Former Characters
Name Dragon
Janja Gold Feyruth
Kerali Gold Merth
Nyalle Gold Kayeth
B'ton Bronze Phineth
F'min Bronze Voldranth
Mr'az Bronze Zhirazoth
Ya'ri Bronze Kalendaeth
I'son Brown Tsemeth
M'ac Brown Valtheoth
I'vor Blue Tapoth
Mohria Blue Riordanth
M'lo Blue Noth
Safiya Blue Aronth
Aryn Green Isleyth
F'siel Green Fremeth
Leeana Green Ayreth
Raelii Green Esath
Z'koud Green Rinanneth
Name Craft Rank
Joelle Harper
Name Position
Amir Nursery Worker
Tralisea Seamstress
Zillara Archivist
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