weyrleader die in office, a committee of senior bronzes and sometimes browns will coordinate these responsibilities until the senior queen rises again.

The Weyrleader of High Reaches Weyr is currently O‘mohe. He is currently RP'd by staff on an 'as needed' basis, and otherwise exists off camera. There are no plans currently to open the position of Weyrleader to a PC.

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