Current Weyr Residents
O'mohe's Wing K'llian's Wing
Fl'zel Bronze Dharryth wingsecond K'llian Bronze Jalath wingleader
Sh'wn Bronze Temurth wingrider L'el Bronze Suarath wingsecond
A'rin Brown Idaeth wingrider L'av Brown Stelinth wingsecond
Ph'yn Brown Brifuth wingrider Ariah Blue Vintroth wingrider
Ed'ard Blue Dnocesth wingrider Chandi Green Matajith wingrider
Emmaline Green Nadiath wingrider D'ian Green Ulsavath wingrider
S'eos Green Nuaeth wingrider Mariel Green Cloicroth wingrider
Queen's Wing Weyrling Wing
Eodarin Gold Orayth jr. weyrwoman P'wyn Brown Enolth weyrlingmaster
Shailaja Gold Ruebalith jr. weyrwoman Yh'val Bronze Unvreth asst. weyrlingmaster
Crafters Residents
Kalur Apprentice Harper Anzi Messenger
Paynal Messenger
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