NPCs and Adoptable Characters


NPCs make up the bulk of the Weyr's residents. They can be used to provide texture to scenes and flesh out character backgrounds. If you wish to use a listed NPC in your character background or as part of a plot please review the NPC's reference page to be sure your concept is in line with what is already written for the NPC and to identify other PC relations to coordinate with. NPCs owned by specific players or by staff are noted as such on their reference pages.

Queen's Wing O'mohe's Wing
Sazey gold Xaeth Senior Weyrwoman O'mohe bronze Mwoth WeyrLeader
Crafters Residents


Please be sure to read the Adoptables news file if you are interested in adopting a character listed here or would like to place a family member up for adoption.

The information provided through the character links is the same as what is available in-game through use of the +adoptinfo command.

Name Dragon Wing
M'le Brown Skarth R'by's
Z'en Brown Gosturth Br'don's
Neska Blue Waiith Br'don's
Dr'stin Green Byouth R'by's
Th'or Green Lyddieth Weyrling
Name Craft Rank
Kinnu Weaver Apprentice
Name Position
Kiasy Infirmary Help
Tasyva Kitchen Help
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